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Glover: I Want Off This Train, Please




Well, folks. All but everything I have is gone.

Things removed from life now include; The Avs, Aussie Rules Football, Pubs, Jazz Clubs, taking my son to the park and most of all, my independence. The schools are still open but teachers are refusing to work, so we can’t send our children. We have next to no food on our shelves and our stimulus packages are still a ways-away. All non-essential travel is banned and all of our borders are shutting and morale is at a low.

Never have I seen the roads and towns so empty. It’s like everywhere you go, ghost-town after ghost town. My state has only 22 cases of Corona, all of who have been overseas recently, not O N E domestically transmitted case. Yet, we’re closed now as a state and a nation, the whole joint looks there has been a recession. There’s hardly any other news. Kenny Rodgers died? I think it took two whole days to circulate to Australia. I honestly can’t stand the constant pushing of Corona onto us from the mainstreams. Like, we get it. It’s bad. But can’t we as a society still find positives? It’s just doom and gloom. Death after death, it’s all we hear. How about reporting about some cute puppies or maybe a lady that is 90 that ran a marathon? Even if it’s a false sense of positivity, give the people something.

I’ve been annoyed that as adults, our independence is gone. I don’t disagree with the social distance measures nor do I disagree with some closures, but for someone like me, who is a sociable person, it’s prison. You get writer’s block, the black dog creeps and you can’t simply spread your wings and find your freedom from daily stresses. So sorry if I’ve been missing from CHN, but all of this has really flustered me.

However, luckily for me, my hockey loves and knowledge extends beyond Colorado and its Avalanche. Even though the NHL is at a standstill and every other sport and social gathering is dusted, I have had something to scratch my Corona-Itch and quite frankly, help me stay focused.

For several years now I have been a draft analyst. So during this time of… nothingness, I have done my best Hunter S. Thompson impersonation. Bunkered down in my man-cave, I’ve been working on making magic. Fueled by Australia’s best draught beer ‘Cascade’ and a few too-many Camel plains, I’ve delivered a thing of beauty. My top 100 prospects for the 2020 draft. An in-depth board with advanced stats for each, yes for E A C H player. I haven’t seen many draft boards like mine, and of that, I’m proud.

I won’t release my board as of yet, but if you have a query on a player, please ask, I’ll be happy to share.

Stay safe my CHN family.

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