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Adam Werner for President



I truly wouldn’t have bet this in a million years. Adam Werner, 40 saves IN RELIEF of a teammate who got hurt in the first minute of a hockey game.

Adam Werner makes 40 saves in his first NHL game, IN RELIEF OF A TEAMMATE WHO GETS HURT IN THE FIRST MINUTE. I don’t have too many words for that.

It wasn’t just a token thing either, where the team packs it in around him and he makes saves any goalie should. The 22-year-old ROOKIE made about a dozen highlight-reel saves.

OK, so about the injury stuff:

  • Francouz, no update.
  • Kadri, no update.

I’m worried about Kadri. I have asked the Avs and gotten a bit of a worrisome “no comment” kind of thing, so I worry about what it could be with his lower body. That would be a tough loss at this point, him going out too. He’s a tough guy, though, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I’ll be on the road starting tomorrow, so I’ll be the reporter on the scene learning more.

But about Adam Werner: I thought he looked bad in the preseason and in the Rookie Showcase. When Francouz went out tonight, I had already conceded the game to the Jets.

Superstreak Bonus!

Shows how much I know about the game of hockey.

Wow, what a story.


And what about Nathan MacKinnon tonight? Not bad. Not bad at all.

More later, including a podcast.


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Joel Stefaniak

NOT sustainable hockey.. They can’t keep testing their depth hoping Mack and MAKr will bail them out forever.. Who the f$&k is going to backup Werner for any extended period of time!? Wins are wins but shit! This isn’t normal!


Interesting about Kadri. I had expected much more from him this season. Now I can give him a break and have some hope for the future. In your next post tell us a little more about Tynan’s game tonight. It seemed as if the 4th line was quiet tonight-which may be good.

Chris Lesnansky

I mean what were you expecting? A point-per-game pace? He has 13 points in 18 games and was on pace for 25-30 goals and to break his career high in points, which the injury is going to affect. Not to mention, he was leading the NHL at one point in faceoff percentage (still top 15 currently). These things were literally all we needed from our 2C and we never got anything close to this last year. He has been exceptional To this point and this is probably one of our biggest losses if he is out for an extended period… Read more »


yeah, I thought we were in big trouble tonight when Pavel went down. Werner was incredible. If he can be consistent like that, WOW! Hope Kadri and Jost are ok. Keep us in the know. The Avs do need to tighten it up, can’t keep playing turnover prone and sloppy hockey and expect the goalie, especially a young one to bail you out. Need to be better on face offs too. But hey, to be winning with All of the injuries we have is remarkable. The exponential power of M Squared.. MacKinnon and Makar. Go AVS!!!!!!!

Dwayne Hall

Like you AD I had conceded the game to the Jets especially given the fact he didn’t face any decent scoring chances right after he came on. Where in some cases a goalie wants to get in the game immediately and make those first couple of saves it almost helped him ease into it when the chances started coming in the 2nd and 3rd.
I’m like Joel, they’ve proved they have some depth, now it’s time to get healthy and shake this injury bug.

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