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Jordan Binnington, Sam Girard injured early, leave Game 3



ST. LOUIS – Not even 10 minutes gone here in the first period of Game 3, and both the Avalanche and Blues have already lost key players. For the Blues, they lost starting goalie Jordan Binnington to what looked like a left leg injury. For the Avs, defenseman Sam Girard was lost after taking a hard hit into the boards from Ivan Barbeshev.

The Binnington injury happened after Avs center Nazem Kadri was going to the net and engaged with Blues defender, and former Av, Calle Rosen. The forward momentum carried them both into Binnington. The veteran Blues goalie tried to shake it off, but he immediately began favoring his left leg and left the game. He was replaced by Ville Husso. There was no penalty on the play. TNT referee analyst Don Koharski said it was a “good non-call.”

Girard was playing a puck behind his net when he had his head down some, and Barbashev finished his  check. Girard’s head went into the glass and he has blood dripping from his mouth. It did not seem like a dirty hit by Barbashev, at least not to me.

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As I type, it’s 1-1 in the first period, with Logan O’Connor scoring for the Avs, on Husso, and Colton Parayko beating Darcy Kuemper with a long slap shot. This story will be updated if more news is had…

UPDATE: Girard has been taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, the Avs just announced. Obviously, he won’t return to the game.

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Richard Trujillo

I will never understand why a guy like Girard is on the roster of a team serious about winning a Cup. Now the Avs have to play a man down all game because Girard is the size of a high school junior varsity football player.

Still waiting for Mackinnon to make the jump from “really good” to “great”. Great players show up in the biggest moments. Mackinnon stops producing when the lights get bright.

Last edited 6 months ago by Richard Trujillo

Lighten up, Francis

Sean Washington

You too, thug! Your opinion of three words means nada!

Donald Victory

Yep. Kamper needs a new glove! His bobbles have led to several goals. Clean that up Kamper, like a kamp fire in the Rockies.

Sean Washington

You are correct. His glove hand is equivalent to fishing without bait.

Donald Victory

G49 broken sternum out rest of season. Time for JJ, KMD.

Aaron Rud

It’s funny how everyone thinks that MacKinnon is the greatest player in NHL history. He has to step up. Hopefully he goes crazy from here on out.

Sean Washington

About 10 of us out here – including AD, who is fairly intelligent – get that he is not and see reality without the pain strumming our heart strings…

peter martin

U forgot about Younger Faster?

Sean Washington

Plus that!


Cue the Girard detractors’ celebrations…


You don’t celebrate someone getting hurt. That being said, it’s always a higher risk with smaller defensemen during the playoffs. And anyone can get hurt in the 2nd season as it’s a totally different game at this time of year. Notice how much better Byram has been at keeping his head on a swivel and avoiding, as much as possible, heavy contact while still playing the puck. The Blues are the most physical team in the post season right now and they are not going to change their style of play. If anything, it will intensify.

Last edited 6 months ago by ricoflashback

C’mon man. Your bias against Girard is well known here. I know you’re giddy about this situation. In fact, it’s a win-win situation for you. Now you get to do the told-ya-so dance and your wish to see Girard replaced comes true! Huzzah!

Aaron Rud

I like Sam, but I also saw this coming.


So do I, but I don’t believe his fractured sternum had much of anything to do with him being small. The same would have happened to Toews or Makar in an identical situation. “Big” does not preclude one from injury.


I, for one, appreciate Girard’s place on this squad. Anyone who thinks he’s not a top-4 D-man isn’t being objective. And his size has been a liability.

I’m super sorry to see him get hurt

Yeah, that was mostly a hard playoff hit, an early “tone setting” check. But that could have easily been called charging or even boarding, probably would have been a penalty in the regular season…But dang, that was a dangerous hit, playoff enthusiasm or not.

Sean Washington

No cele, but the team is better off without. Probably his last game in an Avs uniform. Now that is goodness!


“…but the team is better off without…”

You’re not fooling anyone. I see your post down there below Gulliver’s. No more needs to be said other than you wear your own ass for a hat.

Thor's Hammer

Good response by the Lanche. MacPassenger had a pitiful two shots, and hey he got an assist on the ENG. Otherwise, blanked. And on the ice for the two Blues goals. His defense blows and he seems cluless out there…

Kadri showed and was no passenger. Mikko was ineffective except for the pass to MacPassenger for the ENG.

Sammy oh Sammy. Must suck to be so small as a man.

Moving on…

Glendon Gulliver

It was reported that Girard has a broken sternum and is out of the playoffs.

Sean Washington

. . .


His feet clearly left the ice on that hit.
Not sure why nobody has said a word about it. MacDermid needs to address.

Casey Hughes

good call. I didn’t notice that at first. should have been called charging.

Thomas Wilgus

 “It did not seem like a dirty hit by Barbashev, at least not to me.” I respectfully disagree. Borderline at best and you don’t really think Barbeshev would have teed up a bigger player like Rantenan or Manson, right?

Sean Washington

Legal but yes he was targeted as the smallest guy on the ice.

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