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Masters Class: A real NHL scout sizes up Game 5 of the Avs



The latest, in a series of evaluations on Avalanche playoff games from NHL pro scout Scott Masters. Follow him on Twitter @scottmasters55

Game 5, Round 2, Colorado vs. Dallas
Scout’s Take – Game 4 and Game 5 are prime examples of why scouts can not overreact to one single performance. Same with General Managers. Game 4 for the Avs would have resulted in a “Trade everyone right fucking now!” response. After Game 5, “Call the Mayor, we have a parade to plan!”

Baseline for an opinion on a player could be around 10 viewings. The opinion can change as the player develops or weakens but the baseline is set around 10. Scouts’ job in a game report is to sum up that performance as well state overall what that player is or will project to be.

I for one must have watched Tyson Barrie 100 times. That is not exaggerated. My scouting systems keep track! At that point, my reports on him were just updates, and my opinion wasn’t going to change from a game 4 to a game 5. Also, with Valeri Nichuskin. He was below average in the first half of game 4, average in the second half of game 4, and great in game 5. If I, as a scout. jump on that roller coaster, I would have him in the KHL, to AHL, to NHL, and now an all-star all within 24 hours.

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