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Akim Aliu says Nazem Kadri getting racist attacks, police called in



ST. LOUIS – Akim Aliu, whose hockey career was marred by racist language and behavior against him that contributed heavily to a longtime coach losing his career over it, just posted this on Twitter about Avs center Nazem Kadri:

I mean, there’s nothing to say other than, if true, it’s despicable. Kadri, who is Muslim, has dealt with stuff like this before.

It’s one thing to boo and jeer and not like a guy in hockey. That comes with the territory of a tough, physical game in which emotions run high. But, obviously there’s no place for attacks on a person’s race or ethnicity. I am someone who covered a team where a guy (Steve Moore) had his career cut short after just this sort of bloodthirsty, mob behavior after a previous on-ice incident. So, this is nothing to just shrug your shoulders and laugh about.

Anyone who thinks Kadri had the time to plan out something like that against Jordan Binnington doesn’t know hockey or is just incredibly bitter and biased. It’s hockey. It’s a contact sport. It’s normal and OK to be mad about it. As I said earlier today, if Darcy Kuemper had been hurt on a play like that, Avs fans would be saying some angry stuff too. But it’s another thing entirely to take it to that kind of level. But, sadly, that’s the world we’re in, where every anonymous loser with an Internet connection can be fake tough guys.

My fuller examination of the incident last night is here.

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