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Akim Aliu says Nazem Kadri getting racist attacks, police called in



ST. LOUIS – Akim Aliu, whose hockey career was marred by racist language and behavior against him that contributed heavily to a longtime coach losing his career over it, just posted this on Twitter about Avs center Nazem Kadri:

I mean, there’s nothing to say other than, if true, it’s despicable. Kadri, who is Muslim, has dealt with stuff like this before.

It’s one thing to boo and jeer and not like a guy in hockey. That comes with the territory of a tough, physical game in which emotions run high. But, obviously there’s no place for attacks on a person’s race or ethnicity. I am someone who covered a team where a guy (Steve Moore) had his career cut short after just this sort of bloodthirsty, mob behavior after a previous on-ice incident. So, this is nothing to just shrug your shoulders and laugh about.

Superstreak Bonus!

Anyone who thinks Kadri had the time to plan out something like that against Jordan Binnington doesn’t know hockey or is just incredibly bitter and biased. It’s hockey. It’s a contact sport. It’s normal and OK to be mad about it. As I said earlier today, if Darcy Kuemper had been hurt on a play like that, Avs fans would be saying some angry stuff too. But it’s another thing entirely to take it to that kind of level. But, sadly, that’s the world we’re in, where every anonymous loser with an Internet connection can be fake tough guys.

My fuller examination of the incident last night is here.

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Brian Levesque

Absolutely disgusting there is no place for that type of behavior in any walk of life


Utterly shameful in a world where apperantly shame no longer has an effect on behavior. Predictable, especially in MO.

Matthew Benedetti

Really like that quote, shame no longer having an effect on behavior. Its disgustingly true.


Tragic and true, thanks Matthew

Brian Levesque

Absolutely disgusting, there is no place for that type of behavior in any walk of life

Roger Hutton

Class acts. Better than liquid courage.


Absolutely pathetic..and what a way to undermine your own team!


Stay classy St. Louis! Ah, never mind. No one ever has equated St. Louis with class. So, stop being you, St. Louis!

Glendon Gulliver

Thank you AD for reminding everyone what can happen when the mob mentality takes over!

Matt Briggle

This is absolutely disgusting behavior. It needs to be publicly acknowledged and denounced by the NHL, the Avs, and most importantly the Blues organization from ownership down to the players and coaches. I bet if the Avs weren’t planning on flying out of town right after the game tomorrow night they are now.

Frankie The Fish

Blues fans and their organization don’t want to hear it, but their goalie’s behavior encourages garbage like this from their fans. Not just the other night, either. I don’t recall the Blues doing a darn thing about Binnington swinging his stick at Kadri’s head during an actual NHL game. Despicable, gutless behavior by both the Blues and the NHL in that case. The more you let this clown act that way year in and year out, the more it encourages this type of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the only incident like this from sports fanbases. Far from… Read more »

Demetris Gray

Exactly. Tried to decapitate him which is common place outside the U.S.

Cody Danko

Craig Berube is the same guy who called Peter Worrell a “monkey” during his playing career. He’s the perfect coach for a sports team located in Missouri. None of this is surprising coming out of Missouri.

Charlie Anderson

Cody take it easy with the Missouri hate bruh. It’s a perfectly fine place with all types of people in it, just like everywhere. Getting all like “oh this place or those types are the problem” is the actual problem here, that’s what they are doing that you don’t like. If you don’t like them, don’t be like them.

Demetris Gray

What LeBron chimed in and this time said he did not like Canadians?

Demetris Gray

We need to end the groups in the US who constantly stir the race pot to a boil by instilling victim status when the issues are really the responsibility of the indivudual. Never in America have opportunities been more available, if you earned it. End victimhood and you know who you are!

Aaron Rud

Craig Berube could have squelched much of this, but he did not. I made a comment on the Hockey Guy’s YouTube channel pertaining to such, and I got the response from some cretin that I was expecting.


The TV crew for the earlier game showed that Kadri was actually facing away from Binnington but was shouldered into the goalie by their D guy as they collided. It’s a shame some (alleged) fans (probably never saw the hit or the game) have to ruin it for everyone else. These are the thugs who riot and overturn cars when their team wins, so this is nothing new for such criminals. I was not a fan of Kadri since he did the slit across the throat gesture a few years back – but he has redeemed himself, in my own,… Read more »

Aaron Rud

The funny thing is that Husso had a good year. Berube is/was an idiot. He diffused nothing, but instead amped it up.


Well I´d rather leave the game the way Binnington did, than the way Girard did! Avs will —- up the Blueberries in the next two games, to move on to the next round 4-1, – just like in ´01 ;););)

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