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This is reprinted from one of our network sites, Pittsburgh Hockey Now. The same thing applies here. Like Dan, I occasionally get asked if Colorado Hockey Now has an app. Technically, no, because they are wildly expensive and, mostly I’ve found, wildly overrated for the value they bring. They help media companies go bankrupt that much sooner, I think.

But all you have to do are two simple things to get the exact same equivalent of an app. Seriously, it’ll take you five seconds, so easy even I could do it. Just change all the Pittsburgh references to Colorado, same thing.

Take it away Dan:

As an aggressive, gambling small business owner it is part of my job to do everything possible to grow our business. There aren’t many people crazy enough to try to capitalize on only 1000 Twitter followers, a late-night radio shift, and turn it into a hockey-only media outlet with a hyper-focus on the Pittsburgh Penguins. But here we are, and our business has exploded (CHN’s too!).

So, we’re going to show you how to get the PHN “app”.

First, a little side note:

Our webmaster and valued business partner Tweeted this yesterday

Pgh Hockey NOW@pghhockeyNOW

Thanks to everyone who visited the site in 2019. It was our best year ever with over 4,000,000 page views and 1,000,000+ uniques.

See Pgh Hockey NOW’s other Tweets
First, thank you. Second, I’m a little disappointed. I’d like 10 million, and to be recognized as the premier source of Penguins news, opinion, and analysis. But this was only our second year. You have carried us from an opinion journal with a few articles per week, to a full-time outlet which often publishes five or more stories per day. This has gone from a passion project and a pipe dream to my full-time job.

By the way–Subscribe to PHN+ for exclusive analysis and locker room content.

In response to our rise, we also get one question, occasionally. Do you have an app?

Well, a good and proper app costs a bare minimum of $25,000. We’ve checked. An outsourcing company in India offered us an app for about $10,000, but with the bells and whistles, it would have been over $20,000. Constant maintenance is extra. Updates are too. And every couple of years, you have to redo it.

Superstreak Bonus!

So, $50,000 for constant headaches, updates and a return on investment which is debatable. No thanks. Plus, we are absolutely not outsourcing a job like that.

But–PHN and updated content can be on your desktop 24/7 for FREE (without us spending the average American’s annual salary). PHN+ will still get an ad-free experience, as long as you’ve logged in.

On an iPhone, it’s two simple taps. Just follow the red arrow.

#1: Tap the Share Button


#2: Add to Home Screen

#3 Tada!

Fat and happy little Leo not included.

For our Android users, go to our home page — Pittsburgh Hockey Now — click those three little dots at the top right. And Add to Home Screen.

Subscribe to CHN+ today!

Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Joel Stefaniak

How about we pry Kane out of Chicago? Byram Bowers and our first? Give Chicago cap relief but still take away their number one guy? They are toast as a franchise. 3 cups though is tough to beat.


It’s definitely not the same, but I prefer just leaving open a tab on Chrome. That’s what I do. Have “created an app” in the past, but it’s easier to just leave open a tab on your mobile browser, IMO. Maybe it’s just me. Lol

Luke Waggoner

Clunky apps are made by clunky developers. There are several things apps can do that websites cannot. The top two imo are offline availability and power-notifications. Websites can obviously send notifications (after an affirmative “yes” from the user), but they are cut and dried. On Android you can make app notifications have things like a built in share button, like buttons, etc. And when you post a new article, those notifications are usually a little faster than web-based ones. Let’s not forget the ability to do things like instant-apps (on Android), where a user taps on one of your articles’… Read more »


All ready do it. My iPhone 5 usually can’t support new apps anyhow.


That was one of the first things I did after signing up. It’s a simple thing to do for websites that you frequent and want to get to quickly. One note for iOS users, sometimes when you hit CHN from your home screen icon it will show the cached content from your last visit. I’m not sure why that happens from time to time, but all you have to do is hit refresh and… bippity boppity Dater… the new content is there.

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