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Sunday Notes: Rumored Avs trade target Giroux wins All-Star MVP, Carey Price won’t be traded this season



Photo by Zack Hill

Good Sunday to all. It’s 45 degrees and not a cloud in the sky where I sit here in Thornton, Co,, on this, the sixth day of February in the Year of Our Lord, 2022. Let’s do some Sunday notes, starting off with stuff on potential Avs trade target Claude Giroux:

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  • Giroux won the All-Star Game MVP yesterday, which means a whole lot of…nothing…in any scheme of things. Well, I guess it could be argued that it shows how motivated Giroux is to show to others he’s still a bona-fide player on the big stages. Here’s more, from Philly Hockey Now’s Sam Carchidi, on what the Flyers might be expecting back in a trade from the Avs or any other team for the 34-year-old forward, who can be UFA this summer (Philly Hockey Now)
  • If you couldn’t read all that because of a paywall or something, the bottom line is: the Flyers will want the usual troika of a goody bag for such a player. Meaning, a current player, a good prospect and a top draft pick. The Avs do NOT own a pick in the first round of the 2022 NHL draft (they gave it to Arizona in the Darcy Kuemper deal), so the Flyers might have to settle for a No. 1 beyond this year.
  • Joe Pavelski sure looked good on a line with Nazem Kadri yesterday, didn’t he?
  • Our Jimmy Murphy says Carey Price is off the trade block – at least for this season. Over the summer? Maybe that’ll be different (Montreal Hockey Now)
  • The Vancouver Canucks might have Conor Garland and a few others on the trade block. Before the break, scouts packed the Calgary Flames press box.
  • Vegas: Everyone is trying to figure out what Kelly McCrimmon will do in the next couple of weeks. He was to gut the depth from his roster, or the Vegas Golden Knights have to make a trade. Don’t forget: the Golden Knights have to shed salary to fit Jack Eichel on the roster when he’s ready to play again
  • Pete DeBoer had a good time in Vegas at the ASG. As well, one should (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • Avs resume practice Tuesday.
  • Good rip job here on Rocky Wirtz, as only Larry Brooks can do (NY Post)
  • The Colorado Eagles lost last night. Here’s a rundown on the game (
  • The Russians just suffered a big loss to their Olympic roster (Hockey News)
  • More on Eichel’s current status in his rehab (
  • The Detroit Red Wings promoted from within their hockey Ops department as Shawn Horcoff became assistant general manager. (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • The Philadelphia Flyers made two under-the-radar hockey Ops promotions on Friday, one involving an ex-Av. (Philly Hockey Now)
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The Giroux thing is interesting to me. He’s a still a great player who could load up our offense for fairly moderate return in the short term and he could be an interesting alternative to Kadri. Why is that? At 34, he’s a more likely stop gap for a still developing Newhook and assuming that Kadri’s renewal tag is as high as it will ever be, Giroux might be a more affordable 2nd line center!


Was interested in reading about what Philly would want from us for Giroux, but the article is behind a paywall. Nice form AD…


Wasn’t there a plan that suscribers would get to all hockeynow pages?


Yeah, yeah. Everybody’s gotta get paid. I just feel posting links to other people’s stuff without even mentioning that it’s behind a paywall doesn’t reflect well on you. I’m totally content with giving you my money in exchange for your content. However, in an age when we are bombarded with advertisement and suggestions, it becomes too much to be shilled to for an author’s work which I might read once every 3-5 years.

Also, nothing is free. Even the “free” content on your site isn’t free. As a site owner, I know you love your banners.


This guy…

Charlie Anderson

How did Makar do at fastest skater? What happened in the ASG?


Makar took 5th. Central lost in final 5-3.


I watched part of the ASG and had a few thoughts afterward.
Makar is awesome on defense.
I have never ever seen Kadri smile before. He seemed to have a good time.
Our radio and TV broadcast teams are sooo much better than those folks.
Giroux is really good.

John Mauss

Good observations. I think Kadri didn’t need his game face at a game that doesn’t count, but I agree it was nice to see him smiling.

Aaron Rud

A forward when a couple physical defensemen are needed more? Meh….

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