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Cale Makar Placed on Injured Reserve



Further bad news to the Cale Makar injury, reported earlier today: Makar has now been placed on injured reserve by the Avs.

That means, under NHL rules, Makar cannot play for seven days, retroactive from the time the injury occurred. That injury happened on Saturday against the Wild, so it would seem likely that Makar will miss not only tomorrow night’s game with Columbus, but Saturday’s in Columbus as well – unless Saturday is the day he’s deemed to have served seven days already. I need further clarification on that, but it seems highly likely he’ll miss that game too.

I’m at the Eagles game tonight here in Loveland, and if you’re hoping for Justin Barron to get a callup by the Avs from the Eagles, sorry. He’s hurt and not playing tonight.

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We’ll see how tomorrow’s transactions play out.

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Yan Girard

We don’t know the severity of the injury at this moment. But that could be a strategy to save money on the salary cap for more of flexibility at the trade deadline. Avs plays only 2 games this week. Like Makar doesn’t play wednesday because injury, you don’t play him either saturday to get the 7 days minimum required for the injured reserve. To save money on the salary cap, a player must be on the injured reserve.

Last edited 11 months ago by Alexander A
chippy play

Needs to be LTIR. Here’s a little explainer video from Dater’s former colleague AJ:

Yan Girard

Effectively, I confused.


LTIR is for the full salary cap relief. That means the full salary of the injured player is usable immidiately. But IR should count to the total salary used during the season. As I understand it, the actual salary used counts up through the whole season. So the Avs can create some space for the trade deadline this way.

Joshua Canfield

I don’t believe the Avs would save anything towards the salary cap unless he was put on the Long Term IR.

chippy play

Keep Makar out as long as it takes to fully heal. Seems like they rushed him i to the season.

So Barron is hurt and Bowers too? I guess the Eagles use the same medical staff as the Avs.

Joshua Canfield

Seriously. At what point do the Avs management start looking into replacing their medical and training staff. Obviously, hockey is a rough sport and injuries are apart of the game but this is getting to be a little outrageous.

It was just two seasons ago that the Avs had the most man-games lost to injury (220). The injury bug destroyed the Avs chances to advance past the second round of the playoffs two seasons ago. The hockey gods have gifted the Avs the forever injury bug. It’s demoralizing as a fan.

Yan Girard

It’s normal to have many injuries. All the teams have injuries. In the sport of hockey is very quick and physical. That is favourable at the injuries. Some players don’t protect them well. The players have a certain responsability. When a player embark on the ice, he must be attentive/focused to prevent the chocs and take the hits in the right way. The players must show intelligence also on the ice and not put them in vulnerable position. In the playoffs 2001, Peter Forsberg played only 11 games because injury. The Avs won Stanley Cup nevertheless. The injuries are a… Read more »

Ryan Krueger

Caps are w/o Backstrom and Oshie, GNights w/o Pacioretty and Stone, now Carlsson, Pengies w/o Crosby…I am sure there are many more

But I feel Joshua’s pain, it is particularly frustrating to not see players like Rantanen and Makar as they are so much fun to watch

Matt Briggle

Only two games in the next 8 days. Better to take the time now to get everyone fully healed up from any issues and ready to go because it’s full tilt until Feb. Sucks for my fantasy team though.


So MacDonald on D tonight, yeah? Which forward do they call up?

Ted Grycel


Any speculation on what might have happened to Maker or maybe lingering and not fully healed?

Not holding you to anything but a guess

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