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Avalanche Mailbag: How has Tyson Jost done so far and do rookies still have roommates on the road?



First off, yes, that is a very current picture of me up there. It’s amazing, this new skin cream I bought, what it’s done for my face. You should try it. It’s called “Turn back the clock 25 years.”

Time for the first Avalanche Mailbag of the season. Thanks for your questions.

My friends and I finally fulfilled the dream of owning season tickets. Do you have any advice or etiquette tips for viewing the games in the arena?

Sam Stavish

From where I sit in the press box, which is the West side of the building, the Avs attack the goal at the north end of the arena. So, I hope your tickets are in that direction, to better see your heroes trying to score goals twice in a three-period game. If not, hey, maybe you’re a defensive/goaltending purist and like that part of the game better. Either way, good on you for getting season tickets.

The biggest piece of etiquette, and one strictly enforced by the ushers at the Pepsi Center, is no walking into the aisles/to your seats as the puck is in play. That doesn’t stop many people from breaking that piece of etiquette multiple times per game and it’s why you still hear “Down in front!” at least once a game somewhere.

I have no problem with people yelling/cheering a lot, but don’t be that guy who throws a lot of F bombs or other profanity all over the place. Don’t be crude. People can text/tattle on you for that, by the way. If enough people complain, you’ll get yourself escorted out. Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go. But also don’t be that guy who makes everybody stand up in their aisle to let you out in the middle of a period, for a bathroom break or whatever. Use the restrooms between periods, get your concessions, and get back to the game on time and stay in your seat for 20 minutes. It’s not that hard. Have fun.

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