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Dater’s Daily: Evander Kane Chirps Ryan Reaves



Evander Kane

San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane couldn’t resist talking some serious trash at Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves, over the prospect of him being suspended for a match-penalty “intent to injure” action against Avalanche defenseman Ryan Graves in the third period of Colorado’s smackdown of the Golden Knights in Game 1..


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We’ll see if Reaves responds, but I don’t think we’ll be officially hearing from the Golden Knights player in any official capacity for a while, after that gutless stunt tonight.

  • We will definitely see what the NHL DoPS is made of with this decision on Reaves. A lot of people think the league is afraid of Reaves. Let’s see what happens. Reaves has been suspended four times by the league since 2015, but nothing too recently and nothing for more than a couple of games.
  • Reaves and Kane, by the way, have a history with each other.
  • Vegas was still mad about Graves’ hit on Mattias Janmark that put him out of the game. Might have been a half-second too late, which is why Graves got the interference penalty. But Janmark was too busy admiring his pass and not keeping his head up. Totally clean hit otherwise. Shoulder to midsection. Vegas can dish it out, but can’t take it, is what they proved tonight.
  • The Maple Leafs play a seventh game tonight and they’re a bit nervous about it in Hogtown. (Toronto Star)
  • They’re singing the praises of David Pastrnak in Boston again (Boston Hockey Now)
  • In case you missed Gabe Landeskog’s take on Reaves’ antics:

  • Analyzing where it all went wrong for the Penguins (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Seth Jones doesn’t want to stay with Columbus beyond this coming season, it would seem (
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Matt Briggle

Honestly, I would bet that Reaves gets 2-3 games. Based on the idiotic emphasis that the NHL places on injury and that Graves returned to the game that might even be a stretch for them. Hell, Graves might even get a longer suspension out of it, who knows. As bad as the Reaves incident was (and it was bad), I was honestly more concerned about the hit on Girard by Pacioretty. I know Bednar kind of brushed it off, but that was a clearly intentional hit that targeted the head and broke his nose. If anyone can make sense out… Read more »


If Kadri got eight games for his hit then Reaves should get something close. Reaves also had a hit in the Wild series that should have resulted in suspension. Pacioretty should receive a game or two. The NHL must not allow players who have worked hard for years to make the NHL have their careers destroyed by goons. The officials could see the game getting out of control but waited too long to take action. The actions of the NHL DoPS and the officials for the rest of the playoffs for all teams involved will be telling as to what… Read more »


GO AVS! The pundits said the Avalanche was the favorite to win it all at the beginning of the season, and they are only confirming what everyone already knows: they are damn good.

MacKinnon is on fire and the backhand shot by Mikko was a thing of beauty. Best top line in the NHL? There’s really no debate, it’s on the Avalanche

chippy play

I think only Reaves get suspended. I absolutely love Kane’s chirp, but in reality, I would prefer that Reaves doesn’t see the ice again this series. Not because of his skill on the ice, but because of the concern that he will take another shot at hurting a player. Vegas does not want Graves to get suspended, because there’s no way that can happen without the league also suspending Brown and Pacioretty. And it would set a precedent that Vegas doesn’t want for the rest of the series (even if the refs tilted it toward Vegas, they can only go… Read more »

Dick Keith

Aves like to headhunt but don’t like it when teams step up and fight back. They injured two Blues defensemen in the same game. Kadri got suspended as he always does in the 1st round of the playoffs but Jost went unpunished. Despite Kadri sitting, high hits started again so Vegas stepped up and showed there will be a price to pay for cheap headshots. League suspensions don’t really help when the Aves’ targets are injured for the rest of the series. Good for Vegas. Just reminding Aves of the old saying, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Nathan Edwards

Well I know I enjoyed my 8pm Eastern Vs. the 10pm Eastern show last night. Was even wide awake at the end of the 3rd period. Avs clearly are more talented and deeper then this shady cherry picking players new Vegas team has to offer. And wow, they can dish it out whenever they choose, “claiming” they are the biggest most skilled team in the league But when Graves puts a hard nose check top shoulder to a clueless Vegas player, then they just can’t handle it. Reaves clearly should be out the rest of this series, and yeah fine… Read more »

Dennis L Ruffin

Reaves is a no talent, big mouth & small brain thug. His coach put him on the ice to do what he did & should, also, be suspended. Nothing will happen to Reaves because he’s black.

Cameron McOuat

His father is African Canadian.His mother is caucasian.lmao.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cameron McOuat
Dennis L Ruffin

Reaves is a big mouth goon. Everyone understands his role & his coach put him on the ice to hurt someone. The coach should, also, be suspended. Since it’s Vegas, the league won’t do anything.

Dick Keith

Considering how the Aves headhunted the Blues in both regular & post season, Vegas had to send a message that nonsense wouldn’t fly. Robert Bortuzzo was put on IR in regular season by high hit which caused him to miss serious time. Then in the same postseason game, the Avs took out Bortuzzo again with an elbow to the head by Jost followed by a high hit to Justin Faulk by repeat offender, serial playoff goon Nazem Kadri. Both Bortuzzo and Faulk were unable to play the last games of the series. Kadri was suspended but there weren’t even penalties… Read more »

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