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Stadium Series jerseys unveiled in “very near future”



I hear almost every day from fans wanting to know: when will the Stadium Series jerseys come out? When will we be able to give the NHL our money for the Avalanche’s one-of-a-kind jersey for the Feb. 15 outdoor game with the Los Angeles Kings at Falcon Stadium at the Air Force Academy?

I asked that same question today to people who would know, at the NHL offices in New York. Here is what I got back:

“The NHL Stadium jerseys will be unveiled in the very near future and purchasing options will follow after that,” NHL senior director of corporate communication Nirva Milford told me.

Sorry folks, that’s the best I got. Does “very near future” mean, like, later today? This week? Next week? Still don’t quite know, lol. For some reason, this has become as hard to figure out as it was for the identity of “Deep Throat” to be revealed after Watergate (look it up, kids).

Superstreak Bonus!

I know your other big question, of course: what will the jerseys look like? Are they still the ones that were leaked a couple of months ago, as seen above? Or, did the decidedly negative feedback from just about everyone send the NHL designers scurrying back to their offices to come up with a new one – and does that explain the seeming delay in these things being introduced?

I guess we’ll find out soon. In the very near future, at least.

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If the idea is to sell a bunch of those… well then, back to the drawing board boys. A little kid and come up with something better than that. Put a freaking F16 on the shoulders or something. Do we have to do your job for you?


As a big Avalanche game worn jersey collector I don’t believe I have ever seen a more hideous design.. I am hoping that these are fakes that were leaked.. These jerseys are just plain awful..


I still believe that like every other company somewhat recently, they released what could be a very controversial product via a “leak” really early in order to gauge feedback and interest. Hopefully that means they are tweaking the design, but who knows. Also wouldn’t be too surprised if they just released them as they are. Guess we’ll see.

Skyler Thomson

Considering they just filmed a commercial with those jersey’s I’d say they are real.


I don’t hate them save for the “logo.” To me it looks like an unfinished design. I think they’d look good if they had the 3rd jersey logo (of which I’m not a huge fan). Or if the white line went straight across with the other stadium logo.

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