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The standoff between Comcast and Altitude Might be Coming to an End



The parties are headed to mediation. That’s the takeaway from a press release issued by Altitude just now, about their long, long, long dispute with Comcast – by far the largest cable provider in the Denver area.

Here it is:

December 17, 2021
Attorneys for Altitude Sports and Comcast appeared yesterday in Federal Court for a status conference before Judge William J. Martinez. The purpose of that conference was to update the court on developments in the case.
Prior to the status conference, representatives from Altitude Sports had reached out to Comcast to suggest mediation in order to reach a settlement that would be mutually agreeable to both parties. Judge Martinez was supportive of this approach. He indicated that by this stage, both parties had a strong sense of the facts of the case. Altitude Sports and Comcast then agreed to move forward with mediation. Altitude committed to working with Comcast to file a joint motion by Monday, December 20, with the name of the agreed-upon mediator.
Altitude Sports also committed that it would make a revised offer to Comcast in advance of the mediation. It is Altitude’s aim that this offer will bring the case to a close and return the network to Comcast for Front Range fans.
“It is our hope that by working through a mediator, Altitude will be able to return to Comcast without raising the price for our fans to watch their local teams,” said Matt Hutchings, COO of KSE. “We have worked diligently toward that goal.”

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Well, that sounds promising to me. Obviously, if nobody bends on their previous terms, nothing will get solved. But, the fact that they seem to want to settle this thing, once and for all, is the most encouraging part.

Let’s see what happens.

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Hallelujah. Going down the long, legal route is a win only for the attorneys. Here’s hoping that both sides come to their senses (more so Comcast) and this ridiculous standoff gets resolved once and for all.

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Karl Keen

The judge may have ordered mediation prior to trial anyway. This can be a positive sign, but if they cannot comes to terms at mediation, then it did nothing but delay further by not having the trial. Even the trial would not force a resolution as the court nor jurors (not sure what was requested) verdict is to draft and force the parties into entering into a new contract. They would still have to go back and negotiate.

Tony Bila

OH, I don’t suppose they will be making a deal with Dish anytime soon.


Not holding my breath on that….about ready to just drop Dish and cut the cord completely.


Comcast gets enough from me for internet. I’m never going back, now that I’ve found how easy it is to watch any sport in HD for free online. Their lawsuit against pissed me off more than the Altitude lockout.


Who cares. I will continue to watch on sites that have broadcast the games for the last 2 years. Eff the greedybastahds.

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