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Dater’s Daily: No hearing for Ryan Reaves, still no Kadri appeal ruling



Ryan Reaves

Gotta say, I’m pretty surprised Ryan Reaves won’t get a hearing for this hit on Minnesota Wild veteran defenseman Ryan Suter in Game 7 last night:

Since when is shoving a guy from behind into a hard object, face first, not a suspendable action? Why does Ryan Reaves always seem to get away with stuff like this with the league? Where’s the consistency here? I ask about that consistency part, because Gabe Landeskog got suspended four games a few years ago for this shove from behind into a net against Calgary super-pest Matthew Tkachuk:

Superstreak Bonus!

No, the hits by Landeskog and Reaves weren’t quite the same. Landy cross-checked Tkachuk in the neck and Tkachuk looked hurt from it. Reaves shoved a guy from behind. But are you telling me that wasn’t a super dangerous thing Reaves did? Yeah, he got a two-minute penalty, but nothing more? Really? Since when is putting a guy’s head into a hard iron pipe considered good for “player safety?”

OK then. Whatever.


  • Still no word from Gary Bettman on Nazem Kadri’s appeal. The case was heard Thursday and we’re still waiting for his ruling. If Bettman upholds the eight-game suspension (or adds to it, as is his power) Kadri can appeal to a neutral arbitrator, Shyam Das.
  • Steve Simmons says it was the “same old Leafs” as Toronto stumbled badly in a chance to sweep the leg on the Montreal Canadiens in Game 5. (Toronto Sun)
  • While the Pittsburgh Penguins season has come to a close, it’s certainly difficult to overlook just what a big impact Jeff Carter made after arriving at the NHL trade deadline. (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Joel Quenneville reflects on the just-concluded Panthers season (Florida Hockey Now)
  • Will the Sharks buy out goalie Martin Jones? (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • Why hasn’t the rest of the Avs-Vegas schedule, beyond Game 1, been released yet? No idea, but we’d like to know, especially for those of us trying to make travel plans. Speaking of travel? Vegas ain’t gonna be cheap next week. Is that enough of a pitch for the Avalanche Travel Tip Jar, lol? But seriously, thanks for anything. The Jar is here.
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Immediately felt Reaves should have a hearing after that hit. The guy is worse than Tom Wilson. And not that it was dumb on Vegas’ part, probably to the script exactly. After that hit on Suter the Wild were finished. Reaves and Mcnabb are gonna be factors in this series and it’s not going to be with their scoring.


I’m not sure a hearing for Reeves. But something.
I think it might be a good thing we haven’t heard from Bettman yet. I think if he was going to uphold it he would’ve announced it yesterday. If he isn’t though he not only has to figure out what it’s going to be but the PR of going against the DoPS.


The league has a double standard of not Penalizing Vegas ( Kolesar on Byram, Roy on Brodin last night and Reaves on Suter last night) while they penalize and suspend everyone else. Roy hit was boarding for sure. Player safety is inconsistent and that makes the league look like a joke when they say they want to protect their players.


I agree, their should have been something on this Reaves hit. It’s double standards, and now quite evident. Parros has become a bit of a joke.

Karl Keen

Vegas gets away with so many after the whistling roughing penalties too it insane. I’m excited to see what Ranta, with his size and willingness to play physical, can do! Get LOC back to during the series, if we can fit him in, would be beneficial as well. Vegas only team that truly has me scared in these playoffs. Let’s man up boys! Lastly, sifting through the teams’ Chicago trades, I get that Vegas gave up a 2nd and 3rd for Janmark where we only gave up some prospects we had lost hope up for Carl, but Janmark would have… Read more »

Joel Stefaniak

Are we done having to find ways to watch the Avs for the rest of the playoffs? Every game from here on out should be nationally televised right? Gotta cancel my subscriptions for the summer 😬


That damn white privilege


Awww. Sounds like some Avs fans got their feeling hurt. What next, don’t tackle hard when playing football? Beware of the Reaper, he’s coming for you! And IF you guys happen to get through my Knights this next round, you’re going to have nothing left in the tank to get any further. Too many bumps and bruises I’m afraid. With love, from Vegas. Go knights go!

chippy play


ben todd

2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019,2021… all years kadri was suspended for similar actions. Not to mention the bucket full of fines hes been given. The action was suspendable.. the length was based on the history of the player here!! Avs fans are worried they need kadri againsts vegas… stop crying about it. He intentionally hurts people. He deserves what he got!!!


Clearly didn’t watch those hits, none were anywhere near similar to this in type or intention.

ben todd

Byram finished thhitse game! Cant be that bad of a hit. Stop crying. Watched all those hits. Then the fights kadri lost afterwards too…..

Last edited 1 year ago by ben todd
Kalyn Beasley

The league loves the Knights and lets them get away with murder and has it out for the Avs. Change my mind.

ben todd

Avs have had 207 power plays this season. Vegas 174. Numbers dont lie, and those numbers decimate your question and its basis.


Not if the Avs should have had 250 and Vegas should have had 150…your numbers theory is based on an idea that all teams should have earned the same number of opportunities which is foolish

ben todd

What hypothetical world are you living in?! My numbers are based on calls made by refs in nhl games.


Talking about calls made by refs in response to a comment about the LEAGUE (not the refs) treating the teams unevenly is the best example of moving the goalposts I’ve seen in a while.

Kalyn Beasley

Does the Kolesar hit on Byram ring a bell? MacDonald’s 2 game suspension on a clear shoulder to shoulder hit? The power play differential is a moot point. You a Knights fan?

Last edited 1 year ago by Kalyn Beasley

The Vegas Knights are a thug team, pure and simple. Kolesar and Reaves consistently deliver dirty, out of bounds hits with intent to harm and in Kolesar’s head hit on Byram, it wasn’t even penalized. The NHL should have the ability to review illegal hits and penalize on the spot when referees badly miss a call or swallow the whistle. One of these days, there will be a truly bad outcome due to the lack of determent and enforcement that is allowed in the NHL today.

ben todd

6 times in 10 years a player gets 2 or more game suspension for intentional illegal hits. Sounds like a great player to fire from NHL to make your point. That player… is nazeem kadri!!


Kolesar’s head hit on Byram was far worse than Kadri’s hit. And it was unpenalized. I stand by my statement. Vegas is a thug team.

ben todd

Byram finished that game! Faulk knocked out on impact… explain how the kolessar hit was worse. Byram (an injury magnet) missed 2, Faulk missed rest of season. Kadri is top 5 dirtiest players.. more a “thug” than any vgk player….toronto traded off kadri BECAUSE of his behavior!!

Last edited 1 year ago by ben todd

Byram literally missed the rest of the season after coming back in for a shift or two and being pulled. And he’s played less than 20 nhl games and has zero injury history in college.

Theresa soles

Um.m.m.m…you think he KNIGHTS play dirty??? Have you EVER watched a SHARKS game ?????

chippy play

Hahaha yes let’s ask the Sharks who they think the dirtiest team is, and how the league calls it! And ask the Wild too.

Everyone is the West knows what’s going on with the Knights and the league. This isn’t an opinion driven by the Avs.

Joseph McHugh

Suter hitting the post was unintentional. Ryan received the 2 minutes for the shove. It looked ugly but this is hockey not soccer.

Theresa soles

Agreed. Reaves’ hit on Sites was NOT intentional. THAT is why he was not penalized any worse for the hit. Good thing the FANS aren’t calling these games!! This is why we have official REFS making calls….


What a joke. That was an intentional, cross check in the goal crease. You Vegas fans have been looking at too many slot machine reels.

ben todd

Neither one of them were standing in the crease. A fact that can be accertained via the photo at the top of THIS page!! Reaves WAS given a 2 minute for interference. Avs Fans are just being crybabies here..


It’s really not just being crybabies or having hurt feeling to simply expect consistency from the league on suspensions and concern for player safety, which was the point of the entire article that so many have seemed to miss.


Of course the hit on Suter was intentional. Reeves is good at one thing, thugging and getting away with it. He just showed what garbage of a player he is after headhunting Graves all game until he finally hurt him and got ejected. Graves’ hit on Janmark was clean but gave Vegas the excuse they were waiting for to start thugging to make up for their clearly being outskilled.


Exactly as I predicted. Golden Knight thugs. Ryan Reaves has zero class or skill.

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