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What the Avs “several jersey modifications” might look like



2020-21 Avs home uniforms
(Design credit: Michael Ghurzhiev, Twitter: @realtms5)

While fans across the league seem to be generally pleased with the new, old-school Reverse Retro throwback jerseys that were released on Monday, one NHL fan base in particular may be a little more stoked than the rest.      Avs

Fans of the Colorado Avalanche have been rabid for Quebec Nordiques throwbacks since the turn of the new millennium, and with the forthcoming season being the 25-year anniversary of the Nords moving to Denver, rumors resurfaced this past season of the potential for a Nordiques throwback making an appearance in the 2̶0̶2̶0̶-̶2̶1̶ 2021 season.

Avs fans finally got their wish as Adidas and the NHL unveiled 31 new retro jerseys for each of the league’s teams, with Colorado’s retro indeed being the highly-anticipated and much-wanted Nordiques throwbacks.

Funny enough, Adidas reportedly never really gave Colorado the option. Adidas knows how to market. So it was Nordiques or nothin’. 

“It wasn’t the only idea, but it might have been the only one we showed them, because we wanted it so bad,” Dan Near, senior director At Adidas Hockey, told ESPN. “The team was pretty receptive to this concept up front.”

With the new Nordiques sweaters officially introduced and already on backorder, we can begin to turn our attention elsewhere. Such is life in the hockey-hungry Twittersphere. 

Keen-eyed readers of the Avs 25th-anniversary press release would be quick to key in on one sentence in particular. Please reference paragraph four, sentence one:

Part of the 25th celebration will include several jersey modifications, headlined by the Adidas Reverse Retro sweater that was announced Monday,” the Avs PR release said. 

This little nugget may have been lost in the drama of the sentence that followed it, which revealed that for the first time in club history, the Avalanche would not be wearing black gloves, pants and helmets full time, and instead are switching to royal blue kits.

The team will also be switching to new equipment colors to match the primary colors already included in the Avalanche’s home, away and alternate jerseys,” the release continued. “The home and away sweaters will now feature the primary color of blue for the shorts, gloves and helmets, while the alternate sweater will have slight modifications to the pants and gloves.”

But let’s go back to the quote before that one and bracket for just a minute about what it could mean.

“Several jersey modifications.”

So you mean to tell me it’s not just that throwback jersey fans have been begging for now for decades or the fact that the team is switching uniform colors…there’s even more?! The language in the media release would certainly suggest so.

In doing my due diligence as a curious reporter, I reached out to a few sources who I thought might be involved in the project — you know, as a scoop-hungry young journalist is apt to do. 

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