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Dater’s Daily: Altitude blasts Comcast again, Canucks contract hassles



Good Saturday to all. Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the 70s. I like it. Not such a sunny scenario remains the vituperativeness between Altitude and Comcast. In announcing their 69-game broadcast schedule for Avalanche games this season, Altitude also took the opportunity to blast Comcast (and DISH Network) again.

“Comcast and Dish continue to deny thousands of fans across a 10-state region access to their hometown teams for a third straight season—even as fan interest has never been stronger. Altitude remains committed to representing the interests of all our fans”, said KSE Chief Operating Officer Matt Hutchings. “Both Comcast and DISH Network remain steadfast in demanding terms that would put Altitude out of business and in the process, raise prices for our fans to watch their local teams—something we won’t allow.”

It’s the exact same story between these two. I can’t believe it any more than you can. I’m a Comcast subscriber too.

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Jim Strohmeier

I don’t know why Altitude cannot partner with a local, independent station (if there is one) in Denver and just broadcast the Avalanche games to everyone there. Yeah, I know, it has to do with contracts with NHL, Directv, etc. They could stream it PPV, or as a separate streaming package of games, it IS their content

Matt Briggle

DirectTV Stream (formerly AT&T TV) carries Altitude and a pretty comprehensive channel library that would satisfy most viewers as well as DVR capability at a competitive rate to Comcast TV. They are also offering bundle deals if you pair with their internet, but I’m not sure how widely available or fast that service is.


With a good VPN and a subscription to you can watch any game you want from anywhere you happen to be with a decent enough internet. F**k Kroenke and his greed.


This. A Playstation 4 and some other devices can stream games in 1080p60, but the VPN situation is a bit of a clusterf*ck to deal with. The NHL still gets its money and I’m sure Kroenke gets a cut of it. I’m happy to cut out Comcrap and I don’t feel even slightly bad about it.

Chris Krauss

That has worked well in the past. This season with the NHL’s move to ESPN, has been replaced in the US by ESPN+. We’ll find out soon if that works just as seamlessly.


I just saw that. I wonder if we’ll still get 1080p60 streaming.

joshmishell still exists outside the US so if you know how to VPN to the UK, France, Germany, etc, you can still do this. It’s $99/year.


I feel “lucky” that I live in a s***hole like Tucson and, because it’s considered out-of-market for the Avs, I can watch a huge majority of the games on ESPN+. It remains to be seen whether ESPN can deliver a quality stream that doesn’t go grainy and get laggy.

Sorry to hear about you Dish and Comcast subs…


For starters, it’s only 720p

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