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Dater’s Daily Links and other jottings: Avs have fourth-best odds to win Stanley Cup



Hey everyone, how’s your summer going? I took the weekend off from any writing, partially because there’s absolutely nothing to write about hockey-wise right now, and partially because it’s nice to go outside on occasion.

But we’re almost to the end of July. One more month to go after that, and then we’ll be into September, when Avalanche players will be back on skates here and we’ll have something to write about every single day until next summer.

In the meantime, let’s do a few links and notes and other scattered thoughts (did someone say “scatterbrained” thoughts?):

– I’m a lot more into betting odds than I used to be, partially because – as I mentioned in one of these before – I write regularly for two huge sports betting sites – and Trust me when I say the intersection of sports media and sports betting will be big in this country before too long, if it isn’t already. I expect sports betting to be legal in Colorado by November, when a ballot measure will be put to the voters whether to legalize or not. It’s expected to win passage.

So, I check out betting sites a lot, to see the latest odds and, lookie here, the Colorado Avalanche is among the top five teams right now when it comes to odds-on favorites to win the next Stanley Cup.

Those odds are from the bookmaker site 888Sport, out of New Jersey, and those odds are pretty much the same at most every other big bookmaker out there. The Avs are +1400 to win it all, which means this: if you put down $100 on the Avs right now with them and the Avs actually win that Cup, you win $1,400. The Avs, as you can see, are tied with Nashville for the fourth-best odds to win it all, behind Tampa Bay, Vegas and Boston.

Of course, those odds will fluctuate all year. But it’s kinda neat to see the Avs ranking that high right now, no?

– What’s going on with the Mikko Rantanen talks? Well, as I wrote the other day, it’s still kind of a game of chicken between RFAs like Mikko, Matthew Tkachuk, Charlie McAvoy, Mitch Marner and a couple others to see who goes first and takes their teams’ offer. But also, it’s July, almost August, and hockey people are mostly all on vacation now. It could be that some teams have told the agents of these guys, “Let’s talk middle of August and see where we are.”

Superstreak Bonus!

Rantanen’s agent, Mike Liut, isn’t talking these days. I’d be absolutely, positively shocked if Rantanen doesn’t have a new contract by the first day of training camp.

– I’ll be starting a regular series starting this week called “Catching up with Former Avs.” It’ll be exactly as it sounds. I have three players already who have either filled me in on what they’re up to since their playing days ended, or will fill me in soon. It’ll be kind of a Q&A format, where they also reflect on their Avs careers and just talk about their best memories – and/or maybe some that weren’t the best. I hope you’ll like it. My goal is to do one a week, but in the crunch of the regular season, that might not be as realistic.

– So, I have a question for the group here: I’m trying to figure out exactly how I want to “cover” each regular-season game. One thing I won’t be doing is just boring play-by-play recaps of stuff you already know. Big feature stories and plenty of analysis on the games will be my chief goal. One thing though: should I do player grades for every game?

Do you want that, or no? We did them after every game at BSN Denver, and they usually did well traffic-wise. One thing I don’t want to be accused of is stealing their idea on this or anything. It’s not like doing post-game player grades is a unique concept started by BSN alone. I used to do something similar occasionally on my old “All Things Avs” blog for the Denver Post. Lots of media outlets do player grades after games. I don’t mind doing them, but sometimes they can be a bit forced and silly too. Like, how do you give a real grade to a guy who plays, say, four or five minutes?

So, yes or no on this? Leave a comment.

– If you haven’t already heard, Nazem Kadri will wear No. 91 now (his old junior number) instead of the 43 he wore for the Maple Leafs. And, Joonas Donskoi will have his number reversed, from the 27 he wore with the Sharks to 72. What number will Vladislav Kamenev wear? Dunno. They haven’t listed a new one yet. Andre Burakovsky will wear No. 95.

– Back to your summer.

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Rather than player grades every game, how about highlighting a few players who had a positive impact on the game and a few who had a negative impact — Stars & Stooges — or some such thing. Helps us keep up with the key players without having to read (or write) about every player.


I agree with ChrisM, no player grades. The grades are so arbitrary, whereas highlighting players like ChrisM suggested is typically much more obvious and harder to disagree with.

Carter Janicki

I enjoy the player grades for the content, not the actual letter grade. I actually find it entering when posters get mad or disagree with the player grade.

Any sort of post game analysis that starts and encourages conversation is great for me!

The PG

Maybe the Pro, Plumber, and Plug of the game.


I was going to suggest something similar to ChrisM, maybe along the lines of 3 stars… But also (or in lieu of depending on the game) “3 plays” of the game that made a difference in the outcome. A timely goal, sure, but maybe a check, a turnover, a hit, a fight, etc. Depending on the game outcome, could be a positive or negative, or could even focus on the other team’s player.


I like the idea of just highlighting a few impact players (for the good or bad) or a few key plays. Perhaps also examine how the coaching staff did…did they take advantage of key match-ups? Use challenges wisely? Did they get out-coached by the opposing coach? Etc. Just an idea; don’t know how it would play for each game, but from time to time putting the spotlight on what they are doing right/wrong behind the bench seems worthy.


I’d like to see it touch on coaching too – how about Studs and Duds


I like ChrisM’s idea as well. I would like to see midseason player grades though. I think that could be interesting.

David Charpentier

Yes on player grades.


I’m with Chris M. And Last place Rob. Those moments aren’t usually covered well in recaps and you can really get a feel of where the heart and soul of a team is when looking at the game changing moments.


Others have basically covered my thoughts on grades, but I was thinking of something like the good, the bad and the ugly. Problem is–that also may not “play well” in the locker room. That gives three categories and you could leave one out if it doesn’t fit. You may also want to “grade” a player from the opposition.


I feel like some of the other commenters like you could rift the locker room. But something that you hear consistently in locker rooms after the game are plays that changed the momentum. Two or three times in a game there are things that somebody who never played would never know was important. Insert JT compher here LOL. Anyway, it could be a save, it could be a bad penalty, usually it’s irrefutable that something was either positive or negative. I just think highlighting something a novice fan or even someone like myself that dies for the game but never… Read more »


True…. that’s why it’s your site lol! Thanks for vine!


Give them a score from 0-100 and say they are performance evaluations. Then you can give it a plus or minus indicator?(comparing to last game) and track performance through the season… e.g… N. Mackinnon 93 (+1), I. Cole 67 (-5). Or similar


I’m in full agreement with the crowd here. The player grades seem tedious for all involved and are better saved for a monthly podcast topic if that. I’d like to see: Impact Players (According to Dater) Who stood out and made a major difference in the game Honorable Mentions The unsung play of role players who earn it most nights without getting a hug from Bernie as a star of the game. The Passenger List (Bednar reference) Of guys who didn’t show up ready to play, had a major goof or just didn’t seem themselves, if it had any impact… Read more »

Rich Solomon

I like this suggestion! Maybe even keeping with another suggestion out here by giving them 2 points for the Impact Players, 1 point for Honorable Mentions, and no points for the Passenger List. Then you (and by extension us) have a fun “scoring tool” for our team that we can track throughout the year. Hell maybe put up a poll for us after the game so we can choose who to award Dater Points to from your list. 🙂


Thought about this too, way to be succinct.

Nicci Field

I agree with this suggestion!!!!

Hayden J Maag

What about starting every player off at 50/100 for game 1 (or pick a number as the standard neutral grade) and adjust their score up and down throughout the year. For example… MacKinnon has a great game +3 points. Makar has a rough night and is responsible for a goal against -2 points. An AHL callup gets a hat-trick +10 points. It can be an arbitrary scoring system but since it’s you doing it every game I bet it balances out in the end. It would be interesting to see how guy’s value rises/falls throughout the year


Yes dater


Interview foppa aka Peter the great. He is my all time favorite player. I had had chance to meet him twice. Extremely nice person which made me like him even more. He skill was undeniable.

Marty Carpenter

Absolutely yes in the grades, though the letter grade is unimportant, I really want a player-by-player analysis. Evaluate players on how they performed with the TOI and situations/matchups they had. I also want lineups and line combos as early in the day as possible – though that may be more set this year than in recent years. I recommend assuming your subscribers watched every game in its entirety. I know I would prefer an analysis of the game more than a game story. Something like a blog/column mix. I can watch the game, I’m here for your take in what… Read more »

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