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Zadorov takes a bit of a parting shot



Nikita Zadorov met the Chicago meet today via Zoom and said nice things about his new team and how excited he was, which is what players say 99.99% of the time when going to a new team.

Oh, and he took something of a whack at Avalanche fans, at least when it comes to filling the Pepsi Center. Asked what it’ll be like to play at the United Center in Chicago, Big Z said this:


Thing is, well….he’s kinda right. There have been just an embarrassing number of Blackhawks fans at Avs games at the Pepsi Center the last few years.

That, hopefully, will change moving forward. We’ll see how many Hawks fans show up the next couple years if their team continues on the trajectory it’s taken the last few years.

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Of course, it’ll be nice to see ANY FANS in the Pepsi Center, or any other NHL arena, this coming season.

I also remember well when the United Center was half empty in the late 1990s/early 2000s when the Hawks were a laughingstock. Bottom line: winning gets you more fans, hardcore or bandwagon.

That little riposte by Z didn’t go unnoticed by Avs fans on Twitter:

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Joel Stefaniak

Love it. He’s right and he’s a smartass. Gonna miss that character.


I really think that Zadorov brought a lot more to the AVs than we tend to give him credit for. He may be right about the Hawks fans in Denver, but many may be afraid to venture out to games in Chicago.

Brady Wise

Maybe the good people in the Denver and surrounding area could support the avalanche and this wouldn’t be an issue lol. If anything avs fans should be happy that maybe he stoked a fire under your asses one last time. -Thoughts from every single avalanche fan abroad.

Charlie Anderson

Love Z. Love this comment. Glad we got Toews and Graves locked up. Good stuff all around


No kidding! At least half those Blackhawk fans are getting their tickets from season ticket holder who clearly don’t bother going to the arena, which is pretty damn lame!

Brandon Eccles

Bye Felicia!

The PG

C’mon people. This is Hockey Chirping 101. If you’re offended by it, then you don’t understand hockey.

And every team goes through ups and downs in its attendance history because no one pays their hard earned money for a crappy product. It’s already changing at The Can.


I will never forget a few years ago when I was at the Pepsi Center for an Avs – Blackhawks game. The AVs were completely dominating, and with about 10 minutes to go, a bunch of the Blackhawks fans starting leaving all at the same time. So somebody started the chant “GO HOME TRANSPLANTS!” Everyone joined in. It went on for about 5 minutes straight. It was amazing.


You could hear it on tv! Good times, good times

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