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Avalanche/NHL release Stadium Series Jerseys




Well, they’re here.

Above are the OFFICIAL Avalanche Stadium Series jerseys, as modeled by Gabe Landeskog, Mikko Rantanen and Cale Makar. They went to the Air Force Academy and modeled them. Here’s a link to more photos and a video of them modeling them.

So, they look just like the leaked jerseys we’ve seen. There were some knockoffs made that had a lighter blue than the one we see now.

Superstreak Bonus!

What do you think of them, folks? The floor is yours.

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Uhm,…..uh,…..we’ll never see it’s like again.

Joel Stefaniak

WAAAAAAY better looking ON the guys than the leaked pics. Very unique and definitely more inspired than the last stadium series jersey. I really think they’ve grown on me.


AD, I get your thought about how some things are do damn ugly, they are actually cool. Like a throwback Steelers uniform or something. Doesn’t apply here imo, they are just plain ugly and I predict very low sales numbers.


It’s like some weird bauhaus college cheerleader uniform.

Chuck Patterson

I hate them. Where can I buy one?


I surprise myself by liking these kind of a lot. A nice fresh look probably very cool on ice. Something different and a bold design.

John Emanuel



These are terrible. I read during the leaked photos that somebody thought it look like a dinner napkin folded into their shirt and I cannot get over it. I can’t imagine they will sell well. Who comes up with this crap?🤮🤮🤮


I like the stripe in the back, like the Canadiens. The front, I like less… No bottom edge looks kinda cheap. I think they are trying to fix something that isn’t broken; the current logo and jerseys are glorious.


No sir, I don’t like them. They could have incorporated so many other cool images related to A and Air Force/Avalanche, and a slight military look. Truly a lost opportunity to create something worth wearing and collecting. Our jersey still looks better than the Kings’!

Kenneth Brown

A patron goes to out to eat. Tucks a napkin in his collar. Has too much red wine to drink. Vomits all over the napkin. Looks like a jersey to me

the geeze

Well crap! its the napkin team……


Best thing about these bibs, er sweaters is that they’re so hideous I won’t be spending my money on them. Cannot believe this is the best they could do. Embarassing for the Avs in such a high-profile game.



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