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Meet your fellow Colorado Hockey Now subscriber: Riley J. Schmitt




By Adrian Dater

Riley J. Schmitt is pure Iowa. He’s 28, born and raised in a small Iowa town (New Hampton) and today lives in Iowa City working for the University of Iowa.

He’s also all about the Avalanche.

“I became a fan when I was in fifth grade due to the influence of a couple of teachers.  Not a very big hockey place at all (in fact, I’m only aware of two other people in my school that actively watched hockey).  This was just in time for Mission 16W and I remember watching game 7 on some crappy box TV that I had in my room.  Also spent a lot of free time playing NHL 2002 on our PC, which was how I got my hockey fix when it wasn’t on TV.

Kind of fell out of hockey fandom in general after the lockout (hard to get games in Iowa that weren’t Blackhawks games) but came back into once I got to college (twitter made it a LOT easier to follow out of market teams) and I’ve been back on the wagon ever since!”

Riley works as a coding coordinator in internal medicine as part of the school’s health care system.

Welcome to the Colorado Hockey Now family man.


  1. Who was your favorite teacher, grade school, high school or college? Mr. Olson, my junior year American history teacher and golf coach.  Once told me I was an absolute head case and that I should stop thinking so much on the golf course and to just hit the ball.  Best advice I’ve ever gotten.
  2. Have you ever dug a ditch, and if so, what did you do it for? I haven’t dug a ditch but I have helped my dad dig a basement floor and a tile line for a farm field.  I would not recommend either.
  3. If you are trying to impress a date, a spouse, whatever, what is the one meal you’d cook? Since the majority of the cooking I do is in bulk for weekly meal preps, it would have to be something along the lines of grilled chicken and grilled vegetables.  Anything else would spectacularly flame out.
  4. What song best describes you? “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks.  Sums up my life and my experience with my friends quite nicely.
  5. Describe the worst date you ever had? Within 10 minutes of starting, she told me that I once dated her sister.  The first one didn’t go so well and the second ended quite quickly with that piece of information.

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