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CHN Subscriber Giveaway No. 2: 1996 Stanley Cup Finals tickets and more



UPDATE: The four winners are, based on a spinning of a wheel of 86 contestants with four numbers randomly selected and matched to the order of their place in the line of 86, from first to last are: 1. (1996 playoff ticket – comment No. 65 – Samronjazabazar. 2. (1996 playoff ticket – commenter 27 – Gulol. 3. 1995 Denver Post season preview – commenter 47, Cindy Tregler. 4. Unused 2001 All-Star party ticket – Commenter 3 – idavsfan.

The four lucky numbers were, therefore, 65, 27, 47 and 3.

Congratulations, and to those who didn’t win, I’ll have more of these. I will be in touch with the winners via email to make shipping arrangements.

It’s time to give some stuff away to members of the family, which in this case right here is every one of you who has been a loyal subscriber to Colorado Hockey Now. Well, I wish it could be to EVERY one of you. I am raffling off four total items here to four winners, in our second CHN Subscriber giveaway. The first one wasn’t too long ago, and gave away these items.

First off, I want to thank the many of you who have pledged to remain as subscribers to this here site, either now or whenever your renewal date comes. And, a special thank you to those that have given to the Avalanche Travel Tip Jar lately. That money is still going to go to nothing but Avalanche travel – and I’m also increasing the donation of 5 cents from every dollar donated to the Jar right now to 20 cents for funds to purchase food to give to the Thornton Food Bank, here where I live. The link to the Jar is right here on the side of the page.

I am getting more than a little scared and nervous right now about everything with this coronavirus. I have done a lot of hard work in the therapist’s office in the last five years dealing with kind of an anxiety/OCD thing that I’ve had pretty much my whole life, but this thing is threatening to set back all the progress made. I mean, about its effect on everything and everybody. Avalanche hockey seems unimportant right now, but I also know HOW IMPORTANT sports are to so many people, including me. It’s our escape from real life. This SUCKS, let’s not pretend otherwise.

I’m just really, really worried about everybody’s health and livelihood right now. That’s what’s got me more worried than anything. We’ve got to stamp this damn thing out.

OK, enough about the damn virus.

To be eligible to win, simply say “I’m in” in the comment section. At 9 p.m. tonight, I’ll count up the number of comments/entrants and spin a wheel (there’s an app for that) with the number of participants. If you’re the first commenter, you get No. 1, if you’re fifth on the list, you’re No. 5, etc. etc. Whatever random number the wheel rests upon is the winner, and I’ll email you that, hey, you’re a winner. Then we’ll make arrangements for me to send them to you. I will pay for all postage.

This contest is open to any and all Colorado Hockey Now subscribers. To those of you who aren’t subscribers: I am offering $10 off a full-year subscription right here and now – from $29.99 down to $19.99.  Click here to get that deal. (To those who paid the $29.99, I hope you are OK with this. Hey, sales happen, but I’ve always made it a vow not to give too deep of a sale discount from the original price. My $29.99 usual full price is still well below that of my “competitors” out there).

The items:

1996 Stanley Cup Finals Game Tickets – excellent condition. Look at those colors and fonts! These were from Game 2 of the series with Florida, the one where Peter Forsberg scored a hat trick – in one period. Jon Klemm and Rene Corbet EACH scored two goals in this game too, an 8-1 Avs rout. $104 face value for two lower-bowl seats. There were some upper-bowl tickets priced at $16 for that game. Times change…

I will be giving away ONE ticket to TWO different winners on this. Just to spread the wealth, so to speak.

1995 Denver Post Avalanche season preview section

I’ll admit, this one hurts a little to give away, as I think it’s my last remaining copy and one hell of a piece of Avs memorabilia. But sacrifices must be made in these times. This section obviously meant/means a lot to me, as I wrote half the stories in it. More than that, though, it’s a real time capsule of when the Avs first started. The section is in great condition.

Unused ticket for 2001 NHL All-Star Game party in Denver

I say this “unused” because it’s still got a little pull-away tab on the bottom that was never pulled. I think this was an extra one I had. I was at this party, inside some dusty building at the National Western Complex. It basically held on a huge dirt fairground floor, but it was fun. Gary Bettman was there, all kinds of Colorado dignitaries were there, including Mayor Webb. Lots of booze, lots of barbecue.

OK folks, give the “I’m in” signal in the comments and one of these items could be yours by later tonight.


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