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“Tonight, we weren’t a good hockey team” – Gabe Landeskog tells it like it is after embarrassing Avs loss



Gabe Landeskog

Look, I’m not going to overreact over this Avalanche 8-3 loss to Toronto. While I don’t think they would have won with any goalie tonight, I do pin a good portion of this night on the fact that, not long before the start of the game, did players know that starting goalie Darcy Kuemper would be out and Jonas Johansson would be in against the Maple Leafs to kick off a five-game road trip.

I think that was the overriding factor as to why Avs lost big, however. I just don’t think anyone – least of all JoJo – was ready for that kind of scenario.

First, about Kuemper: I don’t know what the upper-body injury is. I do know that Avs coach Jared Bednar said the team would have “monitor” the situation over the next couple of days, which would seem to indicate that Kuemper will not be available for duty tomorrow in Montreal, and that it’s possible Justus Annunen – the AHL’s goalie of the month for November with the Colorado Eagles – might get the start. In fact, if I had to lay money on this, I would bet it -165 or so.

I just thought the Avs looked not ready-for-prime-time right from the jump. Yet, I was feeling somewhat optimistic when Nazem Kadri made it 3-2 in the second period. But JoJo gave up a bad next couple of goals, and that was that.

MacKinnon had two assists tonight in his return, so none of this loss was on him. Well, his top-line counterpart, Auston Matthews, did have a hat trick, but I digress.


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Brian Levesque

The best thing that Sakic can do in the off season is to cut Kuemper loose waive Jojo and bring back Frankie as a backup and sign pending free agent Jack Campbell

Yan Girard

It would be surprising that Campbell is available at next summer. The Avs need a REAL goalkeeper NUMBER ONE for the next playoffs. It will be too late at next summer. Kuemper is a not proven goalkeeper in NHL. In more, the body and the equipment of Kuemper are precarious. What we see currently with Kuemper, it was predictable. I admit being afraid for the playoffs with Kuemper. Will Kuemper surrender in the playoffs? It’s far from certain. In parallel, I am not convinced that Carey Price ends the season at Montreal. Did you imagine if Carey Price is traded… Read more »


In the past five years, how many times has Price had a better save percentage than Kuemper? Zero. Still you say Kuemper is not a proven goalkeeper? What is your definition of “proven goalkeeper”? He costs 1/3 the cap space and has a better save percentage every season. He’s struggling now, but he’s a proven goalkeeper in the NHL.

Yan Girard

To improve understanding, look the career stats at Kuemper. In NHL, Kuemper played over 30 games in a season at once (55 games at the season 2018-2019). Kuemper played only 18 games in playoffs and 9 of these games were due at tournament pandemic because the teams would not have participated at playoffs otherwise. If no pandemic, no round playoffs won. How many Vezina trophee for Kuemper? Thanks. How many Olympic Gold medals for Kuemper? Thanks. Who knows how Kuemper will behave with the pressure? The Avs is a contender team for the Stanley Cup. The pressure is high, very… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Alexander A.
Yan Girard

Price played at Montreal in the bigger hockey market in NHL. The pressure is gigantic in this market especially with Patrick Roy that was the goalkeeper at Montreal when Montreal won his 2 last Stanley Cup. Since the departure Patrick Roy of Montreal, the spotlights are on the goalkeeper position. Price had a lot pressure in this market. Price is able to manage the pressure. In the last 10 years, Price figures easily among the 5 best goalkeepers in NHL. You cann’t put in the same sentence Price and Kuemper and it’s nothing against Kuemper. You just have to be… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Alexander A.
Brian Levesque

Price is the reason a mediocre Montreal team made it to the Stanley Cup finals


Pathetic effort regardless of the surprise JJ start. The Leafs are playing well right now and they were given a ton of space in the neutral zone. Free skating and horrendous defensive hockey with Toronto players left alone in front of the net. I guess we can scratch JJ from Vezina Trophy considerations. Still no commitment to defensive hockey and I guess Bednar doesn’t have any answers. It makes you wonder what the identity of this club is.

Aaron Hinton

Rico Sauve, this team has zero identity.


I disagree….the Avs have an identity.
A bad one: Beer League on steroids.

It’s like watching the 9p game at the double rink on fast forward.


Aaron Hinton

I take that back, Uncle Rico…this team has an identity: oft-injured, underperforming, overpaid. And the “best” player clearly does not make those around him better as evidenced by last night’s performance.

Bob Neal

Too many people like to always pile on the goaltender for a “bad effort”. Most don’t see that it is a lack of commitment to playing solid defense that is the problem. Until this team is committed to playing defense they are not going to progress very far. As Riker noted last night, even Patrick would have been shelled with that defensive effort in front of him. Quit pointing the finger as bad goaltending all the time.

Yan Girard

You must understand that all the teams have up and down in a hockey game. When a team searches his legs as in first periode, the goalie must be able to make the important saves. Yesterday, the score was 3-0. The Avs scored 2 goals to bring the score at 3-2. Then, JJ gave a very wrong goal to bring the score at 4-2. This goal cut the players’legs of the Avs. In the NHL, it’s much easier to prevent goals than score the goals. Did JJ make difficult saves in the game? The players are humans. When the goalie… Read more »

Paul Nagy

Sad. But we all knew it was coming, from the moment that Kuemper’s injury was revealed and JJ given the start. Who on this entire planet thinks Johansson is an NHL caliber goaltender, and what drug is that person taking? Cuz it should replace oxy and fentanyl as a means to blot nerve function and pain receptors…cuz that’s what Johansson as a goaltender offers Avs fans: distorted perception and unmitigated pain.


If Pierre Lacroix was still alive and GM of this team, Carey Price would have been an Avalanche by now. Vegas, Edmonton and Calgary are better teams right now. We can forget about winning a cup this year with the goalies we have.


For starters, where do you suppose they find the $10m for price? Also, he’s not going to come cheap. The Habs aren’t just going to give him away.
Yes, Lacroix was The Man. But he didn’t (for the most part) have cap BS to deal with.

Yan Girard

If Price is traded, you can expect that Montreal retain at least half the salary of Price. At worst, a trade at three teams for another team keeps salary is still possible.


Yeah they’d have to retain salary but that would also up the price of the players and picks going the other way.


Vegas? Ha ha. They let MAF go and then blew their wad on Eichel. Fleury is playing well despite Chicago’s lack of D


That’s the guy I want – – Fleury. Even up trade for Kuemper as Darcy is in his last year of his contract and Chicago is rebuilding. Re-sign Fleury to an extension. Hell, throw in a draft pick. A proven Stanley Cup winner who can take the pressure.


The more I ponder on this, the better it sounds. I think you might be right.

Yan Girard

It’s sure that it takes Fleury for the next level 🙂


This is the most manic hockey team I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience. Some consistency would be nice. The swings are getting burdensome.

[…] Colorado: Gabriel Landeskog ripped his team, too. Landeskog said, “we weren’t a good hockey team,” as Colorado lost. […]

Karl Keen

I’m not going to pan Kuemper for a game he didn’t play. He is just officially like every Avalanche player — unable to stay healthy. I’m just still not convinced this model of having small, skilled defensemen is the way to win a cup. I would have expected our highly skilled forwards and d-men to be able to use their brains and sticks and skates to not get outmaneuvered or destroyed by another highly skilled team, but that clearly didn’t occur last night. If speed and skill are not matching up to speed and skill then what is the point?… Read more »

Yan Girard

I don’t believe that you can evaluate well the players in the game of yesterday. JJ changed the pace of the game with some easy goals. Toronto Maple Leafs have a very beautiful team. In more, Toronto Maple Leafs is a hot team currently. Look all the teams that won the Stanley Cup since 30 years. Almost all these teams had a hot goalie. Also, most teams making progress in playoffs have a goalie that makes the job. A single goal can make the difference between lose or win a round playoffs. Look the career stats of Kuemper. You are… Read more »

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