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Avalanche NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog – who are Avs targeting?



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Good morning. Not a lot of sleep last night, but oh well. Time to talk Avalanche NHL trade deadline, and what I’m hearing throughout the morning leading up to the 1 p.m. Mountain cutoff.

I just was informed by a good source that the Avs are “trying” to get Winnipeg Jets forward Andrew Copp. He’s 27, in last year of deal, UFA this summer. A probable rental, in other words. He’s big (6-1, 206) and plays center. He’s currently centering the Jets’ third line, and that’s the likely role he’d have with the Avs.

I guess that would make Nico Sturm a fourth-line center. That’s all stuff to worry about later, so let’s just stick to what we know here.

Copp has a history of multiple concussions. There was worry recently that he had another one, in fact, but apparently not and he had three assists in a Winnipeg win last night. He’s got 13 goals and 35 points in 56 games this season. He’s been in double figures in goals the last four seasons and consistently wins faceoffs in the low 50s range (it’s 54% so far this year).

Health risks aside, Copp would be a nice deadline pickup. But at what cost? Remember, Avs don’t have a first-round pick in 2022, so that might be a hindrance to a deal. Would Copp be worth a first-round pick anyway? Seems like the opinion on that is mixed.

What say you Avs fan?

I’ll be updating this as news/rumors/wild/reckless speculation continues…

Domi’s name has been in rumors, with some linking him to the Avs. If he came here, it would be his fourth team in seven years. He’s got talent, but he’s small and I don’t know if he makes sense for this team at the moment.

Superstreak Bonus!

So, Marc-Andre Fleury to the Wild. Interesting. Avs never made any offers for Flower, by the way.

On Cal Clutterbuck, I’m hearing mixed things. One source said Avs are still “poking around” on him, while another thinks it won’t happen. We’ll see.

Personally, I think Clutterbuck would be a nice addition. He’d probably slot into Kubel’s current spot on the fourth line if he came here.

He hasn’t been linked to the Avs at all, but did people notice Jake DeBrusk signed a two-year extension at a $4 million cap hit this morning – yet reports are he still wants to be traded?

I wonder about DeBrusk. The contract extension actually makes him more tradeable, I think. Teams like to get a player with term if they can. Why can’t he come here?

I’m told Avs are NOT interested in Max Domi.

Avs get Arturri Lehkonen from Montreal for Justin Barron and a second-round pick. First reaction: I don’t like the deal. Writing that story now.

Andrew Cogliano to Avs from San Jose. He’s getting older, not the player he once was. But lots of playoff experience. Probably a replacement for Kubel, or at least a platoon situation. We’ll see.

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the geeze

Just say JT Miller please. I don’t see Copp as much of a difference maker. But who knows?

Ryan Krueger

I say no…team chemistry is solid now…adding yet another forward risks upsetting existing line-ups, feelings, etc. Unless it is for future cosiderations which seems unlikely.


You know where you can find sympathy, sweetie? In the dictionary between sh!t and syphilis. OK – just having fun but not worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. This is about winning the Cup and matching what the Lightening and other contenders have done. And, getting bigger and more physical for a playoff run.

Ryan Krueger

Soderbergh and Nemeth were big physical guys who added nothing last year…


That’s because they were Soderbergh and Nemeth. End of story.


When two heavy weights are battling it out deep in the playoffs, faceoffs can be the difference maker as we all know, I say continue to get better in that area and clearly the Av’s needed outside help on that front.

Rick Hartman

Based on what Hockey Central was saying Copp is a 54% FO player. ☺️


Copp would be an excellent addition AND a difference maker. Sure, who wouldn’t want JT Miller but the cost on that acquisition would be prohibitive. Swap out Aube-Kubel or trade Girard, if you can. (That would be a grand slam, IMHO.) Hard pass on the diminutive Domi. Moving Sturm down to the fourth line is an advantage as you would have four, physical lines that can play all night. Make it so, Joe.


C’mon man…you know Girard will not be traded. I agree with you that it would not be bad for the team to move him. I think if he bombs in the POs he could be gone this summer, but I’m doubtful of that too.

I still say NAK could end up being a good playoff guy. He plays heavy in the O-zone and the lack of penalties called during the postseason should suit him.


I don’t think Girard plays in the playoffs unless there is an injury. There is no sense in breaking up the current pairings and weakening your defense. If anyone else plays, it will be Byram if he’s healthy. I think Joe tries to move Sammy in the off season. NAK is too small and gets hammered often. A Copp or Clutterbuck would be a significant improvement over Aube-Kubel.

Last edited 8 months ago by ricoflashback

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the hits per 60 and hits taken per 60 for NAK, Copp and Clutterbuck. The numbers are from this season and are for 5v5 only. Here’s what I found:

NAK: 11.72 hits/60 and 7.81 hits taken/60
Copp: 2.61 hits/60 and 4.15 hits taken/60
Clutter: 19.13 hits/60 and 7.02 hits taken/60

I’m surprised by Copp’s low number of hits. When I filter it for ‘all situations’ it just gets worse for him.

Hits aren’t everything, but NAK is better than Copp in that department. Clutterbuck though? That dude’s on another level.

Last edited 8 months ago by dk

NAK is an average player, at best. Copp is a solid, two-way player with scoring abilities. I’d take Clutterbuck first but then Copp, for sure.


I can’t see anyone out there who would be worth the Avs acquiring. I say “dance with the ones who brought you”. The two trades the Avs made are fine. Do not get rid of the future.

Glendon Gulliver

I hope that the Avs can pick a body or two today. Right now MacDermid is the Avs depth player on both defense and offense. Come playoff time, it is a few players on the Eagles. The Avs addressed the 4th line by getting Sturm. If Sturm is going to play on the 3rd line, then that line gets a bit better on defense, but still lacks offensive firepower. That also then leaves the 4th line lacking. Sturm makes a 4th line of Helm-Sturm-O’Conner a good defensive and energy line. I think that Copp would give the 3rd line an… Read more »

Jeffrey Anderson

We need a Copp, or similar, to improve the 3rd line. Arrturi Lehkonen would be a great addition, but doubtful Habs move him. Avs need 1 more lower 6 upgrade to keep up with FL and TB, if they are serious about lifting Lord Stanley’s Cup.


I agree. Lehkonen would be ideal, lower cap hit than Copp too. I saw TB picked up Nick Paul, another player that I think would have been a good fit for us.


Right you are on Lehkonen. AD doesn’t like the deal but Arrturi is also an excellent penalty killer in addition to having a scoring touch. I think it strengthens the Avs at the cost of losing Barron. I’m betting that Joe will be looking to re-sign Manson to a long term contract. First Helleson and now Barron. Still Byram in the fold if he can get healthy.


No more defensive prospects should be traded for Copp, and not a first round (or any) pick either.

I could see trading Maltsev and Rambo Santa for him. I think that would be fair.

I certainly think Copp fits a need for this team more than J.T. Miller does.


I am leaning slightly towards Lehkonen over Copp but definitely not at the expense of losing Barron or a 1st. Maybe a 2nd and 3rd?


Maybe another way of looking at this would be to understand who in the Avs organization could be considered trade bait at this point? JT Compher, Shane Bowers, Martin Kaut? We don’t have too many interesting draft picks anymore. Anyway…if you look at it from that angle, you can probably figure out what the Avs are in the market for.


And the Flower is now a “Wild”. Too bad for Yan Girard, I know he was hoping…

Glendon Gulliver

The Avs just acquired Lehkonen.


F*** yeah!!!

Although I’m disappointed to see Barron go, if we win a Cup I won’t even remember who he was.

Last edited 8 months ago by dk
Glendon Gulliver

Are the Avs done?


well – they’re pretty much out of top rated defensive prospects

Glendon Gulliver

It is reported that the Avs also got Andrew Cogliano from the Sharks.


5th round pick


Pretty much a let-down day. No Clutterbuck, Copp, Stastny, etc. Just one decent 3rd liner and now we have about six fourth-liners and our smallest D prospect in Behrens feeling lonely. All is forgiven if we win the Cup. If Tampa Bay wins with Nick Paul, I’ll sure be disappointed we didn’t offer a little more for some beef.

John Klingenstein

I think its a great deal actually. Lehkonen is a really good all around player who will surely produce more on this team and pk etc. Plays his ass off. Super fun to watch. Is a great fit on this team and not just for one year which is huge. 3rd line will be super solid and dangerous once Landy is back and they haven’t lost anyone from their current roster. I was excited about Barron but he’s more likely to be a solid D man than a star and he’s a luxury the Avs can afford to lose. With… Read more »


I didn’t think Lehkonen would be traded. He’s only 26 years old. A restricted free agent that Joe will probably try to re-sign. Excellent two way game. You don’t often get good players in the prime of their career. If I was a Montreal fan – – I’d be pissed. Lehkonen is the type of player you build your team around. Montreal in a total rebuild mode but they are still saddled with Price’s outrageous contract.

Last edited 8 months ago by ricoflashback

Agreed. I see Lehkonen as a player like Logan O’Connor but more offensive upside. A total pain in the ass to play against, and he puts up points too. Dude’s scoring at a rate of 2.04 points per hour of time on ice.

And you are right, Behrens is very good.


Barron was the backup to Byram being gone permanently ‘for personal season’s, IMO. The whole thing with him is 200% crazy weird — he’s got an injury above the neck, but it’s not a concussion….he’s doing full practices with the team, but he’s on personal leave….Bednar knows nothing about his status, but he lets him take a practice slot with his roster team. What the he’ll is going on here? If Byram has had a mental break, it’s a huge gamble to trade away BOTH Barron and Ellison and keep the diminutive tornado Sammy, hoping that he returns. Joe is… Read more »




…and I guess that last reference should have been ‘rotten’. 😀


Should’ve been Girard to the Habs all day long….




Sammy has got to have pics of Joe doing something bad….😀


Don’t mind having Lehk, BTW.


Yan, is that you? 😀😀😀

Karl Keen

Hopefully the plan is to trade Sammy in the offseason for another defenseman

Karl Keen

Sakic did what he needed to do to shore up our faults: pk, face-offs and grinding. I’m very happy. It sucks to lose Barron and that may end up haunting us in the future, but hoisting the cup this year will make it all worth it, plus Leikonhen (i butchered his name) is an RFA and potential replacement for Kadri next year.

Karl Keen

So the question is who is the odd man out? With Lehkonen (got it right now) centering third line and Sturm on the 4th, where does Compher or Newhook go? Once Landy comes back, Nuke will like drop to third line. You cannot move down Newhook or Burky because they are not physical wingers with defensive attributes and need skilled players around them to take advantage of their own skill sets. MacDermaid an obvious candidate to be out now and maybe Helm too, although he has played better of late. Add in Cagliano and we have a logjam. Good problem… Read more »

Karl Keen

Well Sakic just said he thinks Landy will return a few games before the playoffs…

Karl Keen

And I have my lines all messed up, I guess just ignore my post! LOL. I’m typing without thinking! Would it be better to move Newhook up to 2nd line to take advantage of his skill set and move Nuke to the third to make an extremely tough third line?

Last edited 8 months ago by Karl Keen

Newhook and JTC move to the 3rd/4th line wings, IMO.

Matt P

the Kadri, Burakovsky, Nuke line has been excellent this year, I assume Bednar will keep them together, unless he moves Landeskog down. 3rd is prob Newhook-Compher-Lehkonen, 4th is O-Connor, Sturm, and a rotating 4th wing depending on team, and how they’ve been playing. Maybe O-Connor and Compher switch but I doubt it.


I do not like the Barron trade at all. Time will tell. Looks as if we are all in for the cup this year. I have my doubts. I am not a fan of all of the old guys. On the other hand, I hope that it works out.

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