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Avalanche-Stars Game 7 is 2 p.m. Friday. Here’s why it’s so early



EDMONTON, ALBERTA – So, here’s my prediction: Some Avalanche fans will be playing hooky tomorrow, either from school or from work. The Avalanche-Stars Game 7 will be at 2 p.m. Friday at Rogers Arena here in E-Town.

Everybody on Twitter seemed shocked tonight by this 2 p.m. thing when I first got wind of it. Lots of ripping on the NHL, lots of “what????” What a lot of people didn’t seem to realize tonight: A potential Vegas-Vancouver Game 7 was going to be tomorrow night, no matter what. For that to happen, the Canucks had to win Game 6, which they did.

So, there are two Game 7s in the same building tomorrow, and the Avs and Stars get the early game. A lot of you are now asking: why are they rushing these games so much? Why doesn’t Vegas-Vancouver just wait and play Saturday.

The answer: money. The NHL wants these games to move right along – especially the earlier-round games. Every single day that these teams are here in Edmonton – and in Toronto – is costing the NHL in the high six figures, maybe even the low seven figures.

I think the schedule will be more spaced out for the conference finals and Cup finals, but for now the NHL’s attitude is: let’s keep the trains running. Every off day for teams, just sitting around the hotel, is money out the window. Sorry folks, but these are strange times, a time of pandemic and no fans in the stands. It might seem an outrage to have a an Avalanche Game 7 at 2 p.m., but this is just a second-round series, and the fact is much of the country doesn’t care about the NHL’s second round.

Another reason why it’s earlier: The Vegas-Vancouver game is 7 p.m. mountain. The NHL needs to 1. Allow 90 minutes between games for cleaning/sanitizing purposes and 2. Allow some time for overtime. If the Avs and Stars go triple-OT or something, then the earlier start the better.

Hey, it’ll be fun folks. If you have a day off, take it. If not, sneak a peek on your phone or follow along on, to the only United States media outlet actually here.

See you at 2 p.m. for Avalanche-Stars. The game will be broadcast on the USA Network.

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