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Frei: They were even talking about that Makar goal at Harry Caray’s and White Castle



Cale Makar continues to amaze.


Somebody already wrote that:

My late October CHN profile of Cale Makar

Absolutely, that was a mouth-dropping Makar goal that gave the Avalanche the 4-3 overtime win over the Blackhawks at the United Center Tuesday night.

Here’s Adrian Dater’s assessment of Makar’s OT goal  with video

I thought it was striking and certainly characteristic (per that profile) that in the post-game interview with ESPN’s Emily Kaplan, who had been between the benches, Makar was so matter of fact.

He could have been talking about taking out the garbage.

I think we all can agree that it was the greatest goal ever scored by an Avalanche player going against an NHL team with two sons of the Nuggets’ (acting) coach in the lineup.

Superstreak Bonus!

When I asked if anyone could remember comparable or better goals from an Avalanche player — I mentioned Peter Forsberg — I received terrific responses.

This one came from 9News’ Tom Green:

Nathan MacKinnon ankle-breaker vs. Wild

And others–including @jdavs211 and @nzamora86 on Twitter–pointed out these Forsberg compilations.

Foppa goals, Vol. 1

Foppa goals, Vol. 2

What was so remarkable about so many of those Forberg goals was that he delivered hits and kept possession, then finished off the plays.

What’s your choice? Any other nominations? Should the Makar goal have an asterisk because it was 3-on-3?

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Chris DeMott

Considering that Foppa was my favorite athlete to watch, ever. To me, it does put this one in the pantheon. The ankle breaker was great, but the shot was routine in comparison. Does the fact that it’s 3 on 3 take away from it? I don’t know? Have you seen the Avs play 3 on 3 over the last several years?! When taking into consideration that Cale decides to put the game on his stick and executes to that level to include the finishing deke on Flower, that was the best one on one hockey play that I can remember.… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Chris DeMott
Jason Lada

Peter the Great G.O.A.T.


Loved Foppa. But I’ve never seen a goal like Makar’s and that includes going back to the original six teams in the NHL. First, deception. What a great fake and acting like he was going to the top of the circle. Second, stopping on a dime, reversing course and almost breaking Dach’s ankles in the process. In fact, Dach had to flail his arms and upper body just to keep from falling down. Third, incredibly stick handling. Left to right to left. Fourth, an incredible backhanded, “roof” shot over a Hall of Fame goalie. And this happened so quick that… Read more »

Patrick Keenan

Liked your framing of the context. The goal was fabulous and Cale’s remark being a little lucky wasn’t self deprecating, just honest. The follow up to his evaluation is that of course Dach was overplaying him ‘a little’ but not in error. If he doesn’t push the coverage of one of the most effective skaters ever, how many times have we seen CM come to the half boards and dart back across the top of the circle to the middle, decoding then crippling classic D zone spacing and expanding his options dramatically. Cale also neglected to confess to the quality… Read more »


Foppa is getting hooked, slashed and tripped constantly in these clips. Makar’s goal is certainly special, but Peter is the King. The breakaway with Larianov riding him, hooking and then slashing him shows what he endured on a nightly basis back then. No wonder he was injured so frequently.

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