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Top 5 Secrets for Hockey Fans About Online Casinos



Sports have become almost inseparable from gambling, in fact, it would seem that the two are even growing closer. One of the more recent developments happened in the world of hockey or NHL. In the last quarter of 2021, it was announced that the NHL will officially accept sports betting operators as sponsors. This is obviously a massive change, as these deals tend to bring lots of capital to the team. This opens up options for talent acquisition and better deals for the players. It’s also great news for NHL fans who love to gamble, as there will be more promotions from sponsors whenever their team is playing. Here we will be going over a few secrets for hockey fans, who are interested in playing online casino games. 

Promo Codes and Casino Bonuses 

There are online casinos that also host sports betting options, and they really want to retain or increase their user base. To do this they need to create special promotions that resonate with the players. Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world and it’s quite common that a big portion of their users are also watching hockey. So, whenever there is a big event in the world of NHL these casinos will likely add promo codes to incentivize users to place wagers via their platform. 

One way to incentivize them is through promo codes or other bonuses. These are only active through the duration of the event and are specifically tailored for the NHL fans. So, you can get some free bets or even free spins for certain slot games. As a result, you should keep your eyes peeled and actively search for active promo codes that you can use. 

Betting and Fantasy Sports Gambling Operators

If you are one of the players who are only interested in sports betting, and you fust feel bored when there are no events, then there is a perfect solution for that. One reason why people felt really bored during the COVID pandemic was the cancelation of all major sports events. However, during this time eSports and fantasy sports really thrived. You can easily find a list of safe online casinos USA that offer both sports betting and fantasy sports content, and create an account there. This way you will always have something to wager on, regardless of whether big sports matches are happening or not. 

Hockey Themed Slots Games

Slots are undoubtedly the most popular content that is available in online casinos. They are easy to understand and have a massive payout potential. But many users find them repetitive, or they just can’t find the slot game they like. Luckily if you are a hockey fan this won’t be an issue, as there are several games that have a hockey theme. You should see if the operator is hosting some of the following titles before you decide to create an account there:

  • Hockey League
  • Break Away Slots
  • Hockey Hero
  • Hockey Attack

These are just some of the examples, but you will surely be able to find more slots that have hockey as a theme. 

Brand Ambassadors 

Another thing you should know is that there is a way to support your favorite athletes by picking certain online casino sites, as your go-to platform. Hockey players have other ventures outside of their athletic career, and these are sponsorship deals, where they act as a brand ambassador for an online betting or casino operator. They appear on their homepage, or in one of the ad posts in their marketing campaign. These deals are active for several years, and if it’s effective an athlete can even get a better deal from that operator. So, if you play on those sites you are indirectly supporting your favorite players. 

The same goes for teams, as now we will see more NHL teams who are directly sponsored by sports betting sites. So, if you wish to support them make an account there, after all, it is a legitimate operator.    

VIP Programs

Finally, online gambling websites offer lots of bonuses and promotions, but users already know about them. However, there are secret perks that only top paying customers get to unlock, sort of speaking. Casinos don’t have a detailed or well-defined VIP plan, they want to create a unique program that users can appreciate individually. After all, giving free spins as a VIP offer to someone who doesn’t play slots doesn’t make sense. 

As a VIP you can get a contact person who will make sure you get the best treatment. For hockey fans, they will likely buy you tickets, and accommodation for the upcoming match. Of course, this is really for big spenders, and it’s not something you should pursue if you don’t have a lot of disposable income. 

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