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Avs notebook: Mikhail Maltsev sent back to Eagles



Mikhail Maltsev

I speculated that Jared Bednar probably wasn’t too happy with the play of Mikhail Maltsev last night. It would seem there is some meat to those speculative bones, as Maltsev has been sent back to the Colorado Eagles.

Maltsev played only a little more than six minutes last night in Tampa, but was a minus-2, with a couple of bad turnovers that led to Lightning goals.

This was one of them:

Maltsev got a lot of attention on social media for that between-the-legs goal he scored with the Eagles, but in three games with the Avs, he posted no points and a minus-3. No word yet on any new callup from the Eagles.

Also no word yet on the condition of Sam Girard, who was hurt on this hit by the Lightning’s Steven Stamkos toward the end of the game last night.

Also, no word from NHL Department of Player Safety about any possible hearing.

Avs didn’t practice today, so information on Girard likely won’t come until tomorrow.

Superstreak Bonus!

Some other impressions of Eagles players from being at the game the other night, not just Alex Newhook, who I wrote about:

I like the play around the net of Alex Beaucage. He has a good shot, has good size and just seems to have a knack as a natural goal-scorer. The issue, I see, is his footspeed. Has to keep working on his skating.

Justin Barron looked good. He scored a goal and was pretty smooth with the puck. I think he’ll be a regular with the Avs by next year at the latest.

Justus Annunen still has much more work to do. He allowed five goals in the loss to San Jose and was caught sliding around a bit too much on a couple of goals.

Dennis Gilbert took a beating in the game. He was hit hard a few times, finished a minus-3. He’s a tough guy though. He kept playing.

Newhook centered a line with Beaucage and Andreas Wingerli, and they were buzzin’ most of the night.

The building was sold out and very loud. They do a great job at the Eagles entertaining their fans.

I chatted some with Craig Billington after the game too. He’s the GM of the Eagles now, with his own office. Always been a class act. The Biller never ages, either. Still looks like a 20-something it seems.

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peter martin

Always remember Biller’s save on Jagr, classic!

Ryan Krueger

Looks to me like Stamkos should get a 2 game suspension…

Charlie Anderson

Bruh, Stamkos punched G’s head into the ice and G came out of it at least partially injured. Neither of those things happened in the Landy hit on Dach. So Stamkos should get more like 4-5 games suspension. But he won’t get anything, we all know that. There was no penalty and the DOPES isn’t even going to have a look at it. The blatant discrimination of the League against the Avs is really getting excessive. It’s always been bad, but it just keeps getting worse. How much more obvious can they make it? And yet there’s those die-hard anti-conspiratists… Read more »


I hope when TB comes to Denver we have MacDermid on the roster. Stamkos…the bell tolls for thee.

Matt Briggle

While I do think there should be some sort of accounting for that dirty hit (and it doesn’t look like the league will do anything about it) it won’t be MacDermid. You don’t send goons after superstars. It will end up being either Landy or Naz if it’s anyone.


I wouldn’t call MacDermid a goon. I don’t believe those exist in the Show any more. Goon implies a player has nothing to offer except the ability to break someone’s face. He hasn’t shown us anything thus far, but I feel he has more to offer than that.


Dk, MacDermid is the skating definition of a goon – he’s a liability when he’s on the ice and serves on other purpose that to pound on people. The AvS can’t afford to put him in the lineup.


How much have you seen him play? There’s no place for goons in today’s NHL, hence MacDermid would never have played a single game in this league if he were one.

Aaron Hinton

Mr. Idaho, did you watch the Vegas series last spring?


So, besides Byram, none of the prospects really impress at NHL levels.

Yan Girard

We must give time at Sampo Ranta. He demonstrated good things until now.


I am not at all surprised that the Avs are having a slow start. Especially with Mack and Landy missing games. There was significant turnover in the lineup this offseason and it is going to take some time to develop a new chemistry. The salary cap has caught up with the Avs and as much as they may not want to develop young prospects in the NHL, I think that they may have no choice. I am sure they were thinking 11 was more NHL ready when they put him in the Graves deal. Hopefully Newhook won’t be long in… Read more »


Also hoping 49 is ok and Stamkos gets a suspension. No announcement today about a hearing that I have seen.

Charlie Anderson

Thank you so much for the Eagles reporting AD!


I was sitting 6 rows behind the Av’s bench in Tampa. After Maltsev’s second turnover, I periodically checked to see if #11 was still seated firmly in the middle of the bench. To my relief, he was every time I looked.

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