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Landeskog to have hearing, suspension likely *Updated



At first glance, I didn’t think the hit by Gabe Landeskog on Kirby Dach last night was all that bad, and certainly wouldn’t have thought it deserved a suspension. I’m not sure I still believe a suspension is warranted, but one is almost certainly coming for the Colorado Avalanche captain.

UPDATE: Two games for Landeskog, per DoPS. He’ll miss Saturday’s game against the Blues and Tuesday’s game in Washington.

And let’s all do this mental trick for a second, OK? Let’s pretend that was Nathan MacKinnon being hit into the boards by someone on the Blackhawks. Would we all be as sanguine about the situation as we are on the Landy hit? No, we wouldn’t. We’d want our pound of flesh from the NHL Department of Safety.

Here’s the hit:

Things happen SO fast in the NHL. That whole sequence took, what, one whole second? A second and a half? Anybody who plays or watches hockey knows what really went wrong on this whole thing. Landeskog was clearly lining up Dach for a hit as he had the puck and was about to chip it in to the Avs’ zone. Landeskog wanted to get to Dach before the puck could be chipped past the red line, which might have created an icing situation on the Blackhawks.

But then Dach slipped and fell to one knee. Landeskog was already committed to the hit, but by now Dach was down and in a much more vulnerable position. Landeskog went through with the hit anyway, and what happened, happened. Landeskog had a real burr in his saddle that whole shift, as you can see in the video. He had a couple of other hits prior to the one on Dach. In hindsight, it was a dangerous hit on Dach and a price will have to be paid.

Superstreak Bonus!

Landeskog has been suspended three previous times in his career – the last time in 2017, for cross-checking Matthew Tkachuk in the neck. While he will not be considered a “repeat offender” by the league’s definition of such matters, it’s a red herring. They said the same thing about Nazem Kadri in the playoffs, but he still got slammed with an eight-game suspension.

The fact that Dach wasn’t badly hurt, the fact that it’s been four years for Landy since being cuffed and put in the slammer by DoPS and the fact that Dach’s slip contributed to the whole thing – I think Landeskog will get either two or three games. But we’ll see.

Also, the fact that Landeskog will just have a “hearing” and not an offer for an “in-person hearing” is significant. Here is from the NHL DoPS handbook, on such matters:

What is the difference between a telephone hearing and an in-person hearing?

If the Department of Player Safety determines that any Supplemental Discipline from an infraction will result in five games or less or a fine of more than $5,000, the hearing is conducted by phone.

If the infraction might require a suspension of six games or more, the offending Player is offered the opportunity to an in-person hearing. In this case, the Player remains suspended until the hearing takes place. If the Player waives his right to an in-person hearing, the hearing will be conducted by phone.

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I’ve never played hockey, can barely skate, and largely am going off the reaction of posters from coverage of the game overnight – but watching the replay both at normal speed and slow-mo, it appears Landy not only went through with the hit, but appeared to have turned to square up the hit prior to making contact (which maybe only signified an intent to imitate contact on the best possible terms, but gives rise to an inference that he was or should have been cognizant of the opponent being on one knee, and should have pulled up). If a suspension,… Read more »


Although it was a poor decision on Landeskog’s part, I don’t believe he should get any more than a single game. That would be fair.

Timothy M Schimick

The bias of this article is comical. He was ok his knee for a LONG TIME. No excuse for a repeat offender. 4 games.


Not happening. Are you another bitter Vegas fan?


Wasn’t landeskog on his knees when Johnson engaged him after the hit? Johnson should get one game, if you’re so right about being on your knees.

Timothy M Schimick

If you watch the replay from center ice left you see that while Dach is on his knee Landeskog clearly turns to the right to hit him. That is inexcusable. Anybody who claims otherwise doesn’t know hockey or is a buffoon.

Cal G

You mad bro?

Cal G

Imagine if Peter Forsberg had been captain back in the day…

John Mauss

To me, the important thing here is that Landy is not living up to the role of a captain. It is poor leadership to risk the outcome of a game, let his team go into the next game potentially without their two best forwards and set the example of seriously injuring an opponent. EspecialIy against a team that hasn’t been a rival in a long time and did nothing in this game to raise ire. What was the point? Maybe when he comes back, give someone else the “C” for one game to make an impression on him. He reminded… Read more »

Yan Girard

This suspension is a big joke. This hit isn’t a attempt to injure. No premeditation of Landy and no injury for Dach. It’s a hit in the heat of the moment. Landeskog is a player that plays clean. Dach is remained with a knee on the ice and had the time to bounce back but is remained intentionally with a knee on the ice to finish his play. Dach had still the puck. Dach remained in vulnerable position intentionally. Dach thought that he played still in the junior. The NHL doesn’t suspend the players that try to injure with cross-checking… Read more »


This is ridiculous. Dude was still playing the puck from his knees and made a play dumping it deep into the zone. Contact was made while he was in possession. Growing up playing hockey it was about being smart. If ur gunna put ur self in a vulnerable position while still playing the puck. U get hit. That’s your fault. Ppl score from their knees all the time. He had time to stand up, but instead made a play, was stick handling and dumped it in. Not faulting him for trying but u gotta expect to get hit. Thats the… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris
Bob Neal

Good for you changing your mind Adrian. The infraction certainly deserved two games. Landy needs to calm down and play hockey and quit running around.

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