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Avs lose final home game, but the real games to begin soon enough



jared bednar
David Zalubowski/AP

It seemed like the longest regular season in history, but the Avs wrapped up their incredible season – at home, anyway – with a shootout loss to the Nashville Predators. This game featured quite a few storylines for a potential playoff matchup battle, starting with quite a battle for the Norris Trophy.

Cale Makar entered the contest with 27 goals, 58 assists and six game-winning goals while Roman Josi has 22 goals, 71 assists and two game-winning goals.  Makar got the scoring started making it 28 on the season. Josi also punched one in tonight keeping the debate alive. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for votes and who takes home the hardware.

On this night, a weak power play was the difference – in a negative way – in the Avs’ 41st home regular-season game. It’ll have to be better for the postseason, which should start Monday or Tuesday at Ball Arena and, it’ll be Dallas as the opponent if the Preds get one point in Friday’s game with Anaheim – or if Dallas fails to get two points, against Arizona.

“It felt like we were on the power play almost every other shift tonight,” said Makar ” Which is not going to be the case come playoff time. But you have to be able to capitalize in those scenarios because this was a playoff-like atmosphere game.”

The Avs were the faster, better team all night but the score didn’t reflect it. The Avs outshot the Preds for most of the game but the Preds kept crawling back. All four lines were rolling tonight and had chances but no one could put this game away. To say the Avs seemed to have gotten under the Preds’ skin would be an understatement. (Example: Sam Girard being thrown down to the ice after the third goal was scored and seven penalties overall). It was an off night for Darcy Kuemper but it didn’t seem to bother coach Jared Bednar. 

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“I had no problem with our game through two periods. None. Zero. I thought we played well, especially through two periods. We didn’t give up hardly any scoring chances,” said Bednar “The difference in the hockey game to be fair, was Kemps had an off night”

Fan appreciation night is one of my favorite nights. I remember coming to this game growing up and when the Avs were in the midst of their “rough” seasons. It’s always fun to see the kids getting excited for a signed puck, an autographed stick or a jersey off a player’s back. The Avs continue to take care of their fans. 

  • Nathan MacKinnon looks poised and ready for some playoff hockey. 
  • When the Avs play a hard physical game they draw a lot of penalties.
  • J.T. Compher has himself a nice 5 game point streak going. 
  • Avs drew seven penalties tonight while taking five of their own. 
  • They need to keep the lead in these type of games. There have been too many third-period goals against lately. 
  • Josi vs. Makar…who has your vote?
  • Bednar said he would give a “handful” of guys a night off in Minnesota tomorrow. Avs will call up a guy or two from the Eagles for the game against the Wild, with Jacob MacDonald expected to be one of them.
  • Pavel Francouz will start against the Wild, Bednar said.
  • Avs set a franchise record in points with 119. 

Your game highlights:

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Yes we set a franchise record for points. Yes we are the top (or top 2) team in the league this year. Yes this is one of the first years where I never really felt concerned when a good player was out of the lineup (I knew we had the team to still win any game).

However what concerned me this season, and continues to concern me… We win most games, but the opposing team still scores 3 or 4 goals against us. This fact has me most scared going into the playoffs.

Last edited 5 months ago by phrish
Svein Lister

I have the same concern. I was quite happy to see a few games right after Landeskog went on IR when the Avs didn’t dominate and score 7 goals, but still found a way to win. The way they played team defense in those games is what they will need in many games in the playoffs. It is nice to know that they can play that type of hockey, but it has not been there of late.

Svein Lister

it’ll be Nasvhille again as the opponent if they get one point in Friday’s game with Anaheim – or if Dallas fails to get two points, against Arizona.” – This is not right. In both of the above scenarios it will be Dallas. Only if Stars win and Preds fail to get a point will it be Nashville.

Aaron Rud

I’m waiting to see how many cocky people still think the Avs deserve a Cup and “aren’t one bit concerned……”

Ryan Krueger

McDermid needs to be in there. Avs will never get 7 power plays in the playoffs. Lots of problems right now; giving up leads , Manson continues to unimpress, sloppy goal tending, power play, penalty klll, Girard,. I am not confident at all we will get out of the first round.


I think you’re a little too much gloom and doom. Manson had his best game in a long time last night. So I don’t know what you were watching there. It’s been a long season and the Predators had a lot riding on last night’s game. Not so much for the Avs. I understand your concerns and they are well founded. But during the Avs best stretch of games (without Sam Girard) – they played tight hockey. That’s what I expect in the playoffs. Much more attention to detail and not taking any shifts off. And I’m all for MacDermid… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by ricoflashback
Aaron Rud

I agree with your points all the time, Rico, but I’m very concerned. Ever since Girard came back, they have not played the same defensively. My issue is the general attitude and lack of a killer instinct. They seem to let off the gas. I’m a big believer that when an opponent is down, you step on their necks and take their hearts out.

Karl Keen

Girard out we go on a ten game win streak, he comes back and suddenly we are giving up 4 goals a game again.

Yan Girard

Look January and february… Girard played and the record wasn’t wrong. I recall that the team was first in the standings NHL before the injury of Girard. Nice try!

Last edited 5 months ago by Alexander A
Aaron Rud

Yan, is he your kid??? Hahahaha

Bob Neal

You guys beat me there. Time to beef up the defense and bring JJ back as well as stretches of MacDermid and limit Sammy’s time whether we play Nashville or Dallas. Riddich (sp?) is a pretty good goalie as are most goalies at this level. What counts is playing defense first and eliminating odd man rushes hoping Darcy can stop them. If they don’t make this change their first series will be a crap shoot whether the Av’s can win it. If they make the correct changes they should have no trouble moving on. Let’s hope Bedsie is willing to… Read more »

Yan Girard

Just passing, Girard played less 20 minutes and has differential +1 and Toews played about 28 minutes with differential -2. Your stretch of games doesn’t depend only Girard…

Donald Victory

Yep. I would play the players who are the smartest on the ice and the most physical in all three zones. Havs are soft. And Patty Roy knew it. No rest for the weary or is it wussies in the Havs case? Havs have some size yet rarely use it. They hate to hit as they will get hit back and that hurts. MacHS needs to play more like Brett Hull. So many issues, so little time and talent to solve them.   Soft versus physical, too much dancing and pirouette for my taste. How about some go old dump… Read more »


I thought MacKinnon played a lousy game. A stupid penalty, a bad face off loss that directly lead to a goal and numerous opportunities to score where he fired the puck into the chest of the opposing goalie. And of course, his obligatory trying to go through three defensemen instead of passing to a teammate. Someone else should take face offs in our defensive zone. Mac is a liability there. Poor Sammy Girard. Nashville certainly knows how to play him. Hammered along the boards and tossed aside like a rag doll when attacking the net. It was like beating up… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by ricoflashback
Donald Victory

He sure did, but only high functioning fans can see him for what he is. His MacTurnovers led to some quality scoring chances all night long. Even Moser finally called it how it was “Turnover my MacKinnon.”

It will take Landy some time to get his game back. He needs to be the bull and lead by example. But not this one:

Anyway, Havs better get it done. Tired of excuses and MacPouter.

Donald Victory
  • J.T. Compher has himself a nice five game point streak going. 

This Avs team has the best record ever. With a full and healthy roster, ie. Landy being back on the ice, this team has a great chance to advance to the Finals this year and take it all. The President’s Trophy is overrated. Only the Stanley Cup matters

Ryan Krueger

Hoping Landy doesn’t have any rust…

Karl Keen

As others have stated, just this bad feeling lingering. I am trying to temper this with what Kelsey pointed out in that this has seemed like a very long season. The Avs are over the regular season. I am just being hopeful that we come out next level next week. Kuemper has not looked great lately though and maybe that is what that doubt is creeping in the back of my head.

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