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Dater’s Daily: IIHF World Junior Championships Canceled, Marchand Rips NHL over Olympics, What I’m Reading



A good Wednesday to you all. A brisk, windy day in Denver, but sunlight. Still hasn’t been a drop of snow on the ground here this winter. Maybe a dusting one day, but that was it. So, bad news today for fans of watching young, exciting, top-prospect hockey players. The IIHF World Junior Tournament was canceled today. You know the reason why.

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  • There’s going to be a lot of anger about this. Anger, and frustration. Players got their vaccines, very rarely are there ever any symptoms and young, fit athletes aren’t dropping dead from Covid. This tournament was canceled on the day the NHL announced it would reduce the quarantine time for asymptomatic players from 10 days to five days too. The CDC says one thing one day, and other thing the next. Everybody is thoroughly confused – and tired of this.
  • That last paragraph was me channeling what I hear all the time from NHL and other hockey people about all this. Me? I just try to keep my mouth shut these days and stay out of trouble lol. It’s not like any opinion Adrian Dater has on Covid is going to change a damn thing anyway.
  • The story on the reduction in quarantine time (
  • No, Adrian Dater is not going to start talking in the third person, by the way.
  • Evgeni Malkin had the media cracking up during a Zoom avail, including a line about his wealth (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Brad Marchand wasn’t too thrilled about how the NHL went about its decision to cancel player participation in the Olympics. No. 63 even used some barnyard language to describe what he thinks about it (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Did someone tell Marchand that the NHLPA went along with this too?
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  • Traffic to this site tripled in 2021 from 2020, by the way. Subscriptions were up too. Thank you. Tell a friend.
  • Five important storylines for the Red Wings in the New Year (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • The Capitals are getting healthier, finally (Washington Hockey Now)
  • Interesting story about how NHL players and coaches once had a fit about a new rule – prohibiting closing one’s hand over the puck (Hockey News)
  • They’re starting to ask, on the Island, if it’s time to trade Semyon Varlamov (NYI Hockey Now)
  • Just started this new book, and loving it. My son today, though, when I said who the subject of the book is: “He’s lame.”
  • Being the father of a 17-year-old, folks – interesting.
  • By the way: to those who contributed to the Avs Travel Tip Jar recently, for what was supposed to have been for the Monday in Vegas that was postponed: Unless you object, that money will be used for a road game soon.
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Aaron Hinton

Marchand; when (not if) he tested positive would most likely have been required to stay in China for an extended period of time. They have different rules there. Remember those idiot college basketball players caught stealing over there?


Glad that traffic to the site has increased. One thing that I like is all of the coverage between games and stories from around the league. Thanks Dater Team and Happy New Year.


Uh Adrian, you know I know you’re a writer and uh, and all this and uh you know I’m just thinking maybe out loud as far as in your shoes right now it’s like, “alright. We’ve done all the things we can do. We’ve done all the game planning we can do maybe, maybe just f— it we’ll just go in next year and not think that anymore and just say screw covid. Am I on the right path at all with this like maybe you just want covid to go away?

Nathan Edwards

Yes that would be glorious if we just moved on from the dangerous “multi-greek” alphabet common cold covid virus. Increase the discipline amongst players going to packed bars or clubs for crying out loud. Not a dam thing is going to happen to these players regardless of testing positive playing a game on the ice. But ya know, we pander to China and Big Pharma. Time to move forward with common sense.


A.D. – for those comments you’d really like to make – how about a pen name? Pauly Puck from Holyoke, Colorado says or Bob Goaly from Oshkosh, Wisconsin says…Start the contest for A.D’s pen name. Winner to get a Kizz record/CD from Adrian’s collection.

Chris DeMott

After reading that the WJC’s were canceled because of 4 positive tests of Omicron spread over 3 teams, I wanted to throw up. This is reactionary judgement at it’s worst. Those poor kids worked their tails off and this what the IIHF was able to think up? Their lack of ability to adapt to what is quickly becoming considered endemic is astounding. Why did they even bother holding the tournament in the first place? Oh, and before we bring the “not risking lives” gibberish, let’s remember that this is a dangerous contact sport to begin with.

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