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Andrew Cogliano out for Game 2



Andrew Cogliano
Jack Dempsey/AP

Just as we feared, Andrew Cogliano, who played so well in Game 1 against Nashville Tuesday night, will miss Game 2 with an upper-body injury.

Colorado Avalanche coach Jared Bednar made the pronouncement this morning. Bednar would not tip his hand as to who will replace Cogs in the lineup, but it’s obviously likely to be either Alex Newhook, Kurtis MacDermid or Logan O’Connor.

Cogliano did skate this morning in a regular jersey, however, which obviously is good news. Bednar did say, though, that he won’t play because of injury. Cogliano is the Avalanche player with the most NHL playoff experience, with 101 games.

Personally, MacDermid would be the player I’d suit up. I want that enforcer deterrent in there, against a team that can’t compete on skill and talent. But we’ll see. O’Connor could be the guy who gets the call, as he plays more of a true forechecking game, which Bednar seems to want more right now.

The game tonight is on TNT, along with Altitude. Altitude lifted the blackout restrictions, so Comcast customers can see it.

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No word just yet if David Rittich will be the Game 2 starter in goal for Nashville. Otherwise, Connor Ingram might get the start.

I’ll update this as the day moves along…

UPDATE: Connor Ingram, indeed, gets the start.

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Aaron Rud

Thanks, Nashville. One down, how many more to go?
I absolutely cannot stand the Predators. Talentless thugs.


Really torn between hoping for the sweep and hoping Nashville wins one at home – I’ll be in Denver for game 5 if they play it – already have tickets 🙂

Donald Victory

So is tonight the night Bednar and Havs barely squeek out a win then lose four straight, again?

Sean Washington

I had to reread though you wrote ‘taintless.’

Aaron Rud

I hope they feel McDermaid’s skate where … well you know where the aforementioned taint is.

Sean Washington

Slice it open! Out comes a predator!


Well, having a fully healthy team didn’t last very long isn’t it?


I think it’s miraculous it lasted a period and a half (give or take a couple minutes).

Donald Victory

It was his own fault too!


I like LOC’s game but a message needs to be sent here with MacDermid. Nashville can FAAFO. Avs need to continue to keep their heads up out there and be strategic. I would like to see them avoid hits at the expense of some clear outs or possessions rather than sacrificing the body here and there. They have nothing to lose and the Avs have everything to lose.

John Mauss

You are right, but heads up won’t help with unexpected crosschecks from behind when you are not carrying the puck.


True, that’s where you call ‘the police’.

Karl Keen

I would go with LOC. We won because of our skating and speed. Keep it up and press on the gas. I’m all for putting MacDermaid in though was we get up 3-0.

Bob Neal

I sure hope Bedsie has the smarts to play MacDermid tonight.

Bob Neal

Thanks for letting us know. I’m bummed. GO AVS!

Sean Washington

I guess Landeskog said he’d stick up for the smallers…no that he is exactly big.


Please do not play MacDermid. LOC please.

Sean Washington

The game tonight is on TNT, along with Altitude. Altitude lifted the blackout restrictions, so Comcast customers can see it. Not true. Altitude can only block regular season games. Playoff games are ‘national,’ and not subject to any blackout stupidity. Nashville Predators vs. Colorado Avalanche playoffs schedule: Game 1: Tuesday, May 3: Nashville vs. Colorado, 9:30 p.m., ESPN, SNE, SN360, TVA Game 2: Thursday, May 5: Nashville vs. Colorado, 9:30 p.m., TNT, SNE, SN360, TVA Game 3: Saturday, May 7: Colorado vs. Nashville, 4:30 p.m., TNT, Sportsnet, TVA Game 4: Monday, May 9: Colorado vs. Nashville, 9:30 p.m., ESPN, SN1, TVA * Game… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Sean Washington
Matt Briggle

Don’t think that’s right Sean. During the first round of the playoffs every game is a national broadcast, but the RSN’s maintain exclusive rights in their markets. That is what AD was referring to.


That’s what I thought as well. I remember watching the first round on an out of US sports streaming site.

Sean Washington

Let’s go Havalanche!

Bob Neal

I’m starting to think that Donald is related to Sean.

Charlie Anderson

Yeah it’s probably our local trolls alt


Drawer full of Socks. The same guy, multiple accounts.

Chris Krauss

The Avs still have the toughness they need to hold their own probably to play Newhook or LOC tonight, but I definitely think you play Kurtis both games in Nashville as a deterrent to any shenanigans meant to fire up their, uh “savvy” crowd. I’m in Europe still tonight and pretty bummed to be (probably) missing this one since it’s at 3:30am. Should be a heater. Looking forward to a terrific recap as always, AD and crew!

Aaron Rud

Get some sleep, and watch. We all will have a long time to sleep someday.


Weird question, before the network switch I had the AVS center ice streaming deal through NHL, worked great to see all the games and playoffs. When they swapped back to ESPN this year, I lost that deal. I got ESPN+ & had no issues watching AVS during the regular season but when the playoffs started I haven’t been able to see any of the playoff games. A rep from ESPN said the playoffs weren’t streaming on ESPN+ that I needed to get live TV from Hulu to see the games on ESPN networks, this isn’t listed on to watch… Read more »


I watched game 1 on the ESPN app. It was actually streaming on plus because the east coast game on the main channel went 3OT…

When the games are on TNT/TBS, you won’t be able to stream them on the ESPN app.

In addition to a Hulu live TV subscription, you can get them on Sling and YouTube TV subscriptions. In fact, Sling’s cheapest subscription has ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and TBS included.


thanks for help dk, I will look @ Sling. It was just so weird espn+ was telling me to upgrade my service to watch any of the playoff games. So infuriating. Best.

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