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Six main reasons hockey has a positive effect on student development



A guest post, by Cory Shilling

By Cory Shilling

Hockey is a common game in many schools and most world hockey champions were once team members in their local school. The game is vigorous as the opposing teams do their best to drive the ball into their opponent’s goal. 

Hockey has many benefits to both the players and spectators. Teams practice together and they become a community of players in their school. They stay physically fit and their mental health improves due to socialization. Team members learn collaboration skills, which are important life skills. 

It opens more opportunities for the students

Hockey is an international game and countries compete for gold medals during international Olympic games. There are also many competitions organized at the local and regional levels. If a student has performed well in their team at school, they get opportunities to apply for scholarships for hockey students to help them advance their education. 

They also have a chance to compete in local and regional competitions, which might open chances for them to join the national team. There are also career benefits the student can get because some companies hire employees with such talents. They could be hired to become school hockey coaches after graduation. 

They get many health benefits

Hockey is a vigorous game and while students are in the field, they’re always running. They must learn to be accurate when striking or passing the ball, which is good for brain and body coordination. Their physical bodies stay fit and as they sweat, they burn energy, and their body gets rid of impurities. Vigorous exercise helps their heart stay healthy, and their mind gets refreshed. 

You will be able to develop in heavier tasks during your studies

Let’s imagine that you are a student and you need to write a complex paper and an annotation for this work. Students need to learn detailed skills for writing annotated bibliographies before they begin listing their sources. 

Although learning the finer details can be tough when learned alone, it is fun when you learn the tricks of annotated bibliography writing from Ca.EduBirdie because you learn from professionals. These are skills good for college education and every student should make an effort to learn how to write an annotation. It has long been proven that athletic training (mostly hockey) improves thinking and promotes faster learning. This is one of the most important benefits.

They learn collaboration skills

Before a student gets into the field, they must first ready themselves with their full hockey gear and have the hockey stick in their hand. While in the field, there are opponents the student must overcome. A single student cannot get a chance to overcome 11 opponents and drive the ball to the goal. 

They must use their stick to move the ball, pass it over to their teammate, and strategically position themselves at all-time such that they can pull the ball if need be, push it, strike or hit it. Team collaboration is always very important for any win. 

Their socialization skills improve

Teamwork is important for any hockey team to succeed. Teammates often meet to strategize, discuss setbacks, and plan for the future. Over time, they become not only teammates but also friends. The members learn to socialize and these skills help them fit better in societies during college and afterward. 

They learn discipline

Hockey is a game of discipline and for the teams to succeed, they must develop different levels of discipline. The students must create time to practice, yet they have to be in the classroom when needed. They will not be exempted from doing assignments or their personal chores. 

To make practice a success, students will either set aside time for practice early in the morning or in the evening. The student must develop a high-level discipline to balance between hockey and academic requirements. 

Helps build confidence in students

A student might never know if they are good at something unless they start doing it practically. Without involvement, they might always think hockey is a game for other more talented students but not themselves. 

Someone might encourage them to join the school hockey team but they might also take the bold step to join without any external compulsion. It might be hard for them at the beginning before they learn the tricks and rules. After they get used, they realize they can do it and their confidence builds up. Such students can later in life become international champions in the hockey field. 


Hockey is played in almost every school and students reap many benefits by enrolling themselves in their school’s team. It is a form of vigorous exercise which helps promote the mental, emotional and physical health of the students. Team members learn to collaborate and they learn discipline necessary for success in life. Their social life improves and the sport opens doors of opportunities to the student. 

Author’s Bio:

Cory Shilling is a techie at heart and loves to explore new things in the field of business, startups and technology. He works for an online essay writing agency and loves helping students in the niches that he is an expert in. His free time is for exploring nature, watching wildlife documentaries and learning drone photography.

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