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Dater’s Daily: Avalanche-Vegas game Monday postponed, Gretzky resigned to losing scoring record




Merry Christmas Eve, my Colorado Hockey Now readers. And, Merry Christmas a day in advance. I know what all of us want for Christmas: NHL hockey. Unfortunately, we just got word that Monday’s Avalanche game in Vegas — and the other 13 NHL games scheduled for that day — is postponed.

Basically, the NHL is taking one more day in their return to game action. Practices still will resume Sunday.

The league Friday afternoon annnouncement noted the “regular-season schedule will not resume prior to Tuesday, Dec. 28. The League had planned to resume its schedule on Dec. 27, but in order to allow the League an adequate opportunity to analyze League-wide testing results and to assess Clubs’ readiness to play, the target date for resumption of game play will be pushed back an additional day. Teams will return to practice on Dec. 26 and it is expected that the League will provide an update on its return to play plans by the end of day on Sunday.

Superstreak Bonus!
  • We’ll find out at Sunday’s possible Avs practice, but you also have to like the odds of Gabe Landeskog being back on ice with the fellas. Would he need more practice time before playing? Maybe. Then again, Landy likes to get going when he’s feeling healthy.
  • Wayne Gretzky sounds like a man resigned to the fact that his all-time goal-scoring record – 894 goals – is toast, with Alex Ovechkin well on pace to break it. (CBS Sports)
  • I wouldn’t have thought that possible, but Ovechkin is just a machine.
  • I haven’t heard a word on Bo Byram in the last few days. Let’s hope he’s on the ice on Sunday, too.
  • The Boston Bruins used words like “sad” and “frustrated” to describe their feelings about having to skip the Olympics this season due to COVID complications. (Boston Hockey Now)
  • With the bummer of an Olympic story in mind, here’s a feel-good story about former Calgary Flames forward Curtis Glencross right before the holidays. (Calgary Hockey Now)
  • Should San Jose Sharks head coach Bob Boughner be on the hot seat this season? Shen Peng discusses over at our San Jose branch. (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • We’ve heard this before, but FOD (Friend of Dater) Dan Kingerski says this looks like the last hurrah for the core group with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Certainly, it could be with new ownership coming in that’s undoubtedly going to cut costs. (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • What’s your favorite Christmas gift ever from your childhood? Here’s mine:

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Matt Briggle

Merry Christmas AD and to everyone here. I’m not surprised by the additional delay as it makes sense that they want to see where the cases are at league wide. At least the WJCs are on schedule it seems, that is always an amazing tournament to watch.

Nick Chapman

Makes you wonder how many goals Ovechkin would’ve scored if he had the luxury of shooting against stand-up style, off-balance benders like Gretzky did. All due respect to Gretzky, but with the evolution of goaltending, it’s quite obvious that the snipers of today like Mathews, Stamkos, Ovechkin etc are far better scorers than the greats of the past. Gretzky was still one of the all time greats, but the sports fan in me would love to see the alternate universe where Gretzky, Hull, Lemieux etc played their entire careers against Vasilevskiy, Price etc. Likewise, I’d be fascinated to see a… Read more »

peter martin

I bet if you put Wayne into today’s games, with all the benefits of modern gear & training methods, you’d get a faster McDavid.


No way. Everyone or at least folks who appreciates hockey enjoyed the creativity of Gretzky. He had the ability to see things on the ice and anticipate skating to where the puck would be. But the players today, like McDavid, are far bigger, stronger and faster than the 80’s NHL players during Gretzky’s prime. Heck, an enforcer weighed 205 to 210 lbs. in those days. Today’s game has players that weigh 240 and up, laying the lumber and heavy checks up and down the ice. Could Gretzky have escaped the heavy hits of today’s NHL without missing significant playing time… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by ricoflashback
John Mauss

Merry Christmas, Adrian and Terry and everyone associated. Thanks for a great site!

Terry Frei

Thanks, John.

Brandon Watson

We have tickets for the Vegas game. Yikes. The NHL has no plan for ming out of towners whole on secondhand tickets, which makes this a little bit painful.

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