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SUSPENSION COMING? Evander Kane To Have Hearing With NHL



Evander Kane
Curtis Comeau/Icon Sportswire

EDMONTON, ALBERTA – The NHL will hold a hearing with controversial Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane, presumably today, for his cross-check from behind that injured Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri.

I’m going to guess one-game suspension, but won’t be shocked if it’s more. Kane is a repeat offender and Kadri was injured and out for the rest of this series and maybe longer. Injuries DO play a factor in suspensions, I don’t care what anybody says. This is not an in-person hearing, which would mean he’d be facing a minimum of six games.

Evander Kane explained the situation thusly last night: “I was just coming in on the backcheck. Puck went wide, dribbled into the corner. I know he likes to reverse hit and I was just trying to get a bump on him, and that’s really all I did. Unfortunately, he went into the boards awkwardly and hurt his hands, but that was unfortunate.”

As I said last night, I don’t think the incident was as bad as many have made it out – with the proviso that 1. I thought it was a penalty and 2. Worthy of something supplemental discipline-wise.

Jared Bednar said this on the hit: “The hit is the most dangerous hit in hockey, from behind, eight feet off the boards. I’ll leave it at that.”

Superstreak Bonus!

Practice is at 1:30 today at Rogers Place, and it’s optional. I doubt we’ll see too many players out there. Personally, I think Kurtis MacDermid should get a chance to play in Game 4, and no not just because he might go out there and whoop some ass, which nobody in Denver would mind seeing right now. Kane probably won’t be playing in the game, remember.

I just think he would be a nice addition for what figures to be another rough game, regardless. He scares people out there, and I think that has value. Or, maybe I’m just an old dinosaur.

I didn’t see this, but a couple others in the building last night tweeted that Kadri’s right arm had a cast on it. If it’s something like a broken bone to the hand/wrist, that’s going to keep him out a while for sure. That’s not his shooting hand, so maybe there’s a Jim Carrey chance something can be rigged up by the Finals to let him play. Guess we just have to hope for the best on that, but I would say don’t let those hopes get too high.

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Disagree 100% on your characterization of Kane’s “tap.” That was a full force, cross check in the back with Kadri going full speed into the boards. I tell you what – let me cross check you in the back, standing, at 50% arms extended and then 100% arms extended and let’s see if you can tell the difference.

Last edited 5 months ago by ricoflashback
Peter North

Ha! Yep!


I can’t stand Kane or the play, but a simple watch of the replay disproves your point. Kane gave him about a half a cross check. Problem was Kadri was in a vulnerable position. Don’t disagree that it was a dirty play, but it wasn’t a two handed full follow through cross check. It just wasn’t. I see AD’s point. IMHO a 4 game suspension is warranted given that Kadri is out for the season. That rules Kane out for the series.


The follow through means nothing and is not in any way, shape or form a consideration on that illegal hit. You actually have more force on a cross check by not extending your arms fully. The power comes from that first foot – much like a bench press. At any rate, not a criteria I would even consider in judging Kane. What, any extra game suspension for extending your arms and two more for a double pump? Hopefully, the play will be looked at in its entirety and at full speed. A real cheap, dirty play by Kane – –… Read more »


Dermie in a game before Ryan Murray gets his crack? Speaking of crack…you’re on it if you think that should happen.

We need to win, not take revenge. That can wait until next regular season.

Glendon Gulliver

AD, how is Manson doing after his fall into the boards last night?

Zach Heiman

If he is getting the chance based on some injuries and the coaches thinking he gives the Avs the best chance of winning, then he should get the nod. If he is in the game to get 3 minutes of ice time and with the directive to go out and get “revenge?” I just don’t see Bednar and the Avs doing it for this reason. I agree with you on the Kane hit, playoffs are a time to over react. It’s good to have a calm and ration response when it would be easy to try to go with the… Read more »


I guess thats why you or I aren’t the coach of this team. But I never said Dermie was a bad player. I only meant he’s a wild card.

Last edited 5 months ago by dk
Bob Neal

I’m with you on this one AD. Judging from the positives pluses so are a lot of other people.

Jeffrey Anderson

If you are suggesting Kermid on wing, I’m w you. He would be HUGE LIABILTY on D.

Peter North

I think Kadri will be fine. Suspend Kane for six games like Kadri received last year. Kane is a goon and does not really have to be with his skill. Wipe the Oil down next game and give everyone some rest. Seems wRanglers are on their way. Tampa looked excellent against Florida, not so good againt the wRanglers.

On McDavid’s goal, it was MacKs fault as his attempt into the offensive zone was week and the errant dump went directly to the d’man and then resulting goal. Seems like they are cleaning up most of the brain farts…

Jim Strohmeier

I second the motion to put big Kurtis MacDermid into the lineup. The Oil have been taking too many liberties and need to pay the bill collector.

Charlie Anderson


Karl Keen

He will probably get one game. Be nice if he got 2. Hopefully doesn’t matter. I think we put these babies away in 4. McJesus looks frustrated and his post game conference after game 2 told a story. I just read a crazy story on thehockeywriters how the Sharks may get Kane back next year, because of the grievance filed by the NHLPA. If the league wins, then the Sharks are still on the board for the remaining $18 million of his contract even if he resigns with Edmonton or someone else so they could require him to play for… Read more »

Peter North

The real question is has Tyson bitten Evander on the ear?


It’s going to be more than one. No way they’re having a hearing if he’s not. My guess it will be two or three. Possibly even what Kadri was given before. A rest of the series suspension.

Ted Grycel

I agree and think this is the game to play MacD, it may prevent another injury. This game needs an enforcer. Too much running after our players.


If there’s any time to put Dermie out there, it’s probably this game. It would certainly have the Oilers thinking twice before taking additional liberties out there. Plus, the intangibles he’s brought to the team this year as far as toughness goes and actually improve his game as the season went on, I’d sure like to see his name on Cup if the Avs can win 5 more.


Playing now would have no impact on MacDermid’s eligibility for getting his name on the Cup. He’s already guaranteed a spot because he played over 40 games for the Avs this year. Byram would be ineligible if he got hurt now because he only played 30 regular season games without any in the Finals. Hopefully we see Bo carrying the Cup around the ice in a few weeks!


I like giving MacDermid some ice time as he really played solid D the last half of the year. He does not have the NHL skill level at forward to make a positive impact other than the fear factor, so if Bednar is willing to risk his 5 minutes of ice time at forward then ok – that is his call. Suiting up 11 forwards and 7 defensemen and giving him spot duty on D is a much better fit for him.


I disagree. He’s not mobile enough to play D against a team like Edmonton but he can create some havoc at forward. I’d only use him up front.


I thought the NHL defined a repeat offered as someone with a suspension in the last 18 months. He hasn’t been suspended for any on ice incidents in that time period, is that right?


To all you Dermie supporters, yes he is a great character guy, he will be the new and real Marshall on the ice to police Edmonton’s goonery. But are you willing to take the risk of having McDavid blow by him and score goals that could keep the series alive for game five. Yes he got better as the year went by, but he is no match for Edmonton’s speed. They will take advantage of him and they will be glad to see him on the ice.


Finally somebody with some wits about them.


They won’t be glad to see him at forward. I’d keep him on the wing only.

Ted Grycel

Jack Johnson doesn’t match McDavid’s speed either, but he makes due playing good positional hockey. MacDermid is capable of playing that way as well, and actually is faster than JJ. MacDermid’s improvement was outstanding this season, he was +1 over 58 games. I thought his last few games he was decisive and smart with the puck

John Klingenstein

Ha! Actually he makes due with having his butt glued to the pine as much as possible. Jj played a little over 8 minutes last game. No room for another passenger. Just get the win and get out of there.

Charlie Anderson

I don’t think AD was talking about playing him at D. Wing for sure, a forward spot just came open.

John Mauss

I would like to see MacDermid play a game because then he would get his name on the Cup, which I think he deserves. Also, with so many ailing forwards, why not start him as the 12th F? Not like we’re benching a top six guy.

jeff saeger

Kane and Kadri are goons, but Kardi’s elbow to Faulks head last year was as bad as you will ever see because there is no doubting how much he wanted to severely hurt Faulk. I love his skills but hate him. He will get kicked out of hockey someday.

Last edited 5 months ago by jeff saeger

One game isn’t enough – the DPoS is about as much of a joke as Kane – pathetic

Glendon Gulliver
Richard Trujillo

One game suspension for Kane. In the meantime Kadri has a broken thumb and might not play again this season.

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