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Gabe Landeskog “Will Play” before Saturday is through



TORONTO – Hello from Hogtown, the “Big Smoke”, as some of the locals still call it here. Toronto is obviously a mecca for hockey, and for the next three days I get to be in this mecca of hockey and the other mecca of hockey – Montreal. So, life is good here in my $44 a night Airbnb (a video review of the one I’m in here, at that price, is at the end of this fine piece of literature).

Avs at Maple Leafs tomorrow night. The team is squired away in their fancy digs and I’m in mine, while the Leafs are playing, as I type, in Philadelphia. So, they’ll play the second of a back-to-back at home against the Avs. Michael Hutchinson, who has yet to win a game in net for the Leafs this season, is slated to start for Toronto. Which, makes me all the more nervous for this game tomorrow, from an Avs perspective. One of the last knocks I have against the Avs is their still-occasional tendency to let up a bit after some success, often against opponents that are supposedly short-handed.

I guess the big news of the day I have is: I was told by a trusted source that there is a 100 percent chance Gabe Landeskog will play on this three-game road trip. What remains less than 100 percent: Which game will he return? But, you can take it to the bank that No. 92 will play in at least one of the games, at Toronto, at Montreal or at Boston. Or, it might be two out of the three. Or, three out of the three.

I’m hearing that it’s more likely he’ll make the return either Thursday in Montreal or Saturday in Boston, but we may be in for a big surprise tomorrow, who knows? The medical staff may give him the green light to play against the Leafs. Because the Avs did NOT practice Tuesday, though, and the last practice Landeskog had (Monday) came in a pumpkin sweater, I would tend to doubt he’ll play against Toronto. Then again, almost nothing I have written or said about Landeskog’s injury situation has been right so far. So, just take that opinion and toss it in the dumpster probably.

Normally, the Avs practice on the day before a game, but they just jumped straight on the charter today for Toronto. It’s one of the longer flights they have to take on the season, so it makes sense probably that they didn’t want to go through some rudimentary practice. One thing I’ve noticed about this team in the last two or three years is they are a little more sensible about travel and getting their rest. I don’t think a morning practice, followed by a 3-4 hour flight, not to mention an hour or two to and from the airports, would have made much sense.

Superstreak Bonus!

Matt Calvert will return to the lineup tomorrow, and Mikko Rantanen is, by the team’s account, good to go for the game too. I will be interested to see who Jared Bednar starts in goal tomorrow too. Will it be Philipp Grubauer, in a bid at redemption from being chased by the Leafs in Denver early a week or two ago? Or, will Pavel Francouz get the start? Whoever starts Wednesday will sit Thursday I would assume.

OK, on to what you’ve really been waiting for, my Toronto Airbnb video review (and thank you to all who subscribe and give to the Tip Jar, including you, William B., who just gave $50). This is farm-to-table content, which I feel is the best way to do it. No wasted money on bloat or bureaucrats.


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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Joel Stefaniak

At first glance I thought that newspaper was called the “Standard Freeloader” 😄 But seriously what an important road trip with important players coming back! Let’s hope the Avs dominance of the east continues.

Matt Briggle

Nice digs you got there. It will be nice to see one full forward line return to health even if they’re all on different lines. I’m most interested to see how they juggle the lines now with the success they’ve had lately and so many guys out. Personally I would like to give a Landy – Kadri – Compher line a try just to see how miserable they can make the other team.


So great to see the Captain is getting ready to return… The Three Headed Monster will be returning to a theatre near you soon!
Lots of rumors out there of a Taylor Hall deal in the making.. Could you address some of these rumors AD? Timmins, Byram and a 1st rounder if Hall re-signs with the Avs? Any validity?

Matt Briggle

Hell no!! Not in a million years should Joe take that deal. I wouldn’t give up either Timmins or Byram straight up for Hall. He’s 28 now and has missed significant time with injury the last couple of years already. Any extension would have to be 3 year max and that’s not worth either of those two players. Maybe a conditional first round pick and a mid tier prospect. At this point I wouldn’t trade Byram for anyone and I’d only trade Timmins for someone in their RFA years with big upside.


It was Timmins, Bowers and a 1st for Hall. They should so take that!

Luke Waggoner

That’s a terrible deal. The Avs are near-loaded at forward, with great Chemistry, and they just now are getting to where they have a good D-corps, with some guys (Timmins and Byram) waiting in the wings to take the places of some aging veterans (EJ and Cole mostly). There is no way they should take that deal.

Luke Waggoner

I’m personally of the opinion that the Avs shouldn’t pursue Hall at all. I think he would be more of a locker room issue than Dutchy was, and by many accounts he is an absolute asshole with an enormous ego. I don’t expect a guy like that to fall in behind Landy, Mac, EJ, and other guys who have been around awhile.


Adrian’s AirBnB Reviews! You have to build a scaled review system! Like 5 of 5 pucks, or 7 out of 10 skate blades, or 3 out of 5 crumbles of tape from a stick, etc.

Adrian Dater

Good idea

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