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Altitude back on the air with DirecTV




If you have DirecTV – you are free and clear to watch the Colorado Avalanche again.

Finally, a breakthrough happened late Thursday night; Altitude, the cable channel that broadcasts the Avalanche, among other entities, reached an agreement with DirecTV to be back on the air.

What a coincidence, right? Earlier in the day, 9News reported that Colorado attorney general Phil Weiser would begin an investigation into possible unfair trade practices between DirecTV and Comcast, about still charging subscribers regional sports fees possibly beyond what they weren’t collecting anymore from Altitude for “carriage” rights.

Now, a few hours later, we have a deal between Altitude and one of the Big Three.

To answer your first question: I don’t know about Comcast just yet. I personally am a Comcast subscriber, and all I get when I ask them anything is a response from some outsourced call center that basically tells me nothing.

How about this seeming dig at DirecTV competitors, too, by Altitude:

$20 Dollar Bonus Voucher!

Don’t know how long the agreement is between Altitude and DirecTV either, but should know shortly. We’d heard, a couple weeks ago, about things being “positive” with one of the carriers, and this was obviously the one.

The bottom line: Altitude is back on cable in Denver. (DISH Network doesn’t charge regional sports fees, and by many accounts, are out of the regional sports biz for now).

So, over to you Comcast.

I’m glad that many of you can watch a damn hockey game again instead of feeling like a criminal.

Nice stuff here from Kyle Keefe, too. I know he speaks for many at Altitude, who were REALLY worried about this thing. Happy for Kyle and the rest of the good people who work at Altitude.

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HAL 10000

Anyone can watch any Avs game online with a Google search for watch NHL free. No VPN needed. May take ten minutes of trial and error. Some pop ups but once you figure it out, it’s better than cable in some ways. Screw the billionaire who screwed us! I use ChromeCast to send the stream to my TV. Works great!


Man, I love the Avs and everything about the product Altitude puts out there. They have top notch talent across the board. Top 2 game announcers in the business, imo. However, this contract impasse issue is so bush league. I don’t like Comcast either, but I don’t blame them for doing what gluttonous giant pig corporations do to grow. Those beasts are on auto pilot. I blame Altitude leadership, come on boys, you owe it to your talented team. Next time think a few steps ahead before you need to renew.

The PG

According to the DirectTV web site, it’s only included in their premier package at $135 p/month…


Brutal…. If Comcast tries to pull that I will be pissed.


Made my day. Just checked my DirecTv and it’ Good to go, show up in the menu…finally. I’ve been streaming but my video quality very poor. I’d notified them that they had till next months payment date, 11/11 to restore or they would be dropped.

My weekend just got a whole lot better.


Don’t see Anything about $135/month so don’t believe that.

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