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Colorado Avalanche enjoy the best NHL betting trends of the season



As we enter the final month of the regular season with the National Hockey League, there will be many eyes being cast at the teams that have the best opportunity to win the Stanley Cup this year.

Indeed, the regular season has started to take shape and highlight just how the main contenders for ice hockey’s biggest and most prestigious prize and many who are interested in what the sport has to offer from a sports betting point of view may have also been looking at the latest betting trends to have been experienced.

Of course, those who continue to look for the best odds on NHL betting that they can find will have found that the Colorado Avalanche are rated as the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season, with Unibet providing odds of +400 at the time of writing. It should be noted that the Florida Panthers (+600), the Calgary Flames (+750), the Carolina Hurricanes (+850), and the defending champions the Tampa Bay Lightning (+850) are also thought to be the other leading contenders.

We thought in this article we would take a look at the betting trends to have been experienced over the last couple of months, as we take the beginning of 2022 as a starting point and identify what has happened in regard to the odds that are being offered for each team.

Colorado Avalanche

As highlighted, the Colorado Avalanche is the favorite to win the Stanley Cup, and it is not hard to see why. The NHL franchise has been in impressive form throughout the year and looks like genuine title contenders.

When taking a look at the trends being experienced in regard to the betting market, the team has continually remained the favorites by some distance, whilst the odds being offered since January 2022 have actually started to get shorter, thus highlighting the confidence that sportsbooks have in the team achieving glory.

Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers are another team that is considered to be in the hunt, although they have experienced a little more volatility in regard to the betting odds that have been experienced recently.

The franchise had seen their odds shorten incredibly in February after an impressive run of results and saw them edge rather close to the Avalanche in the betting ring, however a poor end to February and some setbacks in March has seen their price start to climb once again, as many find the team a little too inconsistent.

Calgary Flames

Perhaps Canada’s best chance of winning the Stanley Cup this year is via the Calgary Flames, as the team has enjoyed a highly successful campaign on the ice. So much so, their odds of winning the trophy this campaign have dramatically shortened since the beginning of the 2021/22 NHL season!

The Flames started out above +4000 in August 2021, but since January 2022, the franchise has experienced a largely positive betting trend. There was a climb in price at the beginning, however, that had drastically shortened throughout the latter stage of the month before carrying to shorten in February and March before seemingly going stagnant.

Carolina Hurricanes

Those that are interested in placing a wager on the Carolina Hurricanes will perhaps be interested to learn that the betting trends following this team have remained rather stagnant throughout the entire campaign.

This is perhaps due to the fact that they have managed to continue to meet expectations, although as we get closer to the end of the NHL season, it appears the odds have started to shorten a little.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Other than the Colorado Avalanche, NHL betting trends since the beginning of the season had shown that the defending champions were one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup.

However, things have not gone quite to plan for the Tampa Bay Lightning, as they have seen their odds increase over the course of the campaign following a few bad results. They were rather level throughout January, before being shortened in February, however that did not last long as their odds started to increase once again and have been on a steady rise, thus why they seem to be a little out of the race as a favorite.


It is rather apparent to see that the Colorado Avalanche are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season, and if the betting trends over the last few months are anything to go by, then it would be hard to see their odds increasing any time soon! If anything, they are only going to get shorter, especially if they continue to play well on the ice!

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