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Takeaways from Avs 5-4 win over Islanders



Jim McIsaac/AP

Well, the final score is all that matters. Right? I mean, right, Avs fans?

I might overreact to the Avs allowing three goals late in the game to turn a 5-1 laugher into a 5-4 nailbiter, but I won’t do it. Well, not much anyway.

Yes, I do think that was a worrisome sign, how the Avs just almost collapsed and let the Islanders nearly send that game into overtime. I mean, it was 5-1 in the third period, and you had to sweat that out?

Not good, Bob.

But a win’s a win. The Avs’ top guys made all the difference tonight, especially Cale Makar and Nathan MacKinnon.

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Jared Bednar was a little less than thrilled by those final few minutes. But, as I said recently, I think boredom is going to be a problem for this team in the final six weeks or so.

“A couple penalties, looked like the guys just let the foot off the gas,” Bednar said. “Those (top) guys paved the way, for sure. Just real good awareness. We stayed above pucks. But they made a push back.


  • Andre Burakovsky was hurt in the game. Bednar said he didn’t know the prognosis. I’m going to bet he’s out for tomorrow though. Seemed like he was in some pain leaving the ice.
  • Cale Makar was the No. 1 star in the game, no doubt about it. Two goals and one assist. He’s now got 20 goals on the season.
  • Old friend Semyon Varlamov faced 49 shots in the game. He was really good at times. But he still ends up with five goals against.
  • Zach Parise: wow, is he washed up. Islanders wasted a roster spot on him this year. Lou Lamoriello did not have a good year as GM of the Isles.
  • For me, Pavel Francouz did not help himself if he wants to be the No. 1 guy going into the playoffs. You can’t allow three late goals like that, when the game is supposed to be over.
  • It’ll be really interesting to see how Darcy Kuemper plays tomorrow in New Jersey. He is also slated to start Thursday in Carolina.
  • The Avalanche scored four goals in the third period and continue to lead the league in third-period tallies with 86.
  • Three of the Avs’ five goals were scored by defensemen, and Colorado now has 50 goals from its blueline in 2021-22, the most in the NHL and the club’s most since the 2005-06 season (52).
  • Colorado is playing its eighth back-to-back set of the season and is now 5-3-0 in the first game of such sets.
  • The penalty kill is still a problem with this team. Only 2-4 tonight on kills.
  • Nathan MacKinnon recorded his sixth game of the season with 3+ points. He is tied for fifth in the league (Auston Matthews) with 1.36 points-per-game.
  • Logan O’Connor skated in his 100th NHL game.
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Karl Keen

Just when I was thinking maybe this is the moment we got our offense humming again, we go and give up 3 goals in 10 minutes. But the real issue is how we did it: Landy takes a totally stupid penalty on our own PP. We then lose our 800th face off and try 2-3 times to clear the puck with futility and give up a goal. Mikko takes another dumb and unnecessary penalty that allows Islanders to at least keep the moment and lucky they did not score. We must have lost every face off the last five minutes.… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Karl Keen

The penalty kill is atrocious. It needs serious upgrading at the deadline. Aube-Kubel is on his way out. The writing is on the wall. Same problem as in Philly – stupid penalties. The last one keyed the three goal Islander barrage in the third period. I don’t think it’s boredom with the late meltdown. I don’t think the Avs are committed to playing defense and whoever coaches special teams on the Avs is AWOL. That could be Bednar as far as I’m concerned. Bedsy is a nice, safe, corporate kind of coach who hasn’t been able to get the Avs… Read more »


Uh, NAK didn’t have any penalties last night.


Right you are. Got away with a slash in the third period. Still – – he’s on his way out.


He very well could be traded at the deadline, or scratched for the POs… But I don’t view his liberty-taking as a fault outside of the regular season. NAK could surprise us in the POs when the stripes put their whistles away.


Jesus Christ the comments sections on this site are so full of clowns you’d think it was a Leafs site. News flash: Trading for a goalie for a playoff run has NEVER worked in the last 30+ years & it’s not going to happen here. Avs are NOT going to trade Girard for a “better” D-man because they aren’t out there for that price. They’re not going to fire Bednar because he’s one of the best coaches in the NHL & they aren’t stupid. Avs are in 1st place in the league & running away with the Western Conference already… Read more »


Feel better, Giff?


Leafs site?? Oh, come on! Dirty pool, mister. Dirty pool.


He actually sounds like a worked up Leafie to me. 😀😀😀

Karl Keen

Clown show? Lol. You just wrote that no one has ever successfully traded for a goalie for a playoff run in 30 plus years?! Wow. Let me take you back (because I’m not sure if you are just too young or too old to remember) to 1994-95. There was this team called the Quebec Nordiques. They cruised to the best record in the eastern conference, but got upset in first round. The next season they move to Denver and become the Avalanche where they are a top team. Patrick Roy, the game’s best goaltender gets traded to the Avalanche where… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Karl Keen

In his defense… I think he is referring to goalies obtained at the trade deadline. Patrick Roy was traded after 24 games into the regular season (Dec. 6, 1995 says the internet). Plus he is an unusual case, being the best tendy to ever play in the Show. Objectively, there are no goalies available at this trade deadline that are even close to comparable to Roy. Sorry, not even the Flower…

Last edited 6 months ago by dk

Until Bednar can win a Cup, he can’t be called a great coach. There are many “D” men at the trade deadline that will be available that are better than Sam Girard. The regular season record is nice. But the Avs will be judged on their playoff record – – as all teams are judged. Wouldn’t it be nice to get out of the 2nd round, let alone having Stanley Cup aspirations for the Avs? The key to this season and the playoffs is what Sakic does, or doesn’t do, at the trade deadline. If he stands pat – –… Read more »



Your comment is emotional gibberish and just plain boring.

chippy play

Spot on Justin – I don’t come down in these comments much but what whiny miserablism. It would be great if the Avs win it all because…well just because…but also to prove these clowns wrong.

Of course, they probably will not win it all, because that is how basic probabilities and odds work in sports, but I suspect that thought is already too deep for these guys, who expect the better team to win 5-0 every game.


Respectfully disagree.

Those of us who have watched Stanley Cup Champions over many years, and the recent playoff history of this edition of the Avs see the distinctions very clearly.

Watch a few Tampa Bay games and you will likely notice several key differences.

There is nothing ‘whiney’ or ‘miserable’ about them, and they have every right to state their opinion.

Emotional outbursts and f-bombing rants, on the other hand, are boring and to be fully scorned in every possible way.

Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Go Avs!

chippy play

It’s the very definition of whiny. And I highly doubt that you watch any TB games, because based on the comments here your face would have melted off during the recent Penguins matchup. Good teams give up goals! And lose sometimes!


Oh, Chip.
I was hopeful that you would show me a little something more than this.
More boredom.
You know not of which you speak.


“Not good, Bob.” Ha, was that a Mad Men reference?

Bob Neal

No, I figured it was me. Team needs to learn to play solid defense or it will be another early round exit. This team has almost identical stats to last years Presidents Cup team and we know how that wound up. I wish the coaching staff would emphasize playing solid defense instead of always trying to outscore the opponent. Not sure how one blames Frankie for that comeback as he had two guys standing at the top of the crease unchecked on two of those goals. Patrick couldn’t carry this team the way it plays defense. I can’t believe the… Read more »


Nice to have a little controversy on this site. That and two cups of coffee really wake me up. Keep up the good discussions in a friendly manner.

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