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CINDIE TREGLER (@Legsamilelong)

Cindie Tregler, who lives in Tampa, is one of my favorite readers. She loves hockey and hard rock music. She doesn’t sugarcoat her words and she’s not some PC, easily-offended Twitter keyboard warrior. And, she loves the Avalanche.

She married her husband, in fact, on the night of June 9, 2001, which was the night the Avs won their second Stanley Cup.

“What a night that turned out to be! We had a very low key get together after a small wedding on the beach with only close friends and family.  I’m sure they’ll never forget that night either, but for completely different reasons. We were all in a restaurant that had TVs around the bar area.  It was game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Avs were playing my most despised team-the NJ Devils. I was beyond stressed out over it and already taking the sport very seriously. I couldn’t bear to watch until I knew for sure things were going the right way.  My husband of just a few hours was constantly going and checking the score and the time left in the game. I was completely obsessed with that and not so much with our guests.  Very rude, I know, but these days they have all adjusted to it.  The game was down to seconds left and I was on my feet and racing over to watch it all happen.  I literally stood there with goosebumps as the cup was handed off from one player to the next. Not only did my least favorite team lose in the most heartbreaking way, but a team that I loved had the ultimate victory.”

Cindie got into hockey about two years prior, as a resident of Texas.

“My hockey addiction began 20 years ago.  I had moved to Florida after living in the northeast most of my life.  I had always been a Broncos fan (not sure how or why this began), but had never been to Colorado before and barely knew anything about hockey.  I quickly became friends with someone at work who had just moved from Texas.  He was living with family and they were all huge Stars fans. That also happened to be the year that they won the Cup, so they were teaching me the basics of hockey game by game. Seeing and feeling the passion and intensity from them, as well as the crowd on the screen, had me hooked right away. Not long after that, I began seeing a lot about Patrick Roy. He clearly spoke his mind, didn’t sugar coat things and absolutely stood up for what he believed in. I was instantly a fan and, lo and behold, he played for a Colorado hockey team. BOOM!”

Cindie became a HUGE Avs fan. I know, because I used to get tweets from her all the time, and they weren’t always words of praise!

“I finally joined Twitter in 2009 and quickly saw tweets from this guy Adrian Dater.  He was very blunt and spoke his mind, so I instantly followed him.  He quickly became my lifeline between Tampa and Denver.  It didn’t take me long to learn about that dreaded DaterJinx business and I have had a few choice words for him many times throughout the seasons, both on Twitter and in person. I wouldn’t change a bit of it though.  It has been a crazy ride with the team, as well as Adrian himself. I am proud to say that I have supported him and the team through the good, bad and ugly and can’t wait to see what’s in store for many more seasons!”

Indeed, Cindie has been a friend and supporter of mine when not even my dog wanted anything to do with me for a while. People like her are what helped me get back on a good track. So, thank you, Cindie, and I look forward to hanging with you and the hubby again – like we did last year (or was it two years ago?), right outside of Amalie Arena – at the next Avs game in Tampa. Or, wait, you’re coming here for opening night. I almost forgot. Beers on me.

“I’m extremely thankful and lucky that my husband is just as passionate about sports, even though not always for the same teams.  He understands my addiction and supports every crazy bit of it.  So much so, that we will be in Denver this year for the first two home games and are making plans for the stadium game in February.  Not many Floridians go to Colorado in the dead of winter, let alone to sit outside in some crazy cold temperatures!”


1. You live in Tampa and, I’m sure, had to put up with a lot of insufferable front-running Lightning fans all last year. I know you won’t sugarcoat the answer to this question: how much glee did you take from the Bolts getting swept in the first round?
Although a lot of people think that hockey doesn’t “belong” down here, it is very much a hockey-loving city. That being said, we are overflowing with the major bandwagon brigade.  I despise that the most. I have seen many going to games wearing gear for both of the teams at the same time and literally take off the losing teams stuff before they left the arena.  They are the ones that crossed my mind immediately during/after the sweep.  Quite honestly, I snickered a few times at their expense. Lots of people, myself included, were genuinely confident at the beginning of the playoffs that they would be a force to be reckoned with after the record-breaking season that they had. The cocky, obnoxious ones talked a little too much smack way too soon. In my opinion, you don’t run your mouth until it’s all said and done. We don’t often hear crickets down here, but there sure were a lot of them 4 games into the first round. 
2. What are your top three all-time hard rock songs?
This is THE hardest question you could have asked me! I love music and it’s near impossible to pick 3, so I will just throw out the first 3 that come to mind and in no particular order.
Blind by Korn
18 and Life by Skid Row
11:11 by Seasons After
I also have to throw in one of my favorite Kiss songs for obvious reasons.  It’s not one of their most popular, but Plaster Caster is the winner there simply because of the story behind it.  It has always cracked me up!
3. As a resident of Florida, have you suddenly come in the close vicinity of a live, loose alligator? 
Just one time, thankfully! I was fishing with my grandfather on the bank of a canal in his backyard. One came spinning up out of the water at us.  The snout hit my knee and that was the last time I went fishing down here!
4. If there is a saying that best sums up your attitude on life, what is it?
My grandmother gave me a giant red button on my 16th birthday that says “Shit Happens”
I think that sums it up pretty well.

5. What was your first car? 

1977 Nova Concourse

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