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Sunday Notes: Vegas back in it, Bobby Brink to Flyers and why I might get off Twitter



Good Sunday to all. Another fine day in the Denver area. Let’s get to some NHL notes, and my thoughts on Twitter:

Superstreak Bonus!
  • The Golden Knights are back in it. They tied the Dallas Stars in points with a win last night over Arizona. The Stars still hold a percentage points lead over the Golden Knights, and had two games in hand. Dallas has a very important game in Chicago tonight. Actually, the Golden Knights’ best chance at the playoffs might be in catching the Kings, who entered today just two points up on Vegas – and, as I write – have blown a 3-0 lead to the Minnesota Wild. If Vegas can just finish third in the Pacific, they’re in. More on Vegas’ current hot streak (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • Well, that didn’t take long; DU Pioneers forward Bobby Brink has already signed a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers and will play for Philly this week (Philly Hockey Now)
  • Boston: One goalie, two goalies? Three potato four. A goalie rotation into the playoffs for the Boston Bruins?
  • Florida Hockey Now: Seven in a row. The cream is rising to the top. The Florida Panthers steamrolled Nashville.
  • Sportsnet: Auston Matthews is the first player since…Mario Lemieux…in the mid-1990s to 50 goals score goals at this pace. Incredible. Maybe we shouldn’t worry as much about Ovechkin getting to Gretzky as Matthews. Toronto is following the charge and winning big games.
  • A good story here by Athletic Avs reporter Peter Baugh on Artturi Lehkonen. I liked it (Athletic)
  • People who know me know I’m a very, very competitive SOB and I like to always think what I do is the best. And so, I haven’t always been the warmest or fuzziest guy to my competitors. But I want to say this for Baugh: I probably have never seen anyone, in my long, long time in the biz, who works as hard as this kid (I’m 57, I call everyone “kid” now, take it easy). He’s literally at every practice, every media avail, every game that he’s got a credential to attend. He asks a LOT of questions and seems very eager to learn. So, I respect that very much and this is my tip of the cap to him. I don’t do that a lot, but maybe I should. Maybe it’s better to be gracious than an old curmudgeon. Hmm, maybe I need to think on that more. (Before Baugh, by the way, Ryan S. Clark did an amazing job covering the Avs for the Athletic). Hey, I wish he didn’t work so hard. But he does – and good competition always makes you better. When the Rocky Mountain News went away in 2009, it made everybody a little bit lazier at the Denver Post, myself included. There are a lot of really good Avs media again today, including Baugh, the entire crew at DNVR, the Denver Post, Mile High Sports and Mile High Hockey has been much improved of late. I need to just acknowledge this more and stop thinking everything is a damn race to get things first or stick a flag in the ground and take selfies with it, as being the “best” in some particular thing. Why can’t I just relax and smell the roses more? I’m 57, have been paid for my words every single year since 1988 and have accomplished a lot in this business. I have a great wife and son, with a house only two years from being paid off. Why can’t I just relax more and let others fight it out and be kind of a wise old Yoda to them? That’s my goal from now on, but the path might be bumpy at times.
  • Which brings me to this: I’ve finally deduced who Twitter is NOT good for. It’s not good for people with a strong temper, who can be easily provoked and who like to argue a lot. Oh, wait, that’s ME. I’m just not sure Twitter is a good thing for me anymore, which is why I’m seriously considering getting off it for good.
  • I know this about myself: I’m a nice guy at heart, who wants to be nice to everyone else. But sometimes I’ll come off like a total jackass on Twitter, either lashing back at some perceived slight or just being too much of a loudmouth know-it-all-jerk. I’ve always been very sarcastic and like to, ahem, “bust chops” of people sometimes. It’s part of being 57 and having grown up in vicious, dog-eat-dog, everyone-makes-fun-of-everyone-else playground settings. But my kind of style just doesn’t do very well on Twitter. Many people don’t like it, and I get it. 99% of the time, I am just trying to bust chops, have some fun and laugh about with you later. But I know it doesn’t come off that way sometimes. Yeah, I know the people actually on Twitter is small (I’ve read that 3% of all Twitter users make 90% of all the comments on it. Wow. And, I believe it. I’ve found that it’s mostly just blue checkmarks talking to other blue checkmarks and/or just as an advertising showcase for their stories),
  • So, I’m thinking of getting off Twitter. I would no doubt take a financial hit from that, with the lost revenue from lost clicks. But maybe this is just the best thing for me and my mental health? It really upsets me when I step out of line in saying something. It’s like my own form of masochism. I say something I regret, then stew over it for days. “Why are you so dumb sometimes, Dater?” Honestly, most of the time it’s me wanting to come back at some perceived slight, real or imagined. This is hard for me to say in a way too, but I have a form of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. It’s the “compulsive” part more than the obsessive part. I can just compulsively blurt things out sometimes before I’ve thought things through. Uh, yeah, so Twitter is probably not the best place for a person like this. I was picked on a LOT as a kid in high school (I was 6-5, 135 pounds as a senior, got called “Twig” and just flat out bullied a lot). When I finally did something about it, lifting weights like a madman starting my freshman year of college and getting quickly to up 6-5, 215 and with a mean streak against my old tormentors) I wasn’t picked on anymore. But when somebody does come at me with something, either in real life or on Twitter, it’s like a switch flips and I become the kid who was picked on and now can fight back. Does this make any sense? I don’t know. I’d love to get readers’ input here. Should I stay on Twitter, or get off? I’m trying my best to just relax more and stop being so combative at times. But it’s hard for someone like me. I would love some advice on how to change my mental focus some. I mean that, I need some help here. Thanks for reading, as always. This site has grown tremendously since I finally got up the courage to go it on my own nearly three years ago. I’m grateful for the support, and want to pay it forward now as best I can.
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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Aaron Rud

I’ll be honest, AD. I’m on social media, but I try to limit it. Every single time I’m on it, I come away with a lot of angst, and I’m not in a good mood. I’m a little younger, but it doesn’t matter. You will find yourself in a much better frame of mind.

Ryan Krueger

When I was on Twitter I was one of the 97%. Haven’t missed it at all.

The PG

It’s about perspective, as you’ve already touched on above. A great book to help you change that perspective is by Shawn Achor, “The Happiness Advantage”.

As far as Twitter, try dialing back the personal account and hire someone to run all social media for CHN.


Tweet, then immediately logoff/close the app.

Resist the urge to read comments.

Turn off notifications for Twitter on your phone.

You can schedule some tweets with various apps/add-ones, though I’m not familiar with them.
Don’t know much about WordPress, but perhaps there’s a way for it (or another app as mentioned above) to auto-tweet new posts/updates.

Glen Hostetler

If you can ignore the comments from the fleet of idiot failures who exist only to belittle others in order to make themselves feel better, then stay on it. Otherwise, I totally agree with the person who says hire someone to handle a CHN account or find a volunteer to do it and stop using your personal one. You’ll be happier.


I’m not a social media person, though I do go on your Twitter account for Avs news. Maybe just keep it work related. Just link to stories here and news on the Avs. I think that might be a good start, for someone on the fence about quitting. This is coming from someone who deplores social media.


This is a good idea and create a burner Twitter account if you want to get into other topics. I mainly use Twitter for fintwit. A few years ago I got into the political side and it was a dark place. I stick to finance & sports and it’s literally all I see on my feed now. The algos work is what I learned. Don’t give up the hockey, sports betting side of it. AD’s Tweets show up on Bleacher Report where is where I mainly go. I’d hate to see those stop.

Brian Levesque

I’m not worried about Vegas and neither should the Avalanche. I’ve heard and read some NHL experts say that if Vegas gets in that Colorado should be very worried based on what happened last year, well Colorado is not the same team as last year and neither is Vegas

Joshua Canfield

AD, Now that takes a lot to be able to discuss your issues out in the open like this, and I truly respect that. I don’t have a quick temper but I am quick to engage and that sometimes gets me in trouble. Like most things in life, I think it’s all about moderation. If Twitter is making you the worst version of yourself, than stop using it. Now, if you can moderate your comments before you post them and find a way to make the experience constructive, than, I’d say stay with Twitter. I believe you should do what… Read more »

Robert Leahey

Man, just scroll! Don’t need to read every thing posted!

Adrian Dater

AD, try to breathe, count backwards from 100-0 , or “pause” when agitated as we say in recovery! It might help you from reacting compulsively? I understand where your coming from. Perhaps you were traumatized by being bullied when you were younger. You have a lot to be grateful for as you mentioned. Try to focus on the present if you can. The comments or “so called experts” don’t add up to much because most people never played the game and maybe their resentful your job is covering something we all probably wished we did? My Dad who passed away… Read more »

Joe Stockhus

I hate Twitter because… 1) Sarcasm almost never goes over very well on it for me (now that I think about it sarcastic texts seem to go over like a hammer in a puppet show also) & 2) trolls get a sense of clout and importance if they get you to reply.

Most websites include the tweets of prominence without me getting my blood pressure going by a kid in his mom’s basement…

Donald Victory

Nice write AD. McBlab and Moser would get hard if you are really 6′ 5″ and probably 250 now. Just throw on a pair of hockey skates and see what they do!


I both appreciate your tweet updates and also think that Twitter is a cesspool.

Matt Briggle

As someone who has never had a Twitter account I can’t really speak to any problems that it might cause. I trust that you will do what is best for your mental health in regards to this issue. I might lean more towards the side of just keep it business related and ignore the comments if that is possible so that you can keep that bit of revenue. If that isn’t feasible then put yourself and your sanity first. I also want to applaud you for shouting out some of the other Avs coverage available. Friendly competition is always the… Read more »


Well, I’ve been lucky enough to have hung out with you in person, and I’d say you definitely are NOT the combative twitter user in real life. I just turned 65 myself, and sometimes am amazed that I have made it this far in life. We’re supposed to mellow with age, like a fine wine AD. Here’s a suggestion, if you have the bucks, maybe you can hire a twitter manager! (on a volunteer basis, with the possibility for a paid position) Then they can post your stuff on twitter and deal with the anonymous twits as your rep. I… Read more »

Bob Neal

I’m close to the same age as Jim. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter and don’t care what people think about grandpa being slow technologically. I also get annoyed by trolls so limiting my exposure keeps me happier. Not sure why gifted writers like you and Terry would care either. Let’s talk hockey!. Sammie played 18 minutes and looked good but it was Edmonton. I hope the coaches will adjust his time when they play teams like Dallas, Minnie, Vegas and other teams that take advantage of his size differential. I think that this year is the best opportunity the… Read more »


I love following your tweets during live games, it’s a great medium for instant reactions. Your feed is also very informative just in general. It’s also how I heard you were considering CHN and why I jumped onboard immediately. So there’s clearly real value in it – but it can also be unhealthy. You are clearly a clever fellow… my advice would be to limit your time on it, start thinking about a strategy of how you want twitter to work for you – to amplify the best of what you do. After the Avs win the cup, take some… Read more »

K Holla

Save your mental (earth and hire a social media manager. Then delete the app so you aren’t tempted. Your mental health is worth it.


Agree about the Avs media-sphere. It’s as rich as ever. Multiple websites/publications plus 3 solid podcasts.

I say dump twitter. Last week, I opened a twitter account…the only reason: to call Liam McHugh stupid for suggesting that the Michigan be renamed the Zegras. I posted and it took about 5 minutes for me to see this was a bad idea. So my twitter life lasted about 15 minutes…


I follow very few twitter accounts, solely for news. Yours being one of them. Obviously, that news would be tweeted by a competitor otherwise and I would still hear it (soon enough). But I do think you’re the best Avs reporter and would want you to remain on Twitter in case you break something, even if it’s only minutes before it makes the news anyway.

Peter Murphy

No Facebook or Twitter for me. I STRONGLY filter what and how I receive things & my sleep is so much better. And I,m a better person

Charlie Anderson

Right there with ya mate


Screw Twitter. Come here and snark at us. Hell, we pay you to do it and wear it as a badge of honor. Honestly though, your reasons for leaving are the same reasons I’ve never joined Twitter nor drink too much in public.

Charlie Anderson

Well said


AD, when something happens and I need the latest info, the first place I go is to Twitter to see if you have posted anything on the subject. Leave to that maybe, everything else is just people talking s@#t that nobody cares about.

Karl Keen

I’ve commented to you before on some of your twitter posts in the past. I am not on any social media because I was opinionated and after starting my own business felt it was not in the best interest of the success of my business to be effected by my opinions on politics, sports, social matters. Either keep your twitter posts to the Avs and promoting your site or get off. It’s not life or death. Look how much strife it has brought in the last few days.


AD you have a more personal touch to writing than the others around and you have the long history with the team. For me those things set you apart from the modern guys and why I feel cozy reading pretty much anything you put up. So you don’t need to beat anyone to the news anymore to be good. Although obviously I do cheer with you when you do scoop and score. With twitter, it’s just a very sad place most of the time. But if you need it for business, create an imaginery ”ignore button” to press when it… Read more »


AD, Yes, the Avalanche media coverage has grown, and that’s a good thing. I previously liked the fan banter over on MHH (and whatever was its earlier iteration), but didn’t love the changes when that Toronto kid took over, so split. I tip my hat to DNVR and what they’ve accomplished in short time, and appreciate some of the sharp observations they offer, but I don’t pay for their content and the podcasts sometimes sound like a few frat brothers playing video games. But yes, competition keeps us on our toes, as much as we’d like to rest on our… Read more »

Dwight Scott Ingram

Life is better without Twitter. Much better. You will find that that queezy, horrible feeling in your stomach just disappears after time. Beware though – it’s like booze. Hard to stay away from, but you’re always glad when you don’t succumb to it.

Neil Bergin

I wholeheartedly support getting off of Twitter. I think it’s one of the worst things that’s ever happened to society. I have one but haven’t used it in years. It just allows people to attack each other and does little to advance the public discourse.

Nick Chapman

I was banned from twitter years ago for sharing information the media was desperately trying to cover up. Never been happier. Too much social media pollutes the soul.

Jeremy Clarkson puts it BEST in 15 hilarious seconds:

Robert Fields

I appreciate the fact that you are being open and honest. That takes a lot to do it publicly and set yourself up for things you might not want to hear. Self reflection/evaluation is always a good thing and will never be frowned upon by people who are always on a learning path. Keep growing and learning, as humans, that’s all that we can do.


Try the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F$&#”. I think it will speak loudly to you.

Ted Grycel

Twitter without Dater would be like Thanksgiving Day football without John Madden and Turdunkens. Wouldn’t be the same, some things are an American tradition.

In all reality, I pay attention to your twitter updates, they are perfect to keep a pulse on the avs, and let us know things about them that we would otherwise have no way of knowing. Like who’s at practice, lineups and other tidbits

Ted Grycel

Pay attention to what you post, not what people post back. People tend to be something there are not behind the protection of a keyboard, remember, anyone can pretend to be anything they want on social media. Don’t buy into what the world says, one of the things I’ve learned being a Pastor, what matters is truth. Just keep speaking the truth and leave it at that, then your job is done.


Don’t quit Twitter! You will miss all the fun! The eccentric billionaire didn’t buy Twitter shares for the investment – he doesn’t need the money! Right Over Their Heads! Elon Musk Trolls Twitter On Their Own Platform, And the Left Totally Misses ItRight Over Their Heads! Elon Musk Trolls Twitter On Their Own Platform, And the Left Totally Misses It – The Blue State Conservative

Wayne Dunlap

Twitter is not the real world AD. It’s just a bunch of narcissistic a-holes virtue signaling about whatever’s the hot topic of the day. If it’s ever controlled your mood for even 10 seconds then you should get off. Life is way too short.

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