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Devan Dubnyk got his new Avs goalie mask in a hurry



Skinfx Wraps/Mark Magnanti

Goalie mask art sure has come a long, long way from when I was a kid, when pretty much every goalie looked like Michael Myers from “Halloween.” Today’s masks are blank canvasses for some of the most creative and cool artwork you’ll find anywhere. The new goalie mask for Avs goalie Devan Dubnyk actually is a bit generic, but has an interesting story as to how fast it was made.

Mark Magnanti has a company called Skinfx Wraps, and basically he can put any vinyl “skin” over an existing mask, when a client wants it in a hurry. According to his Facebook page, Magnanti was able to get Doobie’s new mask turned around to him in about four hours. Usually, it takes weeks for goalies to get a hand-painted mask.

So, this is actually Dubnyk’s Sharks mask, with the vinyl skin wrap around it. You can’t see it on the lower part of the back of the mask, but there are three Avengers’ heroes, with the names of his three kids under them.

Other angles of the mask:

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I was wondering about this when I saw it!

Matt Briggle

I did see that he said in an interview that he expected a “temporary” Avs mask in about a week after the trade, and then a permanent one in about a month. This one looks pretty good tho.

Troy Gillit

I think you’re confusing halloween and Friday the 13th

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