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The book on Jared Bednar: No shortcuts to success



Jared Bednar

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – Jared Bednar packed three books for what could be a two-month stay in a room at the J.W. Marriott here in downtown “E-Town.” They are: “Command Authority”, a Tom Clancy thriller; “Raise Your Game – High-Performance Secrets From the Best of the Best”, by Alan Stein, Jr., and “12 Second Culture”, by Mike Metcalf and Shaun Peet.

About that last book, the summation is: “Pit-crew coaches Mike Metcalf and Shaun Peet know about the pressure to be fast and to be the best. NASCAR pit crews operate on the edge of what is humanly possible: they are expected to consistently change four tires and fuel a car in 12 seconds. The difference in one-fifth of a second—the time it takes to change a single lug nut on a single tire—can be the difference in more than $1 million in earnings. But in a performance-driven profession where leadership is often done poorly, Metcalf and Peet have discovered timeless truths that translate into every work environment, whether you work in the corporate world, own a small business, coach a team, or manage people. Speed might be the currency of business, but diversity, efficiency, culture, and kindness are the pathway to a competitive advantage.”

The book’s title and synopsis is a juxtaposition in irony, and it applies to Bednar’s life and current life situation. Nothing about his success has come quick or easy. He spent his entire nine-season pro hockey career (1993-2002) in the minors as a stay-at-home defenseman who wasn’t afraid to drop the gloves if necessary. He spent the next 14 years of his life climbing the ranks as a coach in the minors.

“Overnight success” will not be the title of Jared Bednar’s autobiography, if he ever writes one.

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