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Avalanche playoffs

WINNERS!: Avalanche go to WCF thanks to miracle Darren Helm goal



Colorado Avalanche, Darren Helm

Darren Helm won it for the Colorado Avalanche with a slap shot with just under six seconds left. I was actually getting up to go to the bathroom for OT when the goal was scored.

I can’t believe what I just saw.

DaterJinx Supreme. Incredible.

Avalanche vs. Edmonton Oilers, Tuesday night at Ball Arena, Game 1 of Western Conference Final. McDavid vs. MacKinnon. Game time is 6 p.m. mountain. The second-round monkey is finally off the backs of this core Avs group. The Avs are now in the Western Conference finals for the first time in 20 years.

I still can’t believe what I just saw.

Who had Darren Helm in the game-winning goal pool?

But he has a knack for this, doesn’t he?

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The Avalanche NO LONGER have to answer questions about why they can’t get through the second round. It’s on to ROUND 3 now.

“It means a lot. Been through some dark times. Definitely felt like we outplayed them this series. We deserved a good bounce at the end,” Nathan MacKinnon said. “If we’re going to win, we need everybody. That’s kind of been our team this year. Helmer with an OT goal. Or, pretty much an OT goal. It’s a crazy game, hockey.”

“Obviously, last game was heartbreaking when it happens. You look back at all the things you could have done to make it different. But it’s cliche. It’s one game. Bounce back from losses. As a team, we rallied around the challenge,” Gabe Landeskog said. “I feel like the best is ahead.”

Said Jared Bednar: “You’ve got to use all your depth. J.T. Compher has a night. We talked about him being more assertive, not so safe. Obviously, the Helm goal was huge. His line was huge tonight. Not gonna be as pretty or fancy to watch as the MacKinnon line, but their line made a huge impact tonight.”

“It’s likely the experience of the past. We had two games this series we didn’t like at all. Game 5, we stopped playing to our identity the last 12 or 13 minutes. That one stung. It was depressing for 48 hours. We are an attacking team and when we don’t, we have trouble. Safe is death with our team. But our guys, you could tell the belief was there. I’m proud of the way our guys bounced back in this series.”

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Great job Dater! What a great win! I haven’t been this excited about an Avs win in a very long time! Go Avs!!!!

Richard Trujillo

This series was all about depth for the Avalanche. They just got through their second round hurdle with minimal contribution from their top line. From here on out it is about who has the most complete TEAM. Hopefully playing a more wide open series plays into the strength of this team and some of their top guys get going again.

What a fun series to watch!


Yes, it was a really good series to watch, but better from the winner’s seat.

Gary Batman

Yes and again Miakko was present…in body spirit only.


My future-born kids’ names: Manson, Compher, and Darren

Last edited 5 months ago by slowpokeczech


Kurt Scherer

Avs didn’t play their best game by an means. And Darcy was borderline awful. But a win is a win. Now, for Edmonton, with the utterly admirable Connor McDavid, the estimable Leon Draisaitl, and the thoroughly loathsome Evander Kane.


Are you kidding? That was a statistically dominating performance by the Avs. The worst metric in this game was goals against at 60%. Kuemper, on the other hand, continued with weak play…he needs to improve by next round.

Kurt Scherer

Lighten up, Francis. I didn’t say the Avs were thoroughly outplayed. Or anything implying it. I simply said they didn’t play their best game. Are you suggesting that is the best of which the team is capable?

Gary Batman

Good one Francis. Should the Avs start Fracouz, Francis?


Past Avs teams had the same problem, looking for the prettiest shot when a quick one will do. High pressure throws them off. Game Winning Goal comes from a one timer. Hope the urgency rubs off!


Well, I called the score 3-1 with an ENG but I wasn’t far off.

Onto the Western Conference Finals! Go Avs

Donald Victory

i called all final scores perfectly.


I celebrated with a fine whiskey and watched Helm’s goal over, and over, and over again.


I just yelled, “Fuck yeah,” really loud on my porch, and swigged my beer

Bob Neal

I was more like what no OT and aren’t they going to review it and can they hang on for 4.9 seconds? What monkey? I dont see no monkey. So tell me what happened to Darcy? He was so wound up and overplaying the puck so bad the first two periods until the Manson save. I don’t think I ever saw a goalie so out of position. Then he plays a solid third period. What happened during the second intermission? Did they have him call Patrick or did Bedsie scream at him or did the give him a Valium? Fans… Read more »

Jeffrey Anderson

Does anyone know if DK has regained 100% of his vision in the right eye since the Johansen stick in the mask incident? It looks like he has real problems picking up pucks, making glove saves, and controlling rebounds. Way worse than prior to the injury. Maybe he needs to see an ophthalmologist to get a contact to correct the vision in his right eye? Can one of you w/ insider knowledge comment?


I was resigned to watching another OT. What a effin surpise!


My girlfriend never paid attention to hockey until Lundquist joined the intermission show…

Aaron Rud

I pointed him out to her that he was a great goalie, but she didn’t make a comment. I don’t think she’s crazy about beards. However, I’d like to think that it’s because after looking at me, she just could care less about what anyone else looks like. At least I’ll go to bed with that thought in mind.

Joel Stefaniak

My wife thought he looked like a sleazy super model lol.


Good thing we got JT from Buffalo…for O’Reilly! Great game, intense series!


I think JT had more goals in the series. And I was happy to see Zadorov doing well in Calgary

Joel Stefaniak

Twenty years of pent-up rage and emotion erupted from me, scaring my family who have never seen the Avs advance this far. I really don’t know what to expect from now on. This is as good a year as any. Go get it boys!


avs in 6, like i said. never a doubt! great game, great win in avs history. that shot by comf, omg. super clutch, same as helm

Thomas Wilgus

Another reason to love SC hockey; there are heroes made every night and some unlikely winners who just play hard and wait to pounce on that career defining moment.


NHL might want to chill the ice down an extra few degrees for this next round – it’s going to be a burner – Go Avs


Seemed like that ice in st Louis was really slow and sticky?
Maybe by design to slow the avalanche down?

Gary Batman

Congrats Avalanche!!! Joe and I were rooting for the Bloooos. The better team won!

Gary Batman

I loved watching Makar almost break down and cry on the bench after the goal.

John Klingenstein

Huge win! Gave the Blues a little taste if their own medicine at the end there. Felt amazing. Avs dominated most of the series. Love the match up against the Oil. Don’t think it will be as tough as the Blues. Really feel confident this team can beat anyone. I have felt all year….actually the last 3 years. Sad Girard wont be out there, but Byram is playing awesome so they will be fine. My one concern is Jack Johnson. He can’t be on the ice when Mcjesus is out there. I think there is a good chance Murray gets… Read more »


Well said.

Re: Jack Johnson. He proved a much better defenseman this year than I thought he’d be, and played really well for long stretches of the regular season. At his best, he plays smart, positionally, to compensate for his lack of speed, and generally makes responsible plays with the puck. Maybe he collected some rust sitting on the bench, but didn’t look as good these last few games. The blue-line cough up was horrifying.

I can’t say I really remember much about Ryan Murray, though… Is he a better fit for facing Edmonton?

Donald Victory

Wow so interesting. I landed at LAX with about five minutes to go and used Sling to watch the final five. Eventually loaded up on the rental car bus and quicky reinstated the game and it was suddenly 3-2 good guys with six seconds remaining.

Firest thought was the monkey is off the back of Bednar. Good for him. And congratulations Avalanche kingdom.

Charlie Anderson

BWAAHHAAAHHAA. I sure am glad I wasn’t calling for the benching of LOC and Helm recently! Am I right Donny boy?

Last edited 5 months ago by Charlie Anderson
Donald Victory

Every dog has his day. Blind pass from LOC for sure, and the awareness of Helm and the shot was excellent. Happy?

Donald Victory

Dude, what is? Hard to kick in some coverage cash when the site returns:

We can’t find that fundraiser

It looks like that fundraiser is no longer available.

Return to the Generosity Network

Last edited 5 months ago by Donald Victory

Did you see the look on Joe Sakic’s face after the goal was scored? And the hug thereafter? I’m not sure who the other person is in that box. And hats off to JT Compher who always seemed to never rise to the occasion when opportunities presented themselves. I’m very happy for him. How about those questioning the Helm acquisition including me? As Darren says, “How do you like me now!”


It was goaltending coach Jussi Parkkila

Bob Neal

More importantly what did he say to Darcy during the 2nd intermission?

Charlie Anderson

Oh man I love when when I’m wrong. I genuinely thought we were going to lose this one and the series. I just didn’t see it happening after what happened in game 5. Didn’t think we had the goaltending for it tbh. Nice job being wrong with me Dater, sure feels, good don’t it 😀

Jeffrey Anderson

AD, please pick the oilers in the WCF to jinx them. Just like you did w the Blues in the semis. THX in advance, as I’d like to see my Avs in SCF!

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