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Meet your fellow Colorado Hockey Now subscriber: Glenn Fitzgibbons




You know you’re getting old when…your new subscribers to your Avalanche site are people you wrote about when they were high-school athletes 26 years ago!

Glenn Fitzgibbons is a 44-year-old high-school math teacher in Palisade, Colo., who also is 6-foot-9. He was a high-school basketball star for Alameda High School in the early ’90s. In fact, I wrote about him in 1993, for The Denver Post. Don’t believe me:

Glenn picks it up from there:

“We had a sweet team of hard-working kids willing to do anything. We came up short my senior year (1993, year of that article). But next year, the same group was back (Minus me. I took my talents to Mesa State, now CMU) and took 2nd.
At Mesa my career stalled and I earned my free Mathematics degree and have been a H.S. math teacher ever since.  It was college when my true love of Colorado sports came about. I mean the Rockies were just born (I was at Mile High on Opening Weekend) and some team from Canada is coming to play hockey. You know what the Avs have done for Colorado.”

Some of Glenn’s family were, and still are, ushers for Colorado teams, including an uncle who still does a few Avs games now and some other security.

Running is Glenn’s thing now. He has gone from 6-9, 280 to 6-9, 205, because of it, and completed his first 50-mile run competition last summer.

Thanks for joining the Colorado Hockey Now family Glenn, and glad I could write on you a second time.


1. Have you ever played air guitar in private while wearing your underwear (a la Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”) or less? If in the shower counts, then yes, otherwise my brother and I would use old tennis rackets to air guitar to Van Halen and KISS.

2. Have you ever had to put down a beloved pet? Unfortunately yes, Chelsea will always be loved!

3. You’re a high school math teacher. I have done some teaching in public schools too. What is your No. 1 way to keep the kids disciplined if/when they get a little out of control? Are you a yeller? A “this hurts me more than it hurts you” quiet type of disciplinarian? What? Being 6’9″ helps, a lot!  I’m not a yeller, but when I do kids know I mean business.

4. Have you ever come “face to face” with a rattlesnake or another scary snake? ALL snakes are scary!!: As a trail runner it’s mainly feet to face and that’s about as close as I get!

5. If you could paint like Da Vinci or sing like Sinatra, which would you choose? Paint like Da Vinci, I can only imagine what mad math skills he had!

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