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Postgame Avs notes and observations: Will J.T. Compher get back in the lineup?



Some Avs-Ducks postgame jottings, as I let the 20 ounces of Stouffer’s mac and cheese I just wolfed down settle. That’s been a longtime weakness of mine after games. I like to bake it ’til it’s crusty on the sides. I love it.

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  • So, who sits when J.T. Compher is cleared to play again, which coach Jared Bednar said would be by Thursday against the Wild? As Bednar said after the game tonight, “It’s a good problem to have” in trying to decide what to do. Maybe Compher doesn’t get back in the lineup right now? Maybe he’ll stay on the outside looking in? Compher has two goals and four points in 21 games this season. Logan O’Connor might draw the short straw on this – and I can already hear some of you screaming “nooo” on that. We’ll have to see what happens in the next couple of days.
  • With Bo Byram expected back Thursday (and maybe Cale Makar, we’ll see), I’m sure Dan Renouf will either go back to the Eagles or go to the taxi squad. He did a fine job in his 10 games for the Avs. Yeah, he was a minus-3 tonight, though, so he’s likely the odd-man out. With Makar coming back soon probably, that will mean Greg Pateryn will be moved out of the lineup too. For me, one of the interesting questions is: if Conor Timmins is back anytime soon, would he take Jacob MacDonald’s spot on the depth chart? The way MacDonald is playing, I think it would be very tough to sit him. But as Bednar says, these are pleasant problems to have.
  • Mikko Rantanen scored on a bank shot off Ryan Miller’s back tonight – from the exact same spot he did so last week against Miller too. I asked if he tried to do that, and he said “I’m not going to lie. I tried both times.”
  • Bednar said the Avs will “reevaluate” the next time they need a goalie other than Philipp Grubauer.
  • Colorado held Anaheim to 22 shots on goal, the 17th consecutive game the Avs have held their opponent to less than 30 shots. Colorado is outshooting its opponent by an average of 9.3 shots per game this season, ranked first in the NHL. In the month of March, the Avs have outshot their opponent by an average of 15.6 shots per game, also tops in the league in that span (Philadelphia ranks second at 8.1).
  • I really like the way Andre Burakovsky is playing right now. He was in a bit of a lull for a while but he’s definitely been excellent of late. He’s got four points in the last two games and 19 in 24 games overall.
  • A question I’ve been pondering of late: Should the Avs make a huge offer right now to Philipp Grubauer, to extend him longer-term? He can be an unrestricted free agent after this season, you know.
  • What do you think on that?
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Grub is going to get paid well either now or after the season is over , provided he does not get hurt again. If he goes to FA, the Avs could potentially lose him. So maybe payin him now makes senseL ook at what Binnington just got.


It’s funny, I’ve been thinking the last 5 or so games that maybe the reason the Avs are having trouble scoring is because of the way they’re playing. This team is one that loves to score off the rush but this season they’ve been a possession monster in the offensive zone. They haven’t been the North-South back and forth team of years past, instead they’re setting up in the zone and cycling. Today kinda proved my thinking. Yes they were puck hogs all night, but a lot of the goals flowed. I could be wrong but the goals off the… Read more »


Also, in regards to Grubs contract. I’m always very hesitant on giving a goalie big money…especially long term. I’d go long term less money or short and big.

Matt Briggle

The way he’s rolling right now, I wouldn’t mind seeing them lock him up for 3-4 years if they can get a reasonable deal. He will be 30 just after the start of next season, and while I know that goalies can usually play at prime later into their 30’s than other positions, it’s still a gamble especially with his injury history. If they can get 4 years at $5 mil or so, I say go for it. The fact of the matter is that unless EJ’s career is over, and they can put his contract on long term IR… Read more »

Joseph Gauthier

It’s almost a certainty that C. Makar will take a bridge deal… And I’m OK with that. Let the cap go up and have a better idea of any TV deal.


Lock up Grub now… He’s shown he’s a top #1, and if he carries us deep into the playoffs (I’ll stop there — no jinxing), he’ll cost us more than taking care of it now. Wouldn’t be surprised if Super Joe’s having that conversation already with him.

Jared Moss

I’d say play McDonald I dunno about you guys but I don’t really like timmins game/ injury history. Package for something else we have way more than enough D. I’d also sit JT a couple games maybe send a message, Logan just brings so much more engery right now As for Grub I hate long term big money for goalies they are just way to up and down. 100% hes asking for at least 6×6 which Jordan and markstrom got and to me that’s just to rich and long with grubs history. Deffinetly wait to end of season to see… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Jared Moss

Compher? Out. (Possibly Trade?) Timmins? Out. (Trade or realize the fact he’ll be perennially hurt his whole career.) Defense? The only question is MacDonald versus Renouf. I like Renouf’s toughness – – he really gives the Avs a physical presence that is totally absent without him. But MacDonald has been playing “lights out,” as well. Pateryn is the biggest, slow moving defenseman I’ve seen in years. Once he gets the locomotive going, he has nice speed but jeez, that takes 10 seconds or so. And he fumbles the puck to much and is not quick, reflex wise. Lastly – –… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by ricoflashback

I haver never been described as smart but if I am Grub, knowing my own injury history in combination with how good this team is going to be for years, I would go team friendly on my contract. Long term, low cap hit giving myself and the team options to trade out a few years down the road if necessary. I will never understand why guys don’t see the bigger picture and win as many cups as you can with the best possible players. I would gladly leave a million or two on the table annually to get as many… Read more »

Karl Keen

In regard to the Grub question posed by Dater, I am going to take a page from what Pierre LeBrun posed on The Athletic: I think Sakic is waiting for the Coyotes to fall from contention (maybe us drubbing them next week two straight games will do the trick) and then trade for Raanta. The numbers work (just barely) plus he has one more year on his contract. Who knows maybe Raanta outplays Grub over the rest of the year and becomes our starter in the playoffs (he is definitely capable of it) and then the decision to not renew… Read more »

Jared Moss

No thanks on Raanta, another injury prone goalie


Where are you getting Raanta? The guy is injured all the time and isn’t anything special when he’s in. There’s absolutely no way he comes in and steals the job from Grubi. That’s crazy.
I think they should look at Bernier first and everyone else later. I’m sure he’d be happy to come back.

Karl Keen

In my post I said I got it from the Athletic. Raanta has a .912 save percentage (Grubs is .925) but Raanta faces twice as many shots a game. Last week he saved all 16 shots against CO in game 1 and in game 2 he saved 44 of 46 shots. He saved 40 of 42 shots on March 3 against the Kings. I agree he is injury prone. I would be ok with Bernier, but we have to consider salary cap stuff. Raanta’s salary would appear to fit. When healthy, he plays well in my opinion and maybe due… Read more »

Karl Keen

My bad, I went back and looked and it was actually Scott Burnside, not Pierre Lebrun, and he was actually saying trade for Keumper (injury history of his own), not Raanta, although a day later a different Athletic writer liked a trade for Raanta instead. Bernier just got injured himself btw and it appears that Sakic wants to trade for Buffalo’s garbage back up. I would rather roll the dice with either Keumper or Raanta myself.


I say sign Grubi, absolutely. He’s playing like a Vezina candidate right now, and his injury history isn’t as extensive as everyone makes it out to be. He’s been good to great for two years and is lights out this year. Sign the guy for 4 years and call it good. I don’t see how you sit MacDonald right now. Maybe I’m a little biased because I live in Portland, but I’d keep him over Timmins and Graves if somebody comes calling for either one. There’s also the expansion draft to think about. Far as Compher goes, I’m torn. He… Read more »

Jared Moss

I dunno if it’s just me, but I was eyeing graves last night and man is he sloppy with the puck hes pretty tall which makes his stick handling all over the place and his not physical, I wouldn’t hesitate for him in a trade for the right return

Jim Strohmeier

This is one Avalanche fan who looks at the current salary cap situation and thinks the future looks great, until you have to sign all these great players. Yeah, depth is a good thing, but how to afford them all under the cap. I don’t envy Joe or the front office decision makers, but that’s what they get paid for. I’d have to say this better be our year, because the grass is not getting any greener folks. In the NHL, all great teams are fleeting, Grubi earned a nice extension, IMO


No, I wouldn’t lock up Grubby until after the season. We want him playing for a contract in the playoffs. If he plays lights out, we win the Cup and we have to pay him. Talk about a good problem to have… On the other hand, if he craters during the playoffs, we get to decide how badly we want to keep him and he won’t cost as much.

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