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Avalanche playoffs

Colorado Avalanche Enter Playoffs Fully Healthy



How’s this for an amazing statement: for the first time all season, the Colorado Avalanche will enter tonight’s Game 1 against the Nashville Predators fully healthy. Well, maybe.

Nazem Kadri will be a game-time decision to play tonight, starting at 7:30 at Ball Arena (game is on ESPN and won’t be blacked out locally, as Altitude TV did a very nice thing and lifted the blackout, even though they are broadcasting the game too).

Jared Bednar said “we’ll see” when asked if he thinks Kadri will play. He also said he won’t divulge his lineup to the media, as that’s “No advantage for me” doing that. I think that’s smart, myself. If I were a coach, I wouldn’t tell the media boo about any lineup plans.

Kadri skated this morning, in a regular jersey. He’s a tough guy, so my money is on him playing.

We do know, though, that Darcy Kuemper will start in goal. No surprise there. David Rittich will be the opposing goalie for the Predators, who enter tonight as whopping underdogs at SuperBook Colorado.

Ryan Murray apparently is cleared to play again, though it’s not expected that he’ll play tonight.

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The fact that this is the first time all year that Bednar could have all his players available is pretty remarkable. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The Avs really have a lot of pressure on them. A lot of pressure. And I think that’s especially true with these first two games. There are murmurs out of Nashville that Juuse Saros may be available starting with Game 3. So, if the Avs fail to get these first two games, they would be going into a hornet’s nest at Bridgestone Arena, against a team with a “nothing to lose” attitude with their top goalie back.

So, let’s see what the Avs are really made of, starting with tonight.

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  • The Tip Jar is always open (link here).
  • I definitely got what, I would like to say as “smart frugality” but others might call “tightass”, from my beloved mother. We had no money when I was a kid, and I think my mom explained why she kept the thermostat at 60 even in the frigid New Hampshire winters and, would literally hear it with her supersensory hearing if anybody moved it even one degree higher, with something like “Every time that flow of air comes through the vent, that’s money literally out the door/window. That’s what they made blankets for.”
  • Don’t forget: While the game is being broadcast by Altitude and their crew, the game also will be broadcast on ESPN – with no local blackout. Altitude lifted the blackout, which they deserve a ton of credit for doing.


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LET’S *&^%@#$ GO!!!!!


So pumped….not a productive work day


The boys need to stay even keeled and keep doing what they’ve been doing all year. If they don’t score first, no worries, just keep cycling and pressuring every shift and the outcome will be good. Time to reach out and take it!


This Saros rumor is a bluff. NSH gonna be playing golf before you can blink your eyes. Avs gonna knock them off the shelf like a cat casually swiping its paw


Agreed. A high ankle sprain takes weeks, not days, to get past.

Aaron Rud

Heck, 8 years later, and mine still isn’t right.


By the way – – did anyone notice the Wild and Marc-Andre Fleury getting smoked last night by St. Louis? So much for the MAF factor.


Fleury is a great goalie, but it’s not like he’s won the last 12 stanley cups, i.e. that he’s a guaranty for winning. In fact, while he’s up there in the list of play-off wins for a goalie (90), he’s still a loooooong way from St. Patty and his ass-whoopin 151 spring time wins! Sometimes we forget just how damn good Roy was as a competitor!

Bob Neal

I was going to mention that to Yan however, I thought MAF played great but his defense hung him out to dry. It’s why the team needs to play solid defense in front of the goalie and quit saying Darcy is inadequate to win a Cup. Goalies don’t win games by themselves, they only help to acquire an underserved win.

Yan Girard

Difficult to win games when you don’t score goals. MAF is paid to stop the pucks and not to score goals. Wild isn’t at the same place than Avs in their developpment either. No comparison. But, the Wild is better team with MAF. No doubt about that.

Last edited 4 months ago by Alexander A

Not last night they weren’t.

Matt Briggle

The thing I noticed the most about that game last night was how physical it was and all the scrums and late hits. Just kept thinking to myself, “keep ramping this up and go 7 games boys.” Don’t want anyone injured, just want them beaten up and exhausted for round two.


Kroenke doing a very nice thing🤣🤣🤣🤣. They have no leverage with the cable companies. If they had the deal would be done already. Altitude has lost millions in revenue it WILL never get back. Everyone who cares has found a way around the blackouts without McNabb.

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