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Cale Makar goal tonight: Best I’ve ever seen in 26 years of covering the Avalanche



Rex Arbogast/AP

Twitter is a prime landing spot for hyberbole. In other words, it’s easy to overstate things – and maybe feel a tinge of regret later. I certainly know the feeling well. But I really think that might have been the greatest goal I’ve ever seen in my now 26 1/2 years of covering the Colorado Avalanche, this goal by Cale Makar that won the game in overtime tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks.

I have had to watch this play over and over to comprehend it fully:

I just can’t quite believe that goal. I could try and make up all kinds of crap writer metaphors to describe it, but no. Let’s just save this video and watch it anytime we want to compare any goal that might have anywhere NEAR that level of skill here.

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Totally sick move. Have they found Dach and Fleury’s jock straps yet??? Glad Makar is on our team!!!!!!!!!!!!


They play different positions, but more and more Makar reminds me of Forsberg. His skating, his hands are pure magic. The ability to imagine and then execute a break away that close to the net, the ability to stop on a dime and, to put icing on the cake, the ability to fake out the reigning Vezina trophy winner, who btw had a very good game. Mind you in the third period, he already had a scene somewhat similar to this. Makar is redefining the position of a defenseman, certainly for the Avs if not across the league. It’s hard… Read more »

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First thought that came to my head was “Forsberg-esque” when I saw it also….


I find that Makar moves like a forward. If you didn’t know he was a D-man I think you’d think he was a forward. Someone like Girard, who’s offensively minded moves like a defender. Speaking of Girard’s moves…he might be wanting some royalties from Makar. ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.


The way he moved on this goal i wasn’t sure if my poor memory was seeing shades of Peter or Joe.


It was absolutely amazing, literally jaw dropping. I was thinking the same thing and then read your tweet AD… the fact that we might start debating just exactly which goal may have been more astonishing in Avs history just amplifies the magnitude of that move.

Ryan Krueger

I saw one of Ovie’s greatest, saw Jagr score a hat trick and 4 assists in a game, saw Landy’s deflection from his knees from the face off circle, and this is right up there.

Matt Briggle

There isn’t a superlative I can use for that move that hasn’t already been used, it was simply sublime. After watching that clip I don’t know how many times, the funniest part has to be Kurashev trying to hit MacK after he made the drop pass to Makar. It was like he just ran head first into a brick wall and skated back to the net adjusting his helmet while Makar was undressing Dach.


I woke up. Did 15 push-ups. Checked my email. Opened this article. Watched The Goal. Oh yeah baby!

This is going to be a good day!


That goal was pure filth. Dach and Fleury probably had night terrors after that snipeshow.


The above posts noting the similarity to Forsberg and the top shelf forward skillset are exactly right…different type of play, but only goal that I can recall that ever made me think similar “special” thoughts was Sakic’s 2001 Cup Game 7 go up 3-0 backbreaker against Brodeur (where he circled away from the D and like a boxer throwing a sucker punch unleashed an absolute perfect laser).


The Forsberg goal I thought of was Forsberg vs. Florida where he was being mauled, had several shots off his own rebound, then got knocked to his knees to the sharp left of the crease and fired a blind backhand sweep that beat Vanbiesbrouck.

Makar’s filthy goal last night is at or near the top all-time for an Av.

After the stream I had SportsCenter on and it only made #2 Play-of-the-Day behind some ubiquitous, pedestrian, college-game slam dunk. #ESPNSUCKS


I was resigning myself to the fact that we would lose again in OT and was trying to be happy we got at least one point after trailing, but now we have hope again! Great individual effort, that move, and other moves like it, are going to take attention away from the other Avs on the ice and open up more opps as we move forward. Sheer terror to the opposing D, just like Mack. How cool is that?


Yes, the Avs record in OT is not that stellar. But having Makar on the ice, as long as you can in OT (as well as MacKinnon) and you have two skaters that can create their own space. People are comparing Makar’s goal to some of “Peter the Great’s” goals but that was in a league of its own. I’ve never seen anyone skate like Makar, stop on a dime, and have the defense literally fall over themselves. There was one game, I think against Minnesota, where the defender almost broke his ankles trying to stop and cover Makar. Head… Read more »

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Bob Neal

A boring game turns into a barn burner. I agree with AD that it’s hard to recall ever seeing a move like Makar made (including Peters). Absolutely incredible. Back to business though, I watched the game on ESPN 2+ and the postgame discussion turned to, “Is Kuemper good enough to win a Cup with?” They even commented whether Fleury should be his replacement (They must be reading this site.). I really enjoyed Kevin Weeks conclusion that Kuemper certainly is good enough to win a Cup particularly given the strength of the Av’s team. What a great game to contrast the… Read more »

Yan Girard

Don’t forget that the more important move of the career of Pierre Lacroix has been to acquire Patrick Roy. Without Patrick Roy, maybe no Stanley Cup at Denver. When Pierre Lacroix traded for Patrick Roy, the goalie was Stephane Fiset. At this moment, Fiset would figure among the best goalies NHL. However, Pierre Lacroix had recognized the missing item to win Stanley Cup and took action. Pierre Lacroix didn’t wonder if it was possible to win with Fiset. Lacroix had recognized the risk and corrected the shot by acquiring an EXPERIENCED goalie having already TWO rings of the Stanley Cup.… Read more »

Bob Neal

I appreciate the basis and facts presented in your arguments. I enjoy the debates.

Christopher Clack

the eyes. never trust the eyes. makar looks people off like few others can. he’s like a cat toying with a mouse before killing it. and those hands…so quick, he is stick handling where most would be lucky to just get a shot off. not to mention the straight up IQ to even see that opportunity.

the skill set is just unreal.

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