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Dater’s Daily Links: Things seem tenuous again with NHL playoffs




With the coronavirus spiking again in lots of various places around the country, you have to wonder how long the NHL and other sports that profess to still be on track for a return to play by next month are going to have to think about delaying things further or shutting down for good until there’s a vaccine.

Maybe I watched too much cable news Thursday (I did watch more than usual), but things just seem bleak again regarding the virus and our ability as a country to “open up” again.

Remember, sports commissioners are just like politicians; they are going to want to avoid criticism and controversy where they can avoid it, and right now it seems like we’re veering back again into a “this is too risky” environment for sports. We keep seeing players from all sports becoming infected. We’re hearing more and more from players that maybe their hearts just aren’t into this thing.

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That’s why I’m real worried that the NHL’s plan for training camps resuming on July 10 is looking more like wishful thinking again. I hope I’m wrong on that. I really hope I’m wrong.

Some links:

  • Artemi Panarin says NHL players shouldn’t report on July 10, but for a reason other than the virus (ESPN)
  • Interesting look at the various “goalie controversies” many teams face for the playoffs, and the Avs are in the mix here (Hockey News)
  • More on why Vancouver lost out on being a hub city for the playoffs (Vancouver Sun)
  • Starting today, masks are mandatory again in Las Vegas public spaces. Obviously, NHL personnel would have worn them in Vegas for the playoffs – and as far as I’m told, Vegas is still a lock to be a hub city – but now everybody else has to again (Las Vegas Review Journal)
  • Good stuff here from veteran reporter and buddy of mine, Kevin McGran, on Toronto’s newfound hope for being a hub city, plus other good NHL stuff (Toronto Star)
  • The NHL salary cap could be frozen for the next three years (The Score)
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David Elliott

5 am post, hope your sleeping is ok Adrian. Like you say, cable news is usually terrifying. If there’s not a source, there is no use fearmongering. Let people believe and imagine.

Luke Waggoner

A huge reason for the increased number of cases in various spots is due to increased testing, and the riots. If you watch the news though, they’re claiming it’s due to opening up to soon, unless you’re a democrat governor. The mainstream news is completely full of shit 99.8% of the time.

David Elliott

well said


Oh, I get it, man I am so stupid. So you’re saying, if we didn’t increase testing, we would not have more cases, therefore, no problem? Makes so much sense, why didn’t we all think of this before? Democrat governor, huh? 99.8 percent? That’s a very specific number. Interested to know what is comprised of the .02 percent. Dude, this is a hockey site, nobody gives a fu@k about your ignorant ramblings.


Panarin’s (or his agent’s) criticism of the escrow system just seems really out of touch. Millions of people are out of work including all those that support the show you (players) get to star in and you are concerned about taking a paycut on your millions of dollars.

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