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Dater’s Daily: What kind of ad will Avs have on jersey?, Jack Eichel cryptic tweet has fans guessing



Colorado Avalanche

Good Thursday to you all. Are you bothered by the fact that the NHL will allow advertisements onto jerseys, starting with the 2022-23 season? As long as they don’t start looking like the ridiculous jerseys of European leagues, I’m OK with it. This was always going to happen, with Covid putting more pressure on NHL revenues and the salary cap remaining stuck in the mud, etc. etc.

The question: what sponsor will the Avs have on their sweaters? No doubt there will be something of a bidding war on this. The fact is, it’s MAJOR exposure for an advertiser. It’s going to be worth big bucks to the teams and the league.

I would say that UC Health is an early contender in the clubhouse for the ad patch, which can either be placed on one of the two shoulders or to the upper side of the logo on the front. They already are a very big sponsor of the Avs.

Superstreak Bonus!

Some other links from around the league:

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Of course Power is going back to Michigan – anything to avoid playing for the Sabers… just ask Jack

Charlie Anderson

Here we go with the proof of vaccination stuff. Who didn’t see this coming 20 million light years out? The only way to truly track that in the long run is going to be micro chips installed in every person. We’ll be chipped and injected just like all livestock.

Personally I plan on making sure I never patronize any company that mauls an NHL sweater with their ad.

Matt Briggle

I totally agree with you AD, the jersey ads were inevitable and honestly won’t be that big of a deal after the initial reactions to them. They’ll fade into a non-issue a month into the season just like the helmet ads did. I’ve spent enough time in the minor leagues to think this won’t be that big of a deal and it should bring in some good revenue. The quicker the cap can start going up the better as far as I’m concerned. Hell, I would even be fine with one year of European style uniform and ice ads if… Read more »


Ads on hockey shirts? Oh man. I seriously hope they won’t look anything like the European hockey shirts. They seem to do ok with soccer shirts, some even add to the character of the shirt, even though I still prefer sponsorless shirts.


I’m fine with the sweater banners… as long as the ones I buy don’t have one. I’ve never been okay with paying someone to do their advertising.

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