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Nathan MacKinnon in Covid protocol *Updated



Nathan MacKinnon

It wouldn’t be the Avs without some injury/medical drama, right? And so it goes furthermore, with bracing news about 45 minutes ago that star center Nathan MacKinnon would not practice today because of a “Covid protocol-related absence” according to the team.

At this hour, we don’t know any more than that. Did MacKinnon test positive for the virus? Don’t know. Will he play tomorrow, if he tests negative? Don’t know. Could this just be a false-positive (which has been the case with at least a couple Avs players in the past)? Don’t know. With serious medical stuff like this, I won’t speculate. Just have to wait to hear what the authorities say on this one.

(UPDATE) Well, no less an authority than Avs GM Joe Sakic just updated us with MacKinnon’s status. MacKinnon has tested positive for the virus. Sakic said MacKinnon is asymptomatic as of now. He will not play in the season opener, but beyond that the team is being tight-lipped.  The Covid protocol stuff is murky and confusing to me – and many others.

Why am I confused? Because, in response to a question from our Terry Frei, Sakic said this:

I thought if you test positive, you’re out at least 10-14 days. I’ve read the NHL covid protocol literature and I swear I can’t make sense of it. Maybe some of you smarter people out there can shed some light on this.

*Terry and I have done a bit more digging and this is what we learned:

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Let’s see what develops, but this is obviously bad news. I guess it’s better it happens now rather than later, though, right?

Nazem Kadri took MacKinnon’s spot on a line with Gabe Landeskog and Mikko Rantanen today. J.T. Compher centered Valeri Nichushkin and Andre Burakovsky, with Tyson Jost and Logan O’Connor the third and fourth-line centers. Kurtis MacDermid skated at right wing on a fourth line.

Kadri also took MacKinnon’s spot on the top power play.

This just goes to prove: this Covid mess isn’t over with yet. Not by a long shot. Four top Seattle Kraken players – including Joonas Donskoi – are in Covid protocol right now.

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I think this must be a mistake; they’ve all been vaccinated. The vaccine is safe and effective. It is our key to getting back to normal. As soon as we’re all vaccinated, the vaccine will protect us from getting infected after we’ve been vaccinated

Kalyn Beasley


Leonard Large

Troll harder.

Jim Strohmeier

I know a Nigerian guy who can get you millions of dollars from a wealthy prince’s estate, just send him your banking information


Will he need my vaccine passport? Can I verify this wealthy prince is vaccinated? I don’t want no stinking money from an unvaccinated super-spreader. Maybe I can get my payment in that new crypto currency called CovidCoin. I would feel safe then.

Joshua Canfield

It’s come down to either a false positive or he really did contract COVID. While the vaccines work they aren’t 100% effective, so you can still contract it. Over the last two months I’ve had a handful of fully vaccinated friends & family test positive.

Let’s hope it’s a false positive. What a crap way to start the season. I’m confident that Rantanen, Landy & Makar can fill the void until he returns.

Toby Jones

Any word on Bedsie’s health?

Toby Jones

Per Josh Segman Joe said that Bedsie is asymptomatic today, also…Great to hear of his imminent return!

Kalyn Beasley

‘I guess it’s better it happens now rather than later, though, right?’ How do you know this is the last time this is gonna happen? How long are we gonna do this? He’s asymptomatic, he’s young, he’s a pro athlete. Everyone around him is vaxxed. He’s Vaxxed! This is such a joke. Zero covid is not a possibility. Do we have zero flu? I realize you’re just the messenger but at this point these guys have jumped through every hoop they’ve been forced to jump through and we’re still doing this.


Just wear a mask; you’ll be fine. That and a couple booster shots.

Jim Strohmeier

I’m just glad the NHL doesn’t let those vaccinated players infect us unvaccinated fans! lol

I want to attend a game this season, and I don’t want to get the vax or wear a mask ..
If anyone thinks a mask can protect them, try walking into the local COVID ward, with just a mask, and then see what the staff is wearing


Supplied air?

Joshua Canfield

I was in the ICU last summer and outside of the ICU and when I was transfered to a normal floor and room, the staff just wore regular masks. The doctors usually worse the N95 masks but the rest of the staff was comfortable with just a regular mask.


Joshua, I hope you’ve fully recovered. My whole family had “the Vid”. Not much fun, but the last time I had the flu was worse. My sister-in-law, who had it too, just got the vax and her reaction was the worst thing she’s ever experienced, she said; way worse than the disease. I agree with Kalyn, the idea that we’ll get to Zero-Covid is a Faucian dream. I hope you stay safe and healthy this winter.


PS, my sister is a nurse, and so my friend’s daughter is an ER nurse – they wear what they’re told to wear. Just sayin.


I gave up my season tix on the attack-twice 5th row corner ice because I refuse to play this game. I’ll watch on tv. And, oh yes!, that is possible.


Well, that, and Tyler-effing-Sequin (from Canada) protesting the US National Anthem.


A whole lotta anecdotal bullshit in this comment section.

Karl Keen

It’s quite hilarious that those who think they are “free thinkers” and “freedom fighters” all get their information from the same sources and obsess and accept the the ideas of ONE individual. If your mind was “free” you wouldn’t be regurgitating the same propaganda over and over, particularly on a hockey site. It’s timely that Matrix 4 is coming out as many Americans are plugged in.

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