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Nathan MacKinnon will play tonight, per Bednar



From doom and gloom to rainbows and sunshine. We broke the somewhat shocking news to you yesterday that Nathan MacKinnon was seen skating and shooting pucks with seemingly no restraints, a day after Jared Bednar said that was “high” concern about a possible serious injury.

This morning on his Altitude weekly radio show, Bednar said MacKinnon will play tonight against the San Jose Sharks at Ball Arena.

So, nothing to see here, move along.

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Kind of a crazy story, but as I have preached to my choir here many times: never be shocked by anything in hockey.

We’ll have more of an update with fresh words from the coach after the morning skate.

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Karl Keen

Crazy indeed. Total speculation, but is it possible Mac and some other team members got into after his decision to fight? I though EJ sort of had sharp words about his decision to fight. Maybe they just sent him back to cool off. The team sure didn’t play Tuesday like there were issues so I’m probably completely wrong, but just so weird to send him home, state he could be out a while possibly, and then the very next day he appears to be fine and will play tonight.

Aaron Rud

I like your speculation, Karl. I agree, it’s all very strange.

Christopher Nearing

I agree. To quote Paul Harvey, waiting to “hear the rest of the story.”

Ryan Krueger

So Nate can resume fighting…


Today’s winner. Strong work, Mr. Krueger.

Glen Burns

Someone posted that an AVS insider said broken index finger on his right hand. I have not seen anything else confirming it so who knows… Glad he’s back!


We’ll never know – maybe as simple as he woke up with a headache and they feared a concussion.

Karl Keen

Very possible. Good thinking


I wonder how scary this team will be when Landeskog gets back. Gabe adds another dimension to the Avs – a great two way player who is superb in front of the net while playing a physical game. I’ve said it a ga-zillion times but the Seattle franchise made the biggest mistake in their history when they didn’t aggressively go after our Captain. I thank them for their ignorance. But of course, they got the boobie prize in Grubauer.


Maybe the hand was hurting to the point where they figured its better to send him back and get it looked at, knowing he wasn’t going to play the next game anyway. Also, can someone explain to me how we got away with trading Jost for Strum? We fleeced them on that deal and they are a direct rival. I don’t get that one from the Minny perspective.

Karl Keen

They have major cap issues after this season for waiving Parise and Suter this season. Sturm was a free agent and they liked the term at the price for Jost. Agree though weird trade.

Christopher Clack

ok got it. ‘possibly serious’ means no big deal, day-to-day means a grievous injury.

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